Friday, January 22, 2016

Road trip and visit to Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo

and boom, it is the 22nd of January.  I mean really??

We went on a holiday.  A 2 week driving holiday and it was pretty good.  Here is our holiday in pictures.
Jamie made us "Glamping" t-shirts and the whole family wore them.  Then for some strange reason, we did not take a family picture.

The kids in their Glamping tops.  That is the Parkes Radio Telescope in the background.  Strangely it was worth the detour.

Our tent.  Again strangely we didn't get a "good" picture of our tent.  Jamie and I are not the best photographers.

Something at Dubbo Zoo has caught Ben and Zahli's attention.

Gorgeous Ryan

My bigger two boys on an elephant (not a real one)

Ryan patting a wallaby (yes a real one)

Mark having a nap.
 Toby feeding the Galapagos Tortoise.

Ben patting the wallaby.

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