Friday, November 23, 2007


Hey there family and friends who are not on Facebook.

Just to give a small update...

  • Had an appointment with my specialist, it was actually quite wonderful. She suggested I de-stress.

  • As some of you who actually read this, housework is a problem. I'm getting a cleaner.

  • I have an appointment for a "Sleep Study" next Wednesday. It was weird, they didn't have any appointments available until March next year. BUT they did have a cancellation for next week. So this will be my first overnight stay in hospital since I had Mark. I have to get there at 7.30pm have my pj's, towel, toothbrush etc. Then get wired up! Leads will be put on my head and hopefully on my legs to see what happens. Gee wizz I hope there is a telly! Its the Chaser Decides and I need to watch that. Will be a surreal experience.

  • I'm quite excited about the election. I know its daggy, but I want to be involved. I wish I had thought of having an election party, but then we might not be able to channel surf and watch the election coverage. Go Kevin07!

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Ange Warren said...

Hey Christy, hope the sleep study appointment goes well for you!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. PMSL stands for Pissing MySelf Laughing!
Ange xx