Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amazing stories

He has a fertile brain that son of mine! From Mark's school workbook which came home with him at the end of the year.
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Should we get unlimited pocket money.
Interesting title, should kids get UNLIMITED amount of money.
Discussion topic. Some people think we should and some people think we shouldn't.
Argument for. It would be great to get unlimited money. You can buy whatever you want. It would be great.
Argument against. You mum and dad could get poor. You would only spent it on stuff you want. You would just buy junk food.
Summarizing conclusion. I disagree because you mum and dad would get poor and then you would have nothing to buy at all.

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The Christmas Disaster

The night before Christmas Santa, his favourite dog "Scrappy" and Rudolph, Comet, Prancer, Dancer, Blitzen, Cupid, Donner and Dasher were eating their dinner before they left to deliver the presents. When they left the reindeer base, Mrs Claus was yelling out goodbye. The first ten houses went ok, but when he got to the 100th house Rudolph lost his red nose and they couldn't see where they were going. So they crashed and landed on my house's roof. I went out to see what was happenening and when I saw him I screamed out "SANTA'S HERE!" But not in one piece. Then we fixed him up with bandages and sent him on his way back to the North Pole.

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H - Holidays are fun.
O - Oh what a wonderful life
L - Laying in the sun.
I - I'm having fun.
D - Days are now glorious days
A - All go wild.
Y - Yell and scream at the end of school.
S - School is over for two weeks.

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The Best Present Ever!
The best present ever, I think is a remote controlle ute. It has an mp3 player, FM radio, spinners, black with red dark flames, 70cm long, 15cm high, and 20cm wide. I only liked it when I saw it. The thing I liked before was boat lego. The boat lego would be better because it is cheaper than the car. These are the Christmas wish list items I would like this year.

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