Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Random stuff.

Not much happening. I'm actually enjoying work at the moment (maybe its a solar eclipse).

Off to Sydney for the weekend for an Out of School Hours Care (OOSH) conference. I'm looking forward to it so much. Nice to get away from the house, nice to spend time with Liz and Tracey, nice to think about stuff other than liver disease and poo!

Here are a couple of random photos I found on my camera... a couple of the dogs, very cute close ups taken by Mark the budding photographer. The other is his AFL football team "The Swans" that is my little ruck rover crouching down in the middle.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hello long neglected blog.

I've not been at the computer for some time (maybe I'm winning that battle). Now its a battle with the tv!!
My legs are still in control of my life, but to a less painful degree. I still don't feel "up" to doing stuff. Quite annoying really. My tablets seem to be "holding me" for the time being, but I feel I am becoming immune to them again. My next strategy is to find a cheap (haha) natropath and see if they can help. Maybe a chiropractor as well.
Mark now has a best friend, Madeline from over the back fence. They adore each other.
Jamie is going good, no complaints other than he has discovered Battlefield again after about a month of not playing it. The business we wanted to buy didn't pan out for us, but what can you do? Not very much actually. Try to find something else.
I enquired at a local District Nursing Service that does home visits for Vetrans and some private clients. They pay is GREAT, the hours are great, but they have no jobs at the moment. Then I'll loose the fantastic maternity arrangements in the public health system if I go private - that is should I ever fall pregnant!!
Looking forward to Connie and Paul's visit on the weekend.
Anyway just a quick update.