Thursday, November 29, 2007


Interesting night last night. My sleep study.
Arrived at 7.30pm the girl (never got her name) said "Hello, you will be in room 2, here is the decaffinated coffee and breakfast if you want it. Please change into your pj's"

What now? Are you for real.. so in my jammies at about 8pm. I'm not a fan of being *exposed* in semi public.

Then it was my time to be wired up. Sitting in a chair the technician with a measuring tape - she drew on my scalp to get the right position for the electrodes. Once all of the positions were marked she applied some goop then stuck the electrodes. Then a sticker on the middle of my forehead. Some around my eyes and around the mouth.

Sat in the "lounge" got a decaf coffee. Watched the end of Farmer Wants a Wife. When it was over, everyone asked what do you want to watch everyone said they didn't care, so I suggested the Chaser. I won and ended up being the only one in the lounge, everyone else went to bed. BTW there were 6 of us.

Then I went to my room - which ended up being room 6. I sat in the chair and read for a little bit. Then one of the technicians came in and asked what time I went to bed. She wanted to wire me up (MORE???). So I did go to bed. Got some new electrodes on my chest, two bands around my middle and 4 on my legs. THEN she put oxygen prongs up my nose - they are the MOST uncomfortable things in the world. Most of the people who have sleep studies are there for sleep apnoea. I also needed a oxygen saturation "peg" which they taped to my middle finger, here as I write this I still have a sore finger and a slight pressure spot on it. BOOHOO.

I read for a little bit, then decided to attempt to sleep. Managed it alright actually. Had a couple of bouts of restless legs, but not what I have at home. I do toss and turn - which is quite hard when you have HEAPS of wires hanging off of me. Only dislodged one.

About 4.30 there was a HUGE bang where they are demolishing part of the hospital. The bloke came in at 6am, woke me up, disconnected me and sent me on my way!

That is my story of the sleep study. Thanks for listening.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Hey there family and friends who are not on Facebook.

Just to give a small update...

  • Had an appointment with my specialist, it was actually quite wonderful. She suggested I de-stress.

  • As some of you who actually read this, housework is a problem. I'm getting a cleaner.

  • I have an appointment for a "Sleep Study" next Wednesday. It was weird, they didn't have any appointments available until March next year. BUT they did have a cancellation for next week. So this will be my first overnight stay in hospital since I had Mark. I have to get there at 7.30pm have my pj's, towel, toothbrush etc. Then get wired up! Leads will be put on my head and hopefully on my legs to see what happens. Gee wizz I hope there is a telly! Its the Chaser Decides and I need to watch that. Will be a surreal experience.

  • I'm quite excited about the election. I know its daggy, but I want to be involved. I wish I had thought of having an election party, but then we might not be able to channel surf and watch the election coverage. Go Kevin07!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finally scrapbooking again.

This is a pic of me from 2000 (ages ago) I was lying on the floor, some very groovy paper - can't remember the brand but I got it from ScrapNeeds. This one is titled "I need Sleep" How cute is that little owl??

This one is obviously Sheena Geary. Had a lot of fun with rubons in this one.
"All is good when you are nearly 2"

This is the canvas that Mark and I painted when he was home sick. Its really bad, but we are not into Halloween in Australia and its the first time I have every done anything like that before. I'm quite happy with the little ghost saying BOO.

This is the first page I have done for Lauren's sister - its a total scraplift of Charmane Otto.

This one is using Urban Lily paper, very easy but VERY nice.

This was me messing around last night, don't think I like it, but hey its a page.

School Dance "A Night at the Movies"
This is Mark's class dancing to "Walk like an Egyptian", his is the only face you can see in that picture. Also in the other photos, wow that was an accident, I did a point and click at the group he was dancing with - imagine only getting him to keep in line with the child protection laws. It was a good night, weather was very kind, picnic was good (although it was ham and not a roast chicken as requested). Mark is not destined to be a dancer - I know that now!