Monday, October 23, 2006


Yesterday was Sunday.
9.30am Mark calls out that there is a boy at the front door and he can't possibly answer it cos he's in his red patterned PJs. Its the 6yo boy for down the street, Nathan. They go off for a bike ride around our street which is a circle and pretty safe. its so hard to get into that cars other than those living here don't come. But I'll save that one for another post.
They played together on and off all morning, riding bikes, playing cars etc.
12.30 I told Nathan it was time for lunch and to go home, we were taking our dogs for a walk.
5 minutes later he returns saying his dad said he had to stay here, as mum was out!!!!!!!!!! I have not met Nathan's parents and they haven't met me (duh). How do they know we are safe? Anyway he came on our walk. The boys stayed inside for a bit played airport, Jamie was working on the car. I went to work.
Spoke to Jamie on the phone about 6.30pm and he said that he told Nathan to go home at 5pm. Again 5 minutes later he returned, but had a jumper on !!!!
His parents arrived at 5.30 and got him. NOT a word to Jamie to say thanks for feeding/watering/ entertaining his kid ALL DAY. Not a single word. Next weekend, especially if he turns up on our doorstep again, I'll be marching down and demanding to be introduced to those people.
Mark assures me nothing weird is going on, no one has hurt/touched (is being touched playing tips ok?) or done anything like that to him. Phew.

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Rosemary said...

I wonder what next weekend will hold? Poor little kid, had to go to the neighbours for company.
I agree that he can't come in again until you meet the Parents.

Love you all,