Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm not sure what is happening to me.

We have a new doctor at work. Lets call her "Sarah" (as that is her name)

Well I was having a conversation with her a couple of weeks ago, and - this is where it gets a bit weird - I couldn't quite concentrate as she has amazing breasts. I felt I became a bit of a man not looking at a person's face, but their chest. She did not appear to notice so I thought I was off the hook.

Then about a week later one of the other nurses, Sarah and I were having a bit of bitch about one of the other doctors who thinks she is VERY hot, but she is NOT hot at all. It was raised that this doctor was probably late as she was pushing her boobs up so more people could see them (I did say it was a bitch), well I felt the need to mention to Sarah "I just have to say, your boobs are amazing and I apologise for staring the other day"
"Not to worry" she said "They're fake"
OMG you could have knocked me over with a feather, I didn't know real people did that. The other nurse happened to have had a reduction!

Then a couple of days ago. Mark and I were at Jesmond and there was a pregnant woman, also with largish breasts. Once again, I was slightly distracted by the breasts. From behind I thought I recognised the husband as a friend of Jamie's from his cricket team, but I wasn't sure. So once I got home, I asked if Adam's wife was pregnant again, jamie asked why. I had to explain why I thought this, and Jamie's response was "OH you and the boobs AGAIN".

So today, Jamie told the story about Sarah from work to a bloke from his work. Now he wants to visit my work and have a good old perve.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Some of my favourites:

Packed to the Rafters - This started just after the Olympics. I love everything about this show, its so normal, funny and sad. Just completely normal. I loved the almost relationship that started tonight, Rachel and a man on a bike who had MS - why didn't she kiss him. I was certain he had AIDS and that was what all the medications were about. But it was MS and now he's out of the show :(

All Saints - I'm kind of new to the show. Never watched it before this year and I went through nursing school... imagine that. I love it. I like my days off when I get to watch older episodes. Jamie can I have the box set for Christmas????
Spicks and Specks - This is a music quiz show with two teams of three. Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst are the captains and they each have someone musicals (from all genres) and a comedian. I usually laugh so hard I nearly wet myself. Jamie doesn't like it, but he often watches it with me. I hardly know any of the answers, but enjoy the banter.

Australian Idol - Came in a little late this year. This week was Michael Jackson week. My favourite was Wes singing "Black and White" and Luke singing "The way you make me Feel". I was not such a fan of the renditions of Thriller, Bad and I didn't hear Teale sing "Billie Jean". It was so bizarre, we spent all of lunch time today talking about Idol, and that discussion included one of the lovely consultants. It was quite fun.

Dancing with the Stars - Again its my first year with Dancing, I love it. Yes it was Daniel McPherson that sucked me in. I think he's SOOO beautiful. I reckon Danny Green the boxer will win it. Or that gorgeous Luke from H&A.

Hamish and Andy
, a minor obsession, loving *The Caravan of Courage* 4-6pm weekdays on NX-FM. These guys have taken me away from the ABC.

On the book front I have just finished the TWILIGHT series. I ate it up. Didn't sleep too much when I first got the book. The wasted/spent too much money on the 4 books in the series. IF you haven't read them. I suggest you do it.Link


I'm about to have a couple of days off.

So since the last time I *blogged* lots has happened.

We decided to start renovating. That means scraping off the old paint!!!
We need to repaint the hallway, our room, the scrap room.
We are re-doing the kitchen - completely. New appliances, new flooring, new (or new to us) cupboards and hopefully a new kitchen table.
New carpets in all the bedrooms and the lounge room.
New flooring in the computer room.
I have also discovered the need to replace the bathroom bench top (disintegrating)

Its such a messy job. Paint chips everywhere. Exhausting work. Will be so satisfying when its done.

I'm sick of being a landlord, its a crap situation that is so biased toward the tenants. When someone hasn't paid on time for about a whole year, but we can't evict him due to a public holiday in the eviction period so we haven't given him enough notice. HUMPH.

A huge congratulations to Connie & Paul on the news of their pregnancy. Hopefully we will have moved back by then, so we can be involved in the lives of our nieces and nephews. Sheena is a superstar, Roy is growing SOOOO quickly. I don't want to miss out on the new one as well.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Its strange... I want some music in my life. For years I have not felt this way. I didn't enjoy music on the radio, I prefer talk radio and don't like it when they play music between segments, preferring the talking.
Currently I am watching a Metallica with the Symphony Orchestra DVD and loving it. Tomorrow Mark and I will head out to JB HiFi to get some CDs. He really wants the 10th Anniversary Beer Songs, I want Welcome to the Jungle by Guns 'n' Roses and Beyonce Knowles new song "If I were a Boy" I heard that on Hamish and Andy last week and totally fell in love with it. I haven't heard it since but feel slightly obsessed about hearing it again.

In other news....
Marky is a bit sick - its currently 3.45am and we're on the couch watching the DVD together after he woke me with a "yucky feeling" in his tummy. Well he tried to poo without success, then all of a sudden he jumped up and said "I need to vomit" and the good boy made it to the loo and spewed his guts up. Poor little fella. Hence I won't send him to school tomorrow and we'll go to JB together :)

Still more news.....
After work tonight Jamie said that his old friend from the Boeing Picket line (older readers of this blog will know that for 10 months back in 2005 Jamie was on strike over collective bargaining) was coming over in the afternoon. Rom, let me tell you about Rom, he loud, opinionated, annoying but essentially a good hearted man. Rom had a woman called "Rosanna" with him, she is Chilean and didn't speak any English, only Spanish. Rom is orignially from Chile via Poland and Rosanna is the daughter of his very close friend from Chile, sort of like a niece. She was LOVELY and lonely. SBS doesn't have many spanish tv shows and everyone speaks english. Rom is a huge talker and quite boring - Boeing just lost their contract with the RAAF and so that is the focus of his talking, not something she is interested in. I think she enjoyed being near me and seeing Mark. We were quite good at sign language and managed to communicate. So Friday after work we will take them both to Stockton Beach over the sand dunes and have a BBQ at the beach. So that should be lovely.

I'll talk about my trip to Melbourne later, I'm getting a bit tired.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Love Mondays...

I know that Sir Bob sings "I don't like Monday's" but I actually do. As usual its all about the TV. I love City Homicide, Bones and the best Boston Legal. They had better not have replaced it for whatever was on last week.

This Monday was strange. Its the bizarre public holiday in NSW that catches me by surprise each year. Way back before we moved to Newcastle, I flew to Newie to be with Jamie for the weekend to *help* him look for a house to rent and lo-and-behold it was this - I think its Labour Day - long weekend. So we never got a chance to look at rental homes.

I hated work today, far too stressful. But thankfully I don't have similar staffing for 18 days. Leave it for others to deal with, she affects me far too much. Don't know why.

Tomorrow, I leave for a couple of days in Melbourne. Finally get to meet Roy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Or lung break, or blood vessel break.

Not entirely sure which one it is yet. My darling niece Sheena seems to be unwell. Its a strange one too.
She is lethargic, in that she sleeps so much, a good 12 hours at night and a nap of 3-4 hours. Awake time is activity that is normal for a 2.5 year old.

THen there is the *blue episodes*. Jo sent me a picture of her when she was blue and its tragic. Bluish little fat fingers and tinges around her mouth. During these episodes her oxygen saturations drop to sometimes 75% - normal is 98+%

Jo, Mark and my mum took her to the emergency department several times, she got an appointment with the kids cardiologist. She had an ECHO on her heart. She is seeing the respiratory doc in two weeks. She is having a holter monitor heart check on Friday.

PLEASE don't let there be anything major wrong with our dearest Sheena. She is the lifeblood of our family. Every single thing she does is a marvel. She is a great signer - even makes up sensible signs herself - she is amazing. Little Mark and tiny Roy are fabulous, but it is just expected that they achieve, when Sheena does its brilliant. She is smart, funny, not to mention completely and utterly adorable.

Can you tell I'm in love with her. I get to see her in just over two weeks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I love elections.
I've always loved elections.
Going to the polling booth with my parents at my primary school was my first memory of elections. Mum letting me go to a little cardboard booth, the official-ness of it. A person sitting at a small desk with a HUGE book of names.
When I was 18, I experienced my first election where I could vote. I enrolled early to make sure I could do it.
I've made some odd choices over the years... I voted for Philip Nitschke when he was running for the seat of Menzies. I thought that everyone thought the same way as me about voluntary euthanasia - how wrong I was - I was one of 1200ish people that voted for him. The annoying Kevin Andrews won by a landslide with about 46,000 votes and the labour dude got 26,000 votes. Hmmm I sort of wasted by vote, being around 1.5% of the electorate that thought Dr Nitschke was a shoe-in.
Anyway the purpose of this post is how much I love the American Elections, despite them going on for FAR TOO LONG. I'm glad I don't live there - for many reasons not just the election process, how about universal health care people??? I'm not sure who the American's will vote for, I don't think half of the country could allow a black man to be president. As there is not compulsory voting, only those that are passionate vote. This allows the hate mongering
to show through. But I don't see how a 72 year old man can fulfill what is required of the American President, from what I can see, you are not allowed to sleep! A comment is required almost 24/7 and the pack of wolves that is the media need that comment NOW.

But now I'm finding the stories of the Vice-President nominees extremely interesting. Joe Biden sounds just wonderful. I listened to the speech by his son Beau and it made me cry. The fact that he was able to continue, as well as being a very productive member of society for the past 30 years when his wife and daughter were killed in a car crash... then finding a new wife that his sons loved and "they" asked her to marry them, and "they" got married. Oh its just such a romantic story. Then there is Sarah Palin, well I'm just not too sure. I think the religious side is too much, I can't believe I said that, but her staunch opposition to abortion I find quite offensive. I think they will play on the fact that little Trig is a blessed child with extra chromosomes, and that will sway parents of children with disabilities, but just because her has a child with DS does not necessarily make her an advocate for them. The path forward will tell. Trig is just a few months old, so being a parent of a kid with disability is a new experience for Sarah and her husband.

Well I've truly let my colours be known. If I was American - I'd vote for Barack Obama in a heart beat.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sheena and Roy

Have I mentioned how much I love these kids? This is Sheena and Roy at my parents house just after Sheena's nap. Photogenic as well. They are both going through *winter* stuff. That means colds, Sheena is a shocker when it comes to a cold, her face goes all sickly and she's miserable and yuck. She tends to go a bit blue as well (oh dear), so my sis has bought a pulse oximeter off EBAY to check her oxygen saturations. She's a clever girl my sister.
Roy has improved out of sight, it went from one day getting ready for open heart surgery in the next three days, to home and now almost great. He has some issues with "work of breath" which means its hard to breathe. His whole little body huffs and puffs to just maintain. He also has a cold at the moment, and as he's only 3 months old, makes it hard to get ones milk when you can't breathe.

I'm hopefully going to visit in October. I haven't' officially met Roy. Sheena definitely needs a cuddle from her aunt again. I wonder if Jo will notice if I take Sheena home with me? I think I'd like to keep her.

I have an urge... two actually.

I want to start scrapbooking again. I miss it. I love making pages to show off. I like what I create, I'm not celebrity style, but I'm a good amateur. For my birthday, mum got me a Cuttlebug and I love it. Now I just need to keep on scrapping.

My second urge is weeding. My front yard looks like yokels live here. Messy (that's Mark's fault) and overgrown.
Its a gorgeous day of about 18C today and sunny. So I'll put on my rubber gloves and start weeding.

About midday I have to go to a choir performance that Mark is in. Hmmm... can the boy sing.... no, but I'm a good mum and want to see him. He made me promise not to "bother him" that he will want to hang out with his friends, and not sit with me. I told him, he'll be on stage singing, not sitting with me or his friends. Once again, the poor boy is confused.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Ahhh... now much better

Well was it whooping cough? To be honest, now I don't think so. Last Wednesday I would have bet anyone a million dollars that it was... coughing until I vomited - yuck.

Still awaiting some results from Symbion - now that annoys me - I emailed them to ask how long results normally take as I need to results to return to work. Not a response, what is the point of having a contact us page and no one to respond????

Marko is all better. Jamie only coughs occasionally now. I'm coughing a little bit, but am essentially better.

So what else?
Nothing actually. Life is pretty boring.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sick of sickness.

My whole house has been engulfed in sickness.
Jamie still has his whooping cough - although thankfully its almost past now, only coughs about once a day.
Friday 22nd about 4am Marko came into me complaining of sore legs. I got him to the lounge room to put some Deep Heat on his legs when he said "My elbows hurt, my arms hurt etc" then I felt him... bloody hot.
He had Friday off school with Jamie up at the shed and they didn't get home until 1am as Jamie was putting the turbo in the Patrol.
Saturday, woken at 3am with the same scenario... hot hot hot... gave him some panadol and we sat on the couch watching a dumb movie. I was working Saturday arvo so he was home with Jamie who was in the garage with Ricky from footy making up some plaques. Mark did not have any tea, not hungry.
Sunday, woken at 2am (are you seeing a theme?), again hot, hot, hot... well I finally found my thermometer and took the poor boys temperature, it was at least 39C as that is as far as my thermometer goes (its a fertility one), and I panicked. Jamie wouldn't wake up - once he's asleep, there is just no waking him - so I called the GP Access Clinic which is wonderful. I knew he wasn't ED criteria, but he needed to see a doctor, or more to the truth, I needed to talk to someone to tell me not to panic. I did not inform them I was a nurse, that would just be embarrassing.
We went to the GP Access doc on Sunday who said Mark had the flu...
I was home with him on Monday and Tuesday.
Tuesday evening, my throat seized on me and both Mark and I have been coughing ever since.
I've been dizzy, nauseas, not eating *well there has to be one positive* coughing, grumpy, sleepy, sneezy and feverish.
Its awful, as of tomorrow, I will have had 5 days off work = for a damned cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


That is the main sound in our house for the past month!

Jamie is coughing.
Jamie is coughing, a lot.

Today he was officially diagnosed with Whooping Cough. I'm very surprised as I thought it was a children's disease. I have been vaccinated, as has Mark which I guess is why we don't have it.

Dramas with this cough include - its bloody noisy. He seems to stop breathing during a coughing fit. The force of the cough makes him vomit.

On the weekend, he was having a bad night. He had his friend Aaron over to help him fix his computer. I had gone to bed. Jamie started to cough, he walked from the kitchen into the office and stopped... he coughed... stopped breathing... and fell down and stayed there for about 30 seconds making Aaron very frightened... scaring Mark and his friend Madsen. Anyway he's fine now.

Medications include: Intal (a medication like ventolin to suppress the cough) and now codeine phosphate to work on the cough centre in the brain. Seems to be working.

That Intal was a bother.... Friday I worked until about 4.10pm drove to school to collect Mark, drove to Hamilton to collect Madsen, drove to Lemon Tree Passage (50km) to collect Jamie, drove to Newcastle West to try to get the script, drove to Hamilton (again) to try and get script, drove home (dropped off Jamie, Mark and Madsen), drove to Charlestown and got the script and then drove home!!! I was very exhausted after all of that.

Other news is my friend Ella turned 30. There was a big *do* with all the cool chicks from work. Unfortunately I had to work, so I arrived at about 10.30pm and it was fun, even if only for the short time. I work with some beautiful women, Kathryn, Lauren, Ella, Toni and Amy to name just a few.

Football was a disaster on Sunday, biffo with the Port Stephen's Team. Freaking rediculous that kids footy would do such awful things to parents. There is going to be an investigation in the behaviour of EVERYONE. Finally Daniel came to play and he scored the only point for the U12s.

I'm done - I think.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Toronga Zoo

Thursday we went to the zoo with my friend from work Ella and her two girls Jena and Kayla.
Marky has a *thing* for Jena - which is really just friendship but because Jena is a girl, its a *thing*.
Here are some photos from the day.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

School holidays.

We are officially up to Day 4 of the holidays and I don't think I want to kill Mark just yet.

Over the weekend we had a great visit from Frank and Ernie. It was so comfortable with them. The three men worked VERY hard on fixing our 4WD, rebuilding the engine from scratch as far as I can tell. They didn't get home from the shed until midnight on Sunday after having footy in the morning - the kids won again - then straight up to the shed, working all bloody day and night. Poor Jamie had to go to work in the morning starting at 6am!!

Monday Jamie went to work and I hung out at home with the fellas... then we did a huge drive up to "The Bay" or Salamander Bay and then around to the Lemon Tree Passage to get some hand cleanser for after working on cars. Gets the grease off really well. We got a huge 20L drum of it and not really sure how to dispense it into a smaller container so that it is usable.

Tuesday Marko went to School Holiday Program at the Hunter Sport Centre where he did "Mission Impossible" which he loved. Lots of gymnastics type stuff and running and jumping and other things that middle sized boys love. His favourite thing was jumping into the *foam pit*.

Wednesday was officially the coldest day of the year 15 degrees and WINDY. So what did Mark and I decide to do.. walk all the way to Jesmond for no good reason other than wasting time.

The football crisis deepens....
I still haven't vacuumed.
Roy is much better - or so I believe
My throat hurts, one of those left side only, OMG all of a sudden I can't swallow. Must have some panadol

Tomorrow we are going to the most beautiful zoos in the world - Toronga Zoo in Sydney with my friend Ella and her daughters Jena and Kayla. Mark and Jenna have a *thing* which really is just friendship but gee its cute, he is SOOO excited to see her, his clothes are all laid out for tomorrow (his spunkiest clothes), he washed his hair with shampoo twice, soaped his whole body twice and even brushed his teeth tonight without being told - and that is unheard of - all in preparation of seeing Jena! Wow that girl has some influence.

Other thoughts from this period of time is FOSTER PARENTING. I need to have some time to talk to Jamie, but I feel my life is heading in the direction of fostering kids. I have wanted to it for about 5 years so.. just a niggle in the back of my mind, but I wanted to wait until Mark was older and less likely to be hurt. As time progresses and I'm still not pregnant, my mind wanders to other ideas: adoption or fostering. The news these days are littered with stories of neglected, abused children and no one to look after them. The story of the twins in QLD who died at home and were not noticed by their mother for a week had a profound effect on me. I want kids and these "breeders" who have no job, no money, have kids to get the baby bonus just keep on reproducing. Then Frank loaned me the book "A Child Called It" and I think my life is changed forever. This is the story of Dave Pelzer who lives in America and was severely abused by his alcoholic mother from the age of about 6 until he was taken away at about 12. Boys and girls like Dave become the criminals of the future if foster parents don't step in and help. The on Sunday night was the show "Domestic Blitz" which featured a lady who has fostered close to 500 kids in her lifetime, well that was the clincher.
I think Jamie and I would make great foster parents. We are home a lot. We have space. We have a good home. We just need a little bit more money - get over this current crisis, and Jamie NEEDS a new job. Then we will seriously look into this.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm officially....

in love

with my nephew.

Check out the latest photos of Roy here.

YAY, June will be over in 7 hours. What a disastrous month for my family.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Does anyone know this song???

No more maybes
Your baby's got rabies
Sitting on a ball
In th middle of the Andes

Yeah I'm a freak (of nature)
Yeah I'm a freak

If only I could be as cool as you

Body and soul I'm a freak I'm a freak

Try to be different
Well get a different disease
Seems its a fashion
To need the cold sore cream
I don't really know
How to put on a cool show
As boring as they come
Just tell me where to go

If only I could be as cool as you

Well that is me at the moment, trying to be in fashion by needing the cold sore cream.
All this stress has finally caught up with me and I broke out. Not one, but two cold cores. I feel disgusting, I look disgusting and I'm TIRED.

Roy doesn't need an operation. He is healing himself - clever little boy :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

A long time between drinks.

This is ROY DECLAN GEARY. He's our new little nephew/cousin born on the 5th June 2008 to my dearest (and only) sister and her hubby. Roy was a chubby bubby when he was born 4kg or 8lb13oz in the old money. That is Jo's nose and supposedly has a real Geary look as well. Sheena hasn't had much time with her new little brother as she was ill when he was born, so she was kept away and now little Roy is quite unwell. He was born with a VSD or Ventricular Septal Defect. He's currently in the cardiac ward at the Royal Children's Hospital, so is in really good hands. I'll give updates when they come to hand. I'm just busting to smell him... baby and milky.. yum.

I spent a week down in Melbourne waiting for Roy to be born, oops I mean helping out with Sheena in Jo's last week of her pregnancy. I adore Sheena, she is so magical. Happy, loving, bright and funny. We ripped off some Kelly Travolta who said that "Suri Cruise is a real artist". Suri is the same age as Sheena and that is 2.5years old, granted Suri is probably not delayed, but she is still a two year old. Anyway, Sheena did a scribble on a piece of paper and as a supportive adult, you praise the heck out of the drawing. I said to Jo... "you must be so proud to have such a talented artist"... well we thought it was funny.
There really is something about "blood" Sheena just knew that I belonged to her (if you know what I mean). After church on the Sunday that I arrived in Melbourne, Jo and Sheena were already at my parents house, I squealed and made a fuss, well she wouldn't let go.. cuddle city.

Jamie stacked his motorbike. It was his first accident and all he got was a grazed hip and a bruised ego. He was only going about 50km and it was really wet. Lots of people stopped to help him, I just love Novocastrians.

Jamie turned 34 on the 6th June. We went to Forster for his birthday weekend. Connie and Paul came up to visit which was very nice. It rained ++++. Paul cooked us some lovely meals. I love not cooking. We stayed at Smuggler's Cove which is a 4.5 star caravan park and I'd highly recommend it. We had a 3 bedroom unit which was better equipped than my home. On our way home we had a kerpuffle. There was a clunk... we couldn't find the stick it sounded like we ran over. Next the temperature gauge went right up and there we stopped. Our three vehicles were out of action... I got to drive a gorgeous brand new Nissan Maxima for a week... I want a Nissan Maxima, or a Mazda 3, or a Corolla, or a Honda Jazz... umm I want a new car, but will have to make do the "heap of junk" that we call the Commodore. The photos below were taken on the side of the road, in the rain, waiting for a lift/miracle.

Mark's 10th Birthday was very very exciting for him. He was having his first party in 5 years. We invited 6 boys and they ALL CAME. Now I knew girls were noisy, but I had no idea that boys can squeal as loud as girls, but the added excitement of defiance. Well we survived it. Cost far too much money. A pinata, lollies, party hats (no idea why we did that) and because my oven has broken I had to buy a cake... delicious. Too many pizzas.
BUT Mark enjoyed himself All the kids did as well, there were only two that were the stand out annoying ones. The other 5 were great. All were picked up by 9.30pm and we went to bed. We Jamie and Mark had to shoot each other with his toy guns. We got him a game of Uno Attack (very cool people), both sets of grandies got him a PSP game. Jo got him a book which he likes a lot and then there is the CD - Novelty Songs of the 60s and 70s with Up there Kazaley. We're enjoying that. A huge thankyou also to Kathryn (the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world) for the PSP and caring for the puppy dogs. You are a marvel.
The boys after singing Happy Birthday (Madsen had a wet shirt after apple bobbing, hence he was shirtless)

Cake, the toilet paper game which turned into a toilet paper war!!! the pinata, the chocolate game.. YUM

Wow did you make it to the end??? If you did, please go have a cup of tea and good lie down, you deserve it. I'll try not to neglect you so often.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Saga of the Commodore

Bizarre things happen in my family. Saturday afternoon Jamie had been to his friends house and was driving home over the Stockton Bridge. The sound changed a bit and then whoosh.. no more back window. That isn't normal, windows don't just fly out do they??? Now we have a good reason why out boot/trunk was always filling up with water - the windscreen wasn't in properly. On that drive we also got a super chip in the front windscreen.
The Commodore now needs
  • Front and back windscreens
  • 2-4 new tyres
  • The gas system installed
  • Back seat recovered.
  • Automatic locks repaired
  • Paint job fixed.
No problem

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A good read.

If you are looking for an uplifting and incredibly sad blog to read. The faith that Tammy has is incredible. All I can say is thank goodness I don't live in America... after reading this blog and then watching Sicko... how can a government do this to people.

I just finished reading Li Cunxin's book Mao's Last Dancer. It was totally amazing. I loved it all, the poverty of his childhood, the regimental-ness of his adolescence, his bravery and his love of... ballet. In a million years I'd never imagine I would want to see a ballet, but after reading Li's book, I really do, but probably won't :)

I am supposed to read Emma by Jane Austen next, but it really does not appeal. So I might skip that one.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Maybe I'm nesting.

I feel somewhat organised.

Last night I did all of the dishes and the kitchen looked wonderful.

I asked Jamie to collect Mark from school, its on his way home, and I have to make an arc. I just wanted to come straight home.

Jamie called me and asked for some Chocolate Royale biscuits and some coke. Like the good missus I am, I obliged. What you would like for dinner? I don't care.

So I bought a cooked chook. Arrived home, the boys are watching The Matrix (VERY LOUDLY) on the telly. I assembled a salad, cooked some pototoes (Mark would prefer to have noodles than potato, I cooked some noodles).
Served dinner. Cleared the table. Washed dishes. Fed the dogs. Folded the washing.

The boys are still watching The Matrix (VERY LOUDLY).

I must be coming down with the flu.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Another football story.

We take two kids to football twice a week. Once for training and to the games. There is a little 8 year old called Ricky and his 11 year old brother Jake. Jake is a lovely boy, Ricky well he's a little bit feral. Nice enough though.
We drive the kids cos #1 the car doesn't work. #2 Dad got "done" for drink driving and lost his license.
My WTF comments are such.
The mum doesn't come out of the house to say thank you, they don't ring to make sure its ok we collect them, its now just expected. Mum or dad don't thank us after we drop them off or make sure the kids behaved themselves. They show ZERO interest. Very annoying.

The last two weeks the boys have not had breakfast. We collect them about 8am and drop them home about midday. They are playing a very physical game of AFL. Last weekend I felt sorry for them and got them a packet of chips - good nourishing food. When I thought about it, why is it my responsibility to buy them a snack, they should eat before they come, they should have a snack with them or money to buy one with. So I said no this week. Poor little Ricky was starving. But they are not my kids. At the end of the morning the canteen had too much food and was giving it away. So my point to the parents wasn't as good as I would have liked it to be.

When we dropped them off I went into the house, introduced myself, said the boys had a great game, which was true. I then mentioned that it would be a great idea to make sure the boys had breakfast before they came or had a snack...
"That's their own fault, they should get up earlier and have something to eat"
Again, not a thank you.
Do I make some vegemite sandwiches to prevent the annoying "I'm starving, have you got any money?"

OH DEAR... these poor boys have not got much hope in life when the parents care so much.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cross Country

Back in the good old days when I was at school, I used to fake asthma on the cross country running days so I wouldn't have to run. I hated it that much. Mark loves sprinting, he's not a fan of long distances,or so I thought.

On the Saturday afternoon Mark rolled his ankle. We went ice skating on Saturday night. He tried to get out of AFL on Sunday morning saying his ankle hurt - he ended up playing in two games. Monday morning, he said "I need to stay home as my ankle hurts, it will be so boring not being able to run in the cross country".

Anyway. I collected him from OOSH and he had a funny look on his face.
"I did terrible in the cross country, last, after all of the boys and even all of the girls"
Oh well I thought, you do have a sore ankle.
HUGE SMILE "As if, I came first".

MY BABY CAME FIRST, in a 4km run. The assistant teacher suggested he run at a steady jog rather than sprint, so as not to wear out. And it worked.

He's off to the Zone Cross Country Run on Friday. I'll report in how he went.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Football Family

We spend so long at football each week. This morning we set the alarm at 6.30am went to collect 3 other kids whose parents do not drive. Then drove off to Medowie for a 9am start.

The under 10 team (Mark plays on this team) played ok. They were completely thrashed, but that is ok. Only one kid cracked a 'nana about it. It was one of his first games. Not entirely sure of the score, but I think we only got about 7 points.

Next was the Under 12's and there was a parent barney. The coach, Ricky, is only 17 and he drives me NUTS. He is so over the top, loud and opinionated.... but the kids seem to love him and are desperate to please him. Well, it is a rule that all the kids wear mouth guards - that makes sense - well kids being kids - forget their mouthguards. Mark was one and another boy forgot his. The dad of the other kid (from now on referred to as Dad A) said its ok Kid A can just play without his mouthguard, and he wouldn't sue the club if anything happened to Kid A. Ricky said "I'm the coach, and am here for the kids, and no kid is playing without a mouthguard". Red rag to a bull, Dad A cracked the sads, and blew up at Ricky. Not entirely without reason. But made it EXTREMELY uncomfortable for all involved. Jason (Club President) and Jamie (Coach of U10s) were trying to smooth out the problems.... OH DEAR. Not sure if that was understandable, but trying not to be libelous. I'm on Dad A's side!!

DAMN our tv is not working, its completely scrambled. Our oven broke yesterday. Petrol is very very expensive.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Planning a Holiday.

Jamie and I are planning a trip to HAWAII... how cool is that?

  • We both need to get new passports - very sad - they have been gathering dust.
  • Book time off work.
  • Book flights.
  • Book accommodation.
  • Work out my feelings about leaving Mark behind. We'll go to Queensland once the baby we are going to have is a toddler, ok feelings are fixed.
  • Get Dad up to babysit / get kid to school.
A girl I worked with and a Facebook friend from long long ago have both been to Hawaii and are in the process of giving me some good tips. Tanya stayed at Aqua Wave said it was good there, so will definitely check that one out. Rhys hasn't giving me options of accommodation yet, but he will if I ask him.
Must go to a travel agent to get a good deal. Whatever you do, don't tell Jamie this, but I don't completely trust the internet and tv for that matter. I always thought Jetstar would be the cheapest. Well I just looked up Harvey World Travel and .... Qantas is very cheap - and they give you food!!! OH my goodness. I'm in shock.
I credit the pictures to this site.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I have just done a little bit of blog surfing. Here, here and here.
How do people keep up their enthusiasm?

Scrapbookers for example, there are names in the industry that have been around for AGES. They are prolific scrapbookers. Chefs such as Gordon Ramsay *yum* how can he keep up his enthusiasm, I can't cook for three people without losing interest.

Well I'm thinkin' deep tonight.


I was going to upload a whole bunch of photos.. but our computer is a piece of crap.
Who could imagine being practically married to a computer nerd and our computers are rubbish.
I guess its the way it goes. Mechanics cars are crap. Builders have broken houses.
Very annoying actually.
I want to paint the doors in the computer room. The rest of the room is a light aqua (nicer than it sounds) not sure what I want to paint the doors though. I would like chalkboard paint, but Jamie is against that (boohoo). Maybe just stick with white. Can't go wrong with white. It'd be nice to surprise Mark and mum with the doors painted.
Mark is having a fabulous time with his grandparents.
Mum & Dad have spent up big in the last couple of weeks. They got a caravan and a 4wd. Not at all sure if this is what the car and the van look like, but hey its a picture. Mark adores them both.
Feeling a bit sleepy now, so I won't tell the very cool story that goes with the Suzuki Grand Vitara. By the way its the car I wanted, not a totally square Nissan Patrol - a very unsexy car.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I feel icky. As I said to Ella last night, "I feel like shit, a nondescript shit, but shit all the same"
Snoozed most of the afternoon. Did my grocery shop - thank goodness for a really good pay (yipee)
The rent for Feb has finally been paid, found it in our bank as I was writing out the "Notice to Vacate" form. Oh well. I can start again on the 18th, as if he'll pay this month without force.

The boys are off to footy practice, its been a very wet week.

I'm watching Le Journal on SBS and its talking about rising cost of food and petrol world wide. In some asian countries RICE is becoming a luxury as it has doubled in price in the past two months.

I'm getting rid of Mark on Saturday, I'm gonna miss that kid. he's such a delight. He;s off to Nan and Pop's place, he is so excited about his holiday.

* * * ******************** * * * ****************** * * *

Its our 8th anniversary this weekend. How amazing is that? So much has happened in those 8 years.
Jamie has changed jobs about 5 times (Ansett, bizarre little jobs, Forstaff, Boeing, BAE)
I have changed career.
We moved interstate.
Mark started school.
We bought two houses
We now own two cars, a motorbike and a boat.
Jamie is the Football Coach
I'm the treasurer at OOSH
We have two dogs and two fish (after the big fish kill off 3 weeks ago when we had 6)

Ok that is enough. The plan for this year is a holiday (YIPEE) and a pregnancy. Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone and then we can have Brooklyn like Posh and Becks, and hopefully we can call our baby "Puket", "Bali" or "Gold Coast"
And then hopefully we will get married too, 8 years of thinking is surely enough.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Finally I decided to help out my guys. I cooked tea. Well I put the ingredients in the crock pot and it cooked itself.

I got home from work at 10.30 and there it was still in the crockpot, still cooking.

They didn't realise that it was there.

So what did they eat? A chocolate bar and coke from the servo on the way to cricket.


Monday, March 31, 2008

Hospital at home.

This is a scary big spider near Rocket's workshop. Needed a picture again.

Daniel, he's our neighbour from two doors down and is Marko's current best friend. They spend every moment of time together when they are not at any football training. He's a lovely Sudanese boy, so polite.

Anyway today he and Mark were playing out the front and he tripped and fell onto our brick fence injuring his knee. Mark came inside screaming.. he just stood there looking terrified, he thought his bone had come through through skin. It didn't bleed though, just pushed the skin back, like a superficial graze. But on his super black skin his knee looked white like the bone was poking through.

I cleaned him up - not that it needed much cleaning. Jamie got some padding and a bandage from his fishing kit (hmmm must raid work for some supplies for a real first aid kit) and off he hobbled home with a bandage around his knee. Poor kid he was so brave.

Must remember to check out my emergency nursing technique and investigate his knee tomorrow or Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not sure what to title this one!

Thought I'd just say hello again.

Suffering from insomnia again - only 12.30 - but its annoying.

I had some funny stories about Mark but I can't remember them.

Something bizarre that happened yesterday. After work I was SOOO exhausted that I went straight to bed. It was 3.30pm. That is just wrong really. Poor Mark had no idea what was going on. Jamie was watching the footy - his beloved Kangaroos got smashed, despite winning early in the game. After I woke up we decided to go to the beach as Marko wanted a swim, we went to Horseshoe Beach alternatively known as *The Dog Beach* and the puppies had a swim. Charlie loves the ocean, she tears in after the ball and swims out to bring them back. Marky was swimming with them. Skye just barks like as crazy man. My thought is he is protecting Charlie or Mark when they are in the water and wants them to come in. When Charlie swims out, Skye follows him despite his better judgment just to protect her.
Anyway after the swim we went back to the car and Charlie got diarrhoea (arrgggh just like work). Now a dog with the squirts is a really weird thing to see. Anyone have any idea what would cause that???

Ahh the Magic Bullet infomercial. That reminds me of a time Mark and I went to Centrelink - he yelled at the top of his voice "This is my favourite ad" he found a chair and sat and watched it. Well surprise surprise we now own a Magic Bullet and it sits in the cupboard gathering dust. HMMM why do I succumb to infomercials.

Got to try and get some sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I will get some batteries and upload some new photos. Got some great ones from easter.

PS. Is that better Kathryn??

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Resting comfortably.

Hello and welcome to Tuesday evening.

I've been sleeping so well - its confusing.

Afternoon nap on my days off.

My rubella level is low, so I need a booster shot.

We had a beautiful dinner tonight. Got it from Good Taste Magazine. Pork chop, coleslaw (with apple) and steamed beans. All plates were empty.

Jamie won at Indoor Cricket.

Back to work tomorrow arvo.

Monday, March 03, 2008

A Victim

Sunday at 11.30am Mark and his friend from two doors down Daniel decided that they wanted a hamburger for lunch. They asked if they could scooter up to the fish and chip shop and buy it themselves. They travel all over together, so going up the street to the chippie shop wasn't a big deal. On their way home near the pipeline (those familiar with my house understand the significance of the *pipeline* its the local hangout), a group of boys, about 8 of them on bikes all around 10-12 years old started to circle Mark and Daniel saying they were gonna bash them up.
My boys replied that "no they weren't" and I think Daniel said "Why would I fight you pussy's" (not too helpful Daniel). The gang also made a cutthroat signal. There were more words about wanting to fight and the boys ran home, Mark to our place and Dan to his place.

Mark came inside and said he had a lovely hamburger and.... "Mum, can you come here please??" This is the bane of my life, he always wants me to come to him, but I reckon he should come to me if he wants to say something, but I digress.
When I finally relented, he told me the whole story.

We went to Jamie and told him... in Jamie's usual style he said "What did you do Mark? The kids wouldn't want to fight you if you did nothing" Sometimes Jamie is so naive, there are generally bad people in the world, people who succumb to the gang mentality.

I worried about him, went to work, talked to my friend Brad who has two kids of a similar age to Mark, just to gauge his opinion of him as a parent and a man.

This morning I talked to mum (again) and she suggested I call the school, the police and talk to Daniel's mum as well. Two out of three ain't bad. Mrs Skillen was very helpful and she talked to Mark today in a discreet way.

The police station, I must admit, was fun. The police women were so beautiful I really felt like I was in an episode of "The Bill". I was invited into an interview room and she took my statement. Mark now has his name on the NSW police computer as a Victim of Crime. My little baby not yet 10.

When I collected Mark today from OOSH, he said to me "Mum, you remember what happened yesterday, it was actually VERY serious, Mrs Skillen talked to me and said it was really serious". She talked to the boy who goes to his school who was part of the gang and Mark thought that Jarrod had confessed to Mrs Skillen (as if). He wasn't mad at me for calling the school or the police.

Well all in all, it was an interesting day. The boys went for a scooter ride this arvo, and didn't run into any trouble.

If you got to the end of this post - I congratulate you.

Survived it.

Don't you hate it when work consumes you?
That has been my week.

When I started as a nurse about 5 years ago now, I considered my pay good compared with other jobs I had worked. I knew in comparison to other jobs its pretty well paid. I know that compared to admin jobs, the pay is crap. But I'm not too interested in sitting at a computer doing goodness knows what. I'm happy to be in a job that people understand (to a point) and respect.
Now I'm a little bit further in my career. I'm considered a *senior staff* member and as I'm not a kid, I have that in age as well. I am now responsible for teaching junior or newer staff, I think I'm doing a pretty good job. But now I'm thinking that nurses are just not paid enough. It really takes over your life when work gets tough.

Oh well not really sure where this is going. Maybe I want more pay. Maybe I need to quit again (no I've never quit this job). Nah I'll just calm down a bit.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What the????

I have someone from Morocco looking at my blog?


I'm being better about my exercise. The Biggest Loser is rubbing off.
I've lost about 4kg from my heaviest, so I'm pretty happy about that. Speaking of TBL, I'm sick of the advertising. I thought there was going to be a big fight tonight between Shannan and John, but it wasn't that at all... they just beat everything up and its quite annoying.

My ultrasound was "interesting", don't think I'm happy to share the bizarre details here, but those that see me have heard the story. Its pretty funny if you ask me.

Marko conned me - he gets tummy aches in the morning. If I have the day off.. and I've had a bad night, well what the bother. He was a delight at home. Not sure the reason behind the tummy aches. I inquired and he isn't bullied, he doesn't bully, he doesn't get yelled at, he doesn't get in trouble, he has enough friends and other than getting graphic, I can't think of any reasons. Oh and he enjoys the work.

Jamie is catching up on sleep. Three nights in a row he has fallen asleep on the couch. Last night was at 9.30pm. Tonight - get this - he fell asleep on the couch at 5.30, he missed his cricket game, his captain called to ask where he was and he slept through the phone ringing (and he doesn't do that!!) he woke up when he snored at one point (taking after my dad, snorting himself awake), woke up when I poked him in the tummy. He didn't even have dinner. Went from the couch to bed and is still snoring!

Me - well I'm all over the shop. I'm totally scared to go to bed. Had a full on panic attack in the middle of the night Sunday night and it scare the shit out of me. Jamie *again* slept through it, so he wasn't helpful. So in reality I'm in need of sleep but am scared to go to bed. How stupid that that.

I really need to take some photos, or have some photos taken - any takers?

I need to plan something FUN... any suggestions???

AND I think the mouse is back, or I'm so tired I'm hallucinating.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just when you think you've got it figured out.

I thought my legs were good - and they were. Now I'm going down the road of self medicating - doesn't work. Now I'm sleepy and jumpy.

OOSH is complicated. I'll share more later.

The kid is gorgeous. Love him to pieces.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Evening

I'm freaking out watching *Underbelly*
Please stop reading if you live in Victoria, banned due to legal restrictions.
Pretty yucky what happens in the underworld.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A tidy house.

Can you believe it?
My house is tidy. Took a long time yesterday. The lawn has been mowed and it looks good (I wish he'd use the catcher though). We don't look like a rental anymore.

Took the boat out for a little spin yesterday which was nice.

Had a Biggest Loser fest with Mark. The weeks worth of TBL that I had taped, watched it all in one hit. I really don't like the Red Team. Rachel... I just don't get. Sheridan giving in to the temptation just does not make sense. Well that my thoughts on TBL, Mark just wished I'd shut up. I'm so glad Michelle doesn't train me... oh that's right, I don't train.

Umm today we are hoping to get the car seals done, but I don't like out chances. I want to get "Singstar" or "Buzz" for the Playstation we got last weekend.

I went on a card making frenzy last weekend, made about 40 cards. If anyone needs any, just let me know. Stuffed if I know what I'll do with 40 cards. Desperately want to make some more. Will attempt to scrapbook. But don't have much inspiration to do that.

Tomorrow is the "Come and Try Day" for the AFL. I really hope it will be good day. Some drills for the kids and a mini-game. I've got to get Jamie organised with some fun activities.

Christy xx

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today is a pretty big day in Australia's history. Finally the government has said "sorry" for the stolen generation. I think every single school child watched the speech.

Mark said to me yesterday, "What do you think is important about tomorrow?" and it was the Sorry Day speech. He was very excited to get to school to watch it with his friends. More importantly he was interested in what it meant and why Kevin Rudd had to say sorry = he didn't do it.
I think that is why so many Aussies have a problem with the apology, why should be apologize for something we didn't do, or that was done with the best of intentions at the time. Well it still doesn't make it right. I'm happy that we as a nation have apologised, it was necessary. I might not be coherent in what I'm talking about, but I wanted my tiny two cents worth.

The photo came from the ABC website. I tried to find one of some Aboriginal people, but then decided against it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Just a quick note...

Tomorrow I'm seeing my Neurologist again - just to get the results of my sleep study, should be interesting. My RLS is quite good at the moment, I think cos I'm sleeping better due to the wonderful invention of sleeping tablets.

I need to see my GP or a chiro about a new pain in my hip/back. I was in agony tonight with it, felt nauseous and taking panadol every 4 hours (or less) didn't help. How on earth do people live with chronic pain? Do I sound like a nurse? No other theory than the worse case scenario. As flippant as that is... our friend Doug passed away from a secondary in his spine that "just happened one day" My horoscope for this year said I would have problems with my feet. But I remember now, I don't believe in horoscopes.

Thursday I'm off to an ultrasound to see why my "girl bits" aren't giving me a baby! Oops I mean why they are not giving US a baby.

Blood test the following week.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Rain, mozzies, boats and work.

Newcastle (for that matter Australia) is raining. But its a hot, muggy rain and its bloody awful. The puddles that persist mean that mozzie's breed and then they bite ME. I'm sure they bite other... but more importantly... they bite me.
BOAT is finally in the water. A huge engine overhaul - lots of foul language and LOTS of driving to Tanilba and back... our little family took it for a spin on Sunday morning. It was really nice, having the salty air in my hair, coolish outside. Mark as going to attempt fishing, but in true *I don't need you to tell me how to do it fashion* he cracked. So now our boat in safely back in our backyard.
Work has been awful. Patient illnesses are getting worse - thankfully they have looked at hte medical situation. So we now two interns (junior docs), one ward based registrar (next level up) and two overseeing senior registrars as well as the 8 consultants. So my thoughts are the patients SHOULD be cared for. Now we just need to get nursing right.
Mayb'e I'll leave. find a job in another hospital.. but end iwh the same shit, but not know anyone. Ok I'll stay in gastro.


Next bit of news is a bit personal (so stop reading now). As you might be aware Jamie and I are trying to have a baby. SOmewhat unsuccessfully so far. So I'm having an ultrasound of my girlie bits next week, then a blood test, followed by an operation to check for endometriosis.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Doctors, doctors and probably heaps of blood tests.

Tomorrow I am going to a fertility doctor. I'm quite excited and nervous.

I think I'm nervous, got so anxious that I felt nauseas - took a pregnancy test - negative as per usual. But that would have been my luck. Cheaper luck though.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Horseshoe Beach

Our trip to the "Dog Beach." There were about 200 dogs there, we only saw one scuffle - little dogs.
Charlie had a ball with the ball. The photo which looks like just the beach, you can see a dot, that is Charlie. Skye does not *fetch* but he does chase Charlie. Mark got very wet, well actually he swam and he forgot to take a towel, so for the umpteenth time he had to come home in the car in just his undies. I did get a pic of this, but due to decency I have not included this.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vietnam War Museum

This is from when we went to Phillip Island. Dad and Mark went to the Vietnam War Museum and I let Mark take my camera.
PS. A huge thank you to Jen Hall for the instructions on how to do that. I jealously looked at her blog and wondered "that must be so hard", well she told her blog readers and now I know that it is simple as point and click.

Back to Normal - well almost.

Its lovely having Mark home again. Makes our family complete (as Tom Cruise famously said). The plan was to collect him from the airport and then go and play golf, well it was drizzling most of the day, so golf was off the agenda. We went to the workshop and Jamie worked on the boat engine for ummm about 9 hours. Mark got reacquainted with his dogs, we watched Djokovitch beat Federer in the tennis and then went to bed.

Saturday: Jamie returned to the shed to work on the motor. Mark and I went shopping for school supplies, it appears I was not thorough enough and he needed more. We also got a puzzle, 1000 pieces of a Holden SS Commodore which is REALLY hard.

Saturday was also Australia Day (or Invasion Day). Wikipedia states:
On 13 May 1787, a fleet of 11 ships captained by Arthur Phillip, which came to be know as the First Fleet, was sent by the British Admiralty from England to Australia, to established a penal colony at Botany Bay on the coast of New South Wales, explored by Captain James Cook in 1770. The settlement was seen as necessitated by the loss of colonies in North America. Captain Phillip found Botany Bay unsuitable and with two ships proceeded up the coast to Port Jackson, which he declared "the finest harbour in the world". The site decided upon for the first settlement was at a location where there was a potable stream of water, and some level land, unlike much of the steep and rugged foreshore. By 26 January 1788, the fleet was at anchor in Sydney Cove, the male convicts were unshipped and the flag was raised in the name of King George III.
Australia celebrates this with a public holiday and fireworks. Newcastle had its fireworks on the foreshore, which is gorgeous. We thought of going into town by the train to save on trying to find a park and "doing the right thing". There is a station really close to us, I found the timetable on the internet, then I looked up the cost $6.80 per adult and $3.60 for kids. How ridiculous. $17 for a family to go on a 15 minute train trip - granted it is return, but that doesn't make it worthwhile. So we drove and found a really good park, had a snack of donuts and homemade lemonade from a Russian vendor. It was really nice and at about 9pm the fireworks started, they were lovely, but boring at the same time.
There was also a carnival in town - Mark wanted to try all of the sideshows, but we are horrible parents taht said no!

Today - Sunday and for something completely different we went to the workshop so Jamie could work on the motor. I'm playing on the internet and Marko is playing with Emily. Its STINKING hot and I hate hot weather.

We are collectively very sad that Adam Gilchrist decided to retire. More in shock actually, he's amazing and I love watching him play. Can't wait for the tennis tonight. really hoping that Jo-Wilfreid Tsonga will win - its the battle of the silent letter tonight. Tsonga v Djokovitch.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Last kid-free day.

Today is Thursday, the last day of my relaxed holiday. I have almost had one month off.

Kind of weird that... early in the year I asked for 3 weeks off in January, from the 6th-30th so I could have time at home with Mark, Jamie would have him for the first week when he has time off and then I'd have him for the next three. Well I was knocked back in about August, there were already two full-timers have time off. Oh well I thought, back to the drawing board, might have to send him down to the grandies again. Well things got a bit weird at work, had half of the ward closed, and heaps of people were allowed time off, me included. So even though I had been knocked back for holidays I have ended up being away for one month. I've loved it, most of the time haven't even thought about work, except for when one of our long-termers died.

Today I went to Garden City (I'm trying to be more Novocastrian and not call it Kotara), bought some labels for Mark, thought I'd get them straight away, but have to wait about 10 working days for them. Got him some "Back to School" goodies which I hope he'll like, its HotWheels contact, hopefully he doesn't consider himself too old for that, I shall find out tomorrow.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amazing stories

He has a fertile brain that son of mine! From Mark's school workbook which came home with him at the end of the year.
*** *** ***
Should we get unlimited pocket money.
Interesting title, should kids get UNLIMITED amount of money.
Discussion topic. Some people think we should and some people think we shouldn't.
Argument for. It would be great to get unlimited money. You can buy whatever you want. It would be great.
Argument against. You mum and dad could get poor. You would only spent it on stuff you want. You would just buy junk food.
Summarizing conclusion. I disagree because you mum and dad would get poor and then you would have nothing to buy at all.

*** *** ***

The Christmas Disaster

The night before Christmas Santa, his favourite dog "Scrappy" and Rudolph, Comet, Prancer, Dancer, Blitzen, Cupid, Donner and Dasher were eating their dinner before they left to deliver the presents. When they left the reindeer base, Mrs Claus was yelling out goodbye. The first ten houses went ok, but when he got to the 100th house Rudolph lost his red nose and they couldn't see where they were going. So they crashed and landed on my house's roof. I went out to see what was happenening and when I saw him I screamed out "SANTA'S HERE!" But not in one piece. Then we fixed him up with bandages and sent him on his way back to the North Pole.

*** *** ***

H - Holidays are fun.
O - Oh what a wonderful life
L - Laying in the sun.
I - I'm having fun.
D - Days are now glorious days
A - All go wild.
Y - Yell and scream at the end of school.
S - School is over for two weeks.

*** *** ***

The Best Present Ever!
The best present ever, I think is a remote controlle ute. It has an mp3 player, FM radio, spinners, black with red dark flames, 70cm long, 15cm high, and 20cm wide. I only liked it when I saw it. The thing I liked before was boat lego. The boat lego would be better because it is cheaper than the car. These are the Christmas wish list items I would like this year.