Tuesday, October 24, 2006


An email from my mother!

> To my beautiful daughter with love> > Mum> > http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com/home_films_evolution_v2.swf
Well now that is interesting.When I first saw it, I said to myself, hmmm need to do something about those eyebrows!!! Ooops. Did you watch Enough Rope last night, I think Billy Crystal and Andrew Denton have both had botox - foreheads that don't move - its very freaky? There are two women that I know of at work who have had it. Plucking, dieting, magazines that say a star is too fat, followed the next week that they are too thin. Mixed messages and a story to celebrate the fact that Paulini has gone down three dress sizes and to start off I bet she was thinner than me. Its very frustrating to be a modern person. I want to be thinner only cos its unhealthy not because I want to be a size 0.
Stepping off of my pedestal now.

I've noticed that whenever I tell a man that I'm a nurse, there is a glazed look in their eye about the "uniform". Jamie took this amazing "boob shot" of me in my uniform on Sunday and now I know why men get excited about nurses uniforms.... so to all the men out there - enjoy.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Yesterday was Sunday.
9.30am Mark calls out that there is a boy at the front door and he can't possibly answer it cos he's in his red patterned PJs. Its the 6yo boy for down the street, Nathan. They go off for a bike ride around our street which is a circle and pretty safe. its so hard to get into that cars other than those living here don't come. But I'll save that one for another post.
They played together on and off all morning, riding bikes, playing cars etc.
12.30 I told Nathan it was time for lunch and to go home, we were taking our dogs for a walk.
5 minutes later he returns saying his dad said he had to stay here, as mum was out!!!!!!!!!! I have not met Nathan's parents and they haven't met me (duh). How do they know we are safe? Anyway he came on our walk. The boys stayed inside for a bit played airport, Jamie was working on the car. I went to work.
Spoke to Jamie on the phone about 6.30pm and he said that he told Nathan to go home at 5pm. Again 5 minutes later he returned, but had a jumper on !!!!
His parents arrived at 5.30 and got him. NOT a word to Jamie to say thanks for feeding/watering/ entertaining his kid ALL DAY. Not a single word. Next weekend, especially if he turns up on our doorstep again, I'll be marching down and demanding to be introduced to those people.
Mark assures me nothing weird is going on, no one has hurt/touched (is being touched playing tips ok?) or done anything like that to him. Phew.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday morning.

Had to great sleepins the last two days. Full of dreams - does not equate to restful sleep but its sleep none the less. I think another side effect is dreams, Doc said they should settle down when my body gets used to the drug.
****Last night I was in Alice Springs at a camp. Had to park my car in the hotel room. Everynight at about 4pm four people from the group had to go to another part of the camp about one hour away and make the dinner. There was a big performance about what we were cooking, but no coordination about who was going. So at 4.30 I realised that no one had left yet, so took off down the road at 110km/hr. Can't tell you much about the other camp. ****
Jamie rolled over then! Otherwise known as I woke up. Wasn't that exciting? Not very exciting, but still had all the drama of driving my car, stress of being late. Stupid dream, especially stupid when its in print.
My other side effect is almost constant dizziness. Even when lying down, its bizarre.
Hopefully this morning we might go look at some kitchen designs or take the dogs for a walk. Not sure as yet.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Whoops... almost two weeks.

So what's been happening.

  • Did the Gastro Conference in Adelaide. That was interesting. Learned quite a bit but not nearly as much as I would have liked. Learned lots to do with Hepatitis C and have seriously decided not to get it.
  • Drove in and out of Sydney with the car majorly overheating, but it made it. Our wonderful Commodore is such a "work in progress". Not finished polishing yet, cruise control doesn't yet work, not all of the power windows work, both front seatbelt snaps fall to the ground and the spoiler isnt on yet. But its fully painted, drives, stops, airconditioner works and has two power windows.
  • Went back to work, got caught up in Motility again. It really doesn't pay to close a clinic.
  • Legs have been playing up a treat - looked at a forum called WeMove (Worldwide Education and Awareness of Movement Disorders) and it looks like I may have an augmentation of my RLS - possibly due to my meds. So back to the doctor I shall trot. the lack of sleep is killing me. I was talking to mum the other day and told her its lucky I have Mark and Jamie who need me, cause ending it seems like a good idea (no need to call the mental health team, I won't do anything, but could understand why people do it - when there is no cure for something so debilitating.. what is the point??) But in saying that, the last two nights I have had a good nights sleep and a daytime nap. Time to seriously consider reducing my hours at work, I don't think I am physically able to keep up with full time.
  • Appeared in an ad today for Aaron Beasley, the Labor candidate for Port Stevens. I was there as a token nurse and jamie was a former colleage telling the electorate that Aaron is a "real person" and not just a pollie. It was SO embarassing, trying to get my very short line out in a fresh and serious way "Aaron Beasely is working to get more doctors and nurses into our local hospitals" I don't even live in Port Stevens. Oh well.
  • Marky is home and started back at school. he doesn't particularly like it and he's being very cheeky - in a "you shut up mum" followed by "that wasn't rude, I was being funny" getting a bit sick of it actually. Need to settle him down, will remind him about being rude and then let him know that if he is rude he'll be on a tv or xbox ban!!!

Sorry about the long post. Had a bit to get off my chest.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday Morning.

Been a lazy couple of days.
  • Watched some DVDs including Flying High - Jamie hadn't seen it - he laughed quite a bit.
  • Snoozed between phone calls.... freaky Saturday arvo, Rod, Dave, Connie, Jamie and Jo all called about 15 minutes apart - so much for my beauty sleep.
  • Got a new cable for the intercom on the motorbike, all the way down in sunny, beautiful Swansea.
  • Up the Tanilba Bay to deliver some fishing stuff.
  • Good chat on the radio at 4am about Kath & Kim and Seachange, so had to stay awake listening to that.
  • Jamie has gone fishing this morning out to Broughton Island (maybe).
  • After I finish here, I'm gonna go and scrap. Finish off the layout about Sheena in hospital which has taken about 3 goes so far. I'm happy with it, but want to put on some hidden journalling, and have just got an idea - its not that photo, but one of her crying that I'm using for the page. Even though she's crying she is still adorable - just don't ask the same question of Jocelyn.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Desperately need a class in Photoshop.

This is another pic of me I took when I was playing around. More wrinkles this time (should use moisturiser everyday Christy!!). Then I wanted to play around is photoshop. First pic is using greyscale. Then torn. Pretty cool huh?

Scrappin' good time.

Some new scrap pages for the For Keeps Everyday Moments Competition. The first one is called {@ Home}. Its inspired by Cheryl Radloff uses Sassafrass Lass Papers and has heaps of STUFF on it. The second one is called WIRES and is pretty self explanatory - we have lots of cords is our house, anyone whose been here has seen that BLUE CABLE drives me nuts cos I trip over it all the time.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Me - Today

This is a photo I took of myself today! Took a few goes but I'm pretty happy with the results. No double chin!! Eyes are open. Hair is a bit crazy but what can you do! Christy at 33 years of age.... but I only look 25!


I forgot to give it up. Had some extra Coke Zero at home, so I'm gonna drink all of them first, then I'm giving it up. Promise.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wasting some time.

Howdy family and friends....
Just waiting to go to work.
Tried to nap this morning, but then my dad rang.
Telstra came and fixed our internet - I wasn't aware that we had a problem. But now we don't so that is good.
Watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and now am totally of the opinion that Jamie needs some gay styling.
Got to go to work.

Hugs and kisses to young Sheena the sweet little chicken who does not deserve these horrible health aliments that she has. My amazing sister and amazing mother are doing a fantastic job caring for the delightful little girl. I wish I could give her a huge hug and kiss.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Restless Legs.

Those dumb legs of mine are still playing up so badly that I'm becoming quite unstable.
Didn't get to sleep until 3am last night.
Up at 6am for work... very very very tired.
Extra meds tonight, hopefully it will help me sleep.
On arvo shift tomorrow with the wonderful Kathryn - it certainly makes work much more pleasant.
No more complaining....

Tomorrow I'm giving up caffeine - now that should be interesting as I'm totally addicted to Coke Zero. Hmmmm..... how will I give up caffeine, but should help with the leg issues that I have.

Having some fun.

Jamie and I are having a great time as just a couple!

Jamie is laughing more this week than he has for ages. He is so happy with himself - he made a set of rudder pedals for the flight simulator game on the computer he plays. They are big and clunky but he's so impressed with himself.

Went to indoor cricket tonight - the team LOST big time.
I had a good read of my book - "Three Bedrooms in Chelsea" by Liz Ireland. Strange book, not nearly as much sex as I was expecting. But actually quite funny.
Home in time for CSI and The Closer.

School holidays.

I'm missing my little guy. He flew down to Victoria on Saturday for the school holidays. He is having a marvellous time down at the farm with grandparents. He's helping with the cows, off to Shepparton with Frank to sell some calves. He's a real farm boy. The house is so weird without him. Its a necessary evil in our house, being so far away from family and both working full time. Its the only way the grandies get to see the man.