Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dubbo to Moree

Tents all packed up and off we headed, this was a shorter 4 hour drive to the central NSW town of Moree.

Bringing the city luxuries to camping.  We had a coffee machine.
Something funny is going on with these two.
My gorgeous Mark
Ben and Zahli with lollypops.  They both got bitten by wasps at this caravan park.
Moree is famous for its thermal pools.  This one was at the caravan park and VERY popular with the grey nomads
Four different pools of varying temperatures
Gwydir Caravan Park  (how do you pronounce that?)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Road trip and visit to Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo

and boom, it is the 22nd of January.  I mean really??

We went on a holiday.  A 2 week driving holiday and it was pretty good.  Here is our holiday in pictures.
Jamie made us "Glamping" t-shirts and the whole family wore them.  Then for some strange reason, we did not take a family picture.

The kids in their Glamping tops.  That is the Parkes Radio Telescope in the background.  Strangely it was worth the detour.

Our tent.  Again strangely we didn't get a "good" picture of our tent.  Jamie and I are not the best photographers.

Something at Dubbo Zoo has caught Ben and Zahli's attention.

Gorgeous Ryan

My bigger two boys on an elephant (not a real one)

Ryan patting a wallaby (yes a real one)

Mark having a nap.
 Toby feeding the Galapagos Tortoise.

Ben patting the wallaby.