Saturday, July 12, 2008

Toronga Zoo

Thursday we went to the zoo with my friend from work Ella and her two girls Jena and Kayla.
Marky has a *thing* for Jena - which is really just friendship but because Jena is a girl, its a *thing*.
Here are some photos from the day.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

School holidays.

We are officially up to Day 4 of the holidays and I don't think I want to kill Mark just yet.

Over the weekend we had a great visit from Frank and Ernie. It was so comfortable with them. The three men worked VERY hard on fixing our 4WD, rebuilding the engine from scratch as far as I can tell. They didn't get home from the shed until midnight on Sunday after having footy in the morning - the kids won again - then straight up to the shed, working all bloody day and night. Poor Jamie had to go to work in the morning starting at 6am!!

Monday Jamie went to work and I hung out at home with the fellas... then we did a huge drive up to "The Bay" or Salamander Bay and then around to the Lemon Tree Passage to get some hand cleanser for after working on cars. Gets the grease off really well. We got a huge 20L drum of it and not really sure how to dispense it into a smaller container so that it is usable.

Tuesday Marko went to School Holiday Program at the Hunter Sport Centre where he did "Mission Impossible" which he loved. Lots of gymnastics type stuff and running and jumping and other things that middle sized boys love. His favourite thing was jumping into the *foam pit*.

Wednesday was officially the coldest day of the year 15 degrees and WINDY. So what did Mark and I decide to do.. walk all the way to Jesmond for no good reason other than wasting time.

The football crisis deepens....
I still haven't vacuumed.
Roy is much better - or so I believe
My throat hurts, one of those left side only, OMG all of a sudden I can't swallow. Must have some panadol

Tomorrow we are going to the most beautiful zoos in the world - Toronga Zoo in Sydney with my friend Ella and her daughters Jena and Kayla. Mark and Jenna have a *thing* which really is just friendship but gee its cute, he is SOOO excited to see her, his clothes are all laid out for tomorrow (his spunkiest clothes), he washed his hair with shampoo twice, soaped his whole body twice and even brushed his teeth tonight without being told - and that is unheard of - all in preparation of seeing Jena! Wow that girl has some influence.

Other thoughts from this period of time is FOSTER PARENTING. I need to have some time to talk to Jamie, but I feel my life is heading in the direction of fostering kids. I have wanted to it for about 5 years so.. just a niggle in the back of my mind, but I wanted to wait until Mark was older and less likely to be hurt. As time progresses and I'm still not pregnant, my mind wanders to other ideas: adoption or fostering. The news these days are littered with stories of neglected, abused children and no one to look after them. The story of the twins in QLD who died at home and were not noticed by their mother for a week had a profound effect on me. I want kids and these "breeders" who have no job, no money, have kids to get the baby bonus just keep on reproducing. Then Frank loaned me the book "A Child Called It" and I think my life is changed forever. This is the story of Dave Pelzer who lives in America and was severely abused by his alcoholic mother from the age of about 6 until he was taken away at about 12. Boys and girls like Dave become the criminals of the future if foster parents don't step in and help. The on Sunday night was the show "Domestic Blitz" which featured a lady who has fostered close to 500 kids in her lifetime, well that was the clincher.
I think Jamie and I would make great foster parents. We are home a lot. We have space. We have a good home. We just need a little bit more money - get over this current crisis, and Jamie NEEDS a new job. Then we will seriously look into this.