Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm on holiday!

Last day of work today until the 15th of January.

Very excited about going home for Christmas.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas 10 years ago.

This is a cool thread going on Blue Bazaar....

23 years old
Living with my sister in a rented house probably at Box Hill at that stage
Newly single - had broken up with my high school sweetheart -finally Confused
Worked in a microbiology lab
Bought my dream car - a Mazda 121 green bubble.
Christmas was probably spent at Mum & Dad's with the Malizia's from next door
Then we would have gone to Eildon for a holiday if I wasn't working.

Living with Jamie and Mark in Newie
Have our own home in another state to where both our parents come from.
Now I'm a nurse
Had to sell the bubble car Sad
Now drive a 4WD or the Blue Machine (Commodore).
This year we are going on our ROADTRIP - packing up the 4WD with the kid and 2 dogs and heading to Nathalia! Should be good.

Anyone who knows me - fill me in if I have forgotten stuff - PLEASE

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Weekend Catchup

No photos.
  • Finished all of the Christmas shopping (except for Uncle Mark) therefore not all of it.

  • We got a new watering system to replace our "we don't water our garden" system. Groovy pop up sprinklers with a timer and a rain guage so that it won't water when its been raining. Jamie is very chuffed with himself about the whole thing.

  • Cooked a really healthy dinner last night, roast chicken, roast taties and some FRESH vegies, my tastebuds didn't quite understand what was going on as I have only cooked frozen veg for so long.

  • Scrubbed (on my hands and knees) the bathroom floor and am attempting to tidy the scrap room.

  • I have been commissioned to do a scrap book for a friend. Its a first for me. I've been given a stack of polaroids and need to CREATE something with it. She does not want journalling, just nice patterned paper and good structure (Hmmm I think I can do that)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Starting Again.

No I'm not starting a new blog....
I'm starting FLYLADY again. Hopeless, why do I get myself in this housework dilemma. My house becomes so chaotic and messy that the only result is more mess! I would like a cleaner, but wanting a baby comes into play a bit there as well.... better save for the future so I can have a decent amount of maternity leave, and do the cleaning myself. YUCK.
The entrance hall and lounge room are BEAUTIFUL (especiallly when Jamie comes home and fixes the computer corner of the lounge room - but I'm looking beyond that at the moment)

Oh another trend in the blogging world is asking - WHO READS THIS??
If you read my blog on a regular or semiregular basis can you please - pretty please - leave me a comment, I'd love to know who you are - or worse still who you aren't! What is no one reads it other than mum????

Saturday, December 09, 2006


I'm copying the Write Girl and showing you my shopping experience. Got Mark a couple of new tshirts, which suit his personality. I think they are very cool, the first one says "DON'T BLAME ME - blame my parents" and the second one is "DON'T GET CAUGHT". He feels quite spiffy in them, it was a good day even thought is was a pain in the a** for a lot of the time. He always wants "just one thing and then I'll be happy" I get the one thing, and then its one more thing and then another. Today I ended up saying to him, ok get absolutely anything you want in the shop, whatever will make you happy. He ended up realising what I was talking about and didn't ask for anything (another big TICK for reverse psychology) .
Jamie played cricket and lost :(
There was then supposed to be a big bash - sausages and beer - for all of the Tech College teams. Only Jamie's team and about 2 others turned up. A big fizzer.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I should be shot.

I have let myself down as a mother and as a scrapbooker.

Mark had a celebration day at school, lots of awards and songs and speeches.

I ask you - where was my camera? At home, on the coffee table. Can I take nice pics of the ceremony when its at home. :( Alas no photos of the big event - long and boring and it was only an hour long. Man it was boring, the music wouldn't play on time and it was much too loud so couldn't hear the littlies sing. The bigger kids have louder voices and their songs were quite good. I'll remember next year!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Havin' a ball.

I'm currently on Day Three of Kim Archer's Christmas Classes. Its a 5 day online class of ideas and nice "stuff".
She has got me sewing, which is just wrong. Make a gorgeous little felt book. Half made a layout. BUT my printer is only doing green tinged stuff at the moment, so I can't print out any photos to go along with it, which I'm a bit upset about.
Today is altering a chest of drawers. I know Mark will NEED one, I'm making one for myself for all of my vast amounts of jewellery- not!

Work is going really good.
Sleep is going very good.
Mark is behaving.
Jamie's wound is better.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Tree is up.

House is a bit neater.

Made my chocolate hedgehog.

Christmas parties are starting.

I love it.

A Day at the Races

The Newcastle Trotting Club put on a day for Firemen and Nurses.

I believe there might have been two firemen and about 90 nurses.

My ward had a table of 12 - we didn't win any money but had a lot of fun.

The photos is of the group of us with the winning horse from "our race" I'm stuck behind the girl in the yellow dress.

The other photo is me (in the black and white) with Karina (in the blue), Lauren (in the yellow) and Amy (in aqua). They are gorgeous girls that is for sure.


We had a big year last year. Very big. Very big indeed. (ok must stop channeling Richard Hargreaves, the man who writes the Mr Men books).
** The following is my own comment. This is Christy's own blog**
Jamie went on strike for better conditions at work. 35 blokes, the terrific AWU and a very stubborn Boeing. It took 10 months of life on the picket line, disruption no end, no pay (other than gratefully donated money and food), no time away, didn't even get home for Christmas. Earlier this year - February - we thought we had it won. The Federal Court ruled in our favour, the boys agreed to go back to work.... two days later the elation past and the decision was overturned. WE LOST. It was devestating. Only a month or two ago Boeing had the secret ballot that we were asking from DAY ONE about to ask all of its Australian workforce if they wanted a COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT or INDIVIDUALLY NEGOTIATED CONTRACTS. Surprisingly enough the Collective Agreement won with a 96% majority. So all of those workers who stayed inside, the scabs that came down from Amberley they actually agreed with us.

Anyway this all happened a long time ago, why am I bringing it up now. Yesterday was the National Day of Action. Mark and I joined with about 10,000 Novacastrians at Energy Australia Stadium to listen to the Sky Channel Broadcast from the MCG.
The catchcry of the day was 'YOUR RIGHTS AT WORK, WORTH FIGHTING FOR." Followed closely by 'YOUR RIGHTS AT WORK, WORTH VOTING FOR".

Something to think about people.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What I love...

I'm noticing this a lot on my blog trawl everyday. So I'm joining in.

  • Christmas. Love the idea, the colours, the feeling, the presents, seeing family, and the birthday of Jesus - all pretty cool.
  • "Mark stories" - the rambling ones that make no sense.
  • Jamie when he makes a joke and then laughs.
  • Reading trashy magazines.
  • Looking and touching scrapbook paper... mmmmm.
Oh that reminds me, I went to Jen's house for a Stampin' Up party. Everytime a lovely product was passed around the table there was a collective sigh, like a big chocolate cake had been bought out. Us papercrafters are a strange bunch, lust after paper, talk about products like they are food "a yummy new rubon". Its funny to listen to.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chuffed mum

Am I allowed to say,

I have a terribly attractive child

Don't you think?????

Sunday Catch up.

The most exciting part of today.... bunk bed!!! Not in the traditional sense, but a high bed with a desk underneath it. Mark is a VERY happy camper. We got it from our friends son Kyle, who was getting a "fancy" new bunk bed. We are cool with hand-me-downs that is for sure. Its a tubular white metal bed which goes with all of his other white stuff.


Yes we finally got our couches from Harvey Norman - which I would put a link in to, but suggest to people out there in blog land DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HARVEY NORMAN (or Hardly Normal as we'd like to call them). Who doesn't know this story. My apologies to those in my family and those I work with if you already know this one.

In June - our old green couches were looking old and tired, one day I stretched out and RIPPPPP my foot went through the fabric on the arm rest.... not only were they uncomfortable, but now they were torn.

In July - actually it was the 29th of July - first stop Hardly Normal, we sat on every couch in the place under $3000, and the lovely Da Vini couch in Licorice was the best, goodbye to the rest. We made a cusory visit to "Fantastic Furniture" but it was all very hard and just not us! So deposit was paid and the saleslady said somewhere between 2-6 weeks, but warehouse would be in touch.

August - my parents came to visit, sadly no couches - went to Hardly Normal to sit on them to show mum.

September - I wanted these babies for my birthday, called the warehouse, they are coming from Italy, and they need a full container load before they will be sent, maybe another 2 weeks. Connie and Paul's visit for my birthday came and went, sadly no couches.

October - every two weeks we called the warehouse, it will be another 2 weeks they said each time. Still no phone call from them saying "Our apologies but we are waiting for the delivery and we are sorry you have had to wait" But alas no.

November - Yes they will be here in a week. Jamie went to hospital so I was not home for the call to say they had arrived, no they dont' try again the next day or go to your alternative phone number, but shoot off a letter in the mail. NOVEMBER 19th is the day. And really after all that rant - we've got them now, the old ones are gone - given to a needy friend. But Iwon't shop there anymore and I will advise others not to.

Mark took the one of the three seater - that is his toy "Fluffy" in the middle.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lost entry.

Don't know where it went. I'm certain that I made a new post, but oh well. Its gone.
Tonight I'm a bit stuffed, after telling my mum that I think I'm cured with my restless legs - its back with avengence. Very disappointed. I'm certain its stress related, didn't enjoy my role at work today, felt out of my depth and there was too much pressure to please too many sides. Jamie was in a foul mood with me, had his friend Paul & his youngin' over to play "speakers" together, I don't get the need for speakers and an amplifier. To me our telly is just great, we have a large plasma with a digi set top box, the sound is good, always too loud for me, and he seems to need the biggest, greatest and of course the most expensive one. Luckily we cant' afford it at the moment.
Ok to channel an online friend... think of the positives.
Best part of today - playing in the park with Mark, although he's not little anymore and isn't interested in play equipment, it was great to walk around the park with him, he ran, played the hoodlum and tried to climb a tree. IT was so refreshing.
Worst - the feeling at work, I'm not happy not liking someone, but the feeling gets worse everyday. Anyone have any ideas on how to change your thinking about a really annoying person.
Funniest - More of a "what the??" thing than funny, some stores people came up and told me there was no way they could put away my wards stores as there was too much stuff in the storeroom (what exactly is there job?) so I went in, shifted a couple of things and got everything put away. Did it all in 10 minutes! made me laugh.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I've been spammed.

I thought someone loved me.... there were three replies to my mega long question and answer post.
But it was SPAM. I'm so disappointed.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Big Catch Up

Oops luckily I'm not doing that blog entry a day thing for real.
  • Tuesday night got ourselves all organised for Mark's School Twilight Picnic Dance Concert. Took a picnic dinner, had a chair, due to inclement weather the whole thing is postponed until next Tuesday. So I shall repack the picnic, repack the chairs, Mark is still praciticing away with his dance moves. Jamie should be able to come this time, his cricket match isn't until 8.15 on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday was the start of my therapy. It was really good - Jane was really easy to talk to. She gave me some breathing exercises for when I feel panic coming over me, and so far its worked.
  • I had a lovely walk through Lambton Park. It was gorgeous - huge Jacaranda trees with the flowers all over the ground, beautiful parkland and a cute little playground for when I have #2
  • Work on Wednesday arvo was very nice, I was working with Rebecca (another one I had never met before) and Robynne... so all went smoothly. Everyone was most concerned that I hadn't been at work for a week. Even some of the rellies noticed I had been missing. NOw that one means two things - they've been in hospital FAR too long or I'm very memorable.
  • Thursday am I did some gardening, the front garden bed is now weeded and put some nice top soil on it, I'm going to plant some annuals for a dash of colour. Jamie an Mark are going to mow the lawn today.
  • Late shift again, all is good again. Then there was no one to do overnight - so I stayed and did the night shift as well.
  • All went well, didn't have a "nap" overnight as my dad would say. Got home and J&M were still there, so no nap. Jamie couldn't find a cd he was after so no nap. Next episode of Prison Break to watch - no nap. Attempted a nap and got about one hour. Cleaned up, did some washing, made tea our first BBQ of the season. It was YUMMY
  • Went to bed at 8pm up at 7.15 (thanks Marko) so feel very rested today.
  • Got to pack up some scrapping stuff today - my big SHEENA letters which I shall post a photo of a bit later, a mini album for mum, a mini album for dad and an album to share cos I'm going home to see my parents for the day. Leaving here at 6pm tonight and coming home on the 5.45 flight to Sydney then have to catch the train home!!! :(
Talk to you when I get back - or maybe before.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Grey's Anatomy.

There is something about this show. Makes me cry, makes me laugh, freaks me out.
We *acquired* the next episode the first of series 3.... the one from just after Denny dying... oh its broken my heart. Whoever writes this stuff needs the Emmy - pure gold.

My gripe from LOST. All the way through none of the survivors bothered telling each other stuff. Whenever Jack went for one of his adventures he never told anyone why, when Loc asked someone for help he never explained why. Poor Jamie gets an earful every time we watch it - why don't these people communicate?????

New Laylout to share.

I've completely fallen in love with this layout. ITs a total scraplift of a Melissa Nunn layout from an old Scrapbook Creations magazine. But I did change the title and used my imagination.
Very proud of this one.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I'll try and put something in every day. Missed the 2nd of Nov, but I didn't know about it then.
I'm still super sick - up vomiting all night (again) so back to the doc this arvo. I was even too sick to take little Marky to school, so he's home helping me at home.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Boys are coming home.

Yes that is correct, they only left yesterday, and they are now on their way home.
Supposedly the party was good - Drew & Kelly's son Taylor was not there, he had a weekend with his dad, which was a shame for Mark, but he enjoyed himself anyway.

As for me, my new medication is settling down, sleeping very poorly (could have been taht I was on my own), stomach is a little upset, legs are pretty good. My body still feels like its been hit by a truch, but Dr Clarke insists that I'm not allergic - better damn well not be, and that's all I'll say about that.

I wanted to re-arrange Mark's room when he was gone, but the weight of the bed is a bit much for me. So instead I think I'll go to the scrap room and TIDY UP. Here is a before shot!
Later in the day I'll put up my after shot, just to prove I can do it.

Oh once again, mental note to self - return library books.

Something I'll recommend to the Aussies out there, go and buy a pack of Uncle Toby's Plus Museli Flakes not only are they delicious (especially with yogurt and not milk) but they have a promotion at the moment with the BigPond DVD store. You get 20 free DVDs for hire over a 2 months period, they come with a reply paid envelope so when you have finished just pop it in the post!!!!!!!!!!! At the moment we have CARS, OVER THE HEDGE and CURIOUS GEORGE. We've got on the list Little Brittan, Pimp my Ride and some other movies that I can't remember. Its pretty good value, havent't found the catch other than I will want it to continue (duh Christy that is the catch!!)

Saturday, November 04, 2006


...and I saw it on someone else's blog and decided to steal it.


TV show: Grey's Anatomy or Lost or Prison Break or the CSIs
Flower: yellow rose
Alcohol: Sass pink champage (where can I get some!!)
Movie: Love Actually
Color: pink -all shades
Sport: No thanks I'm allergic
Phrase: Yes of course I'd like some chocolate.
Mall: Shoppingtown Doncaster - I wanna go home
Music: still after all these years - Bon Jovi
Food: Anything sweet


Height: 165 ish
Hair color: brown with some interesting NATURAL highlights
Hair length: chin length - currently not cutting it!!
Hair style: whatever it feels like doing, I have NO control
Eye color: green
Shoe size: 7
Personality: Quiet, lazy, loving and talkative (to those I know)


How's life? We're not quite where we want to be, but we're comfortable.
What's your mood right now? bored and wanting to scrap
What are you doing right now as we speak? wasting time
What are you doing over the weekend? Off work sick, home alone :(
What do you want to do with your life? Be loved and to love. (ie wife and mother)
Where are you right now? Jamie's computer room

Have you ever been in love? Hell YES
Do you believe in love? same answer as above
Have you ever had your heart broken? Yes, but its fixed now
Have you ever broken someone's heart? Unfortunately not.
Have you ever fallen for your best friend? No
Are you planning on getting married? Yes, can you all speak to Jamie!!!
Are you afraid of commitment? Not at all (I think this part is for the singles of the world out there)


One thing sitting next to you: Computer parts, more computer parts and a bottle of vinegar (don't ask me why the vinegar is there)
Do you like the color purple? Its good for scrapping not for wearing unless you are a goth.
How many cds do you own? Not as many as most - we have about 150
What is your most prized possession? I love my digi camera, will have to save up for a bigger megapixel one in the future and do a class
Who's your closest relative? Mum
If you could go anywhere? Italy - its becoming an obsession


Pepsi or coke? Coke Zero
CD or Radio? 1233 ABC Newcastle
Tommy Boy or Black Sheep? I do not understand this question, must be american
Saturday or Sunday? Saturday
Phone or in person? in person

Have you ever been caught sneaking out? Never snuck out. Did get caught the one time I wagged school by my then neighbours then boyfriend - he just laughed.
Have you ever skinny dipped? Northland NZ beach in winter - kind of stupid actually
Have you ever done something you regret? Hindsight means things were pretty stupid but don't regret them - wouldn't have Mark if I wasn't stupid.
Have you ever bungee jumped? Yes twice it was marvellous
Have you ever been on a house boat? I don't know - not recently anyway
Have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker? I don't think I have ever had a jawbreaker
Have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurt? Yes - I wanted Mark OUT.


Are you missing someone right now? Yes - Jamie and Mark are having a boys weekend away
Are you in love with anyone? Yep - Jamie (again, are we seeing a trend here people)
Are you happy? Mostly, wish I lived back in Melbourne, wish I had more kids, wish I didn't have RLS, but mostly happy
Are you talking to anyone right now? just myself
Are you thirsty? yes, anyone got any Coke Zero????
Are you bored? not as much as I was when this whole thing started
Are you German? Born in Germany but not german.
Are you Irish? No, but Uncle Mark is, does that count.
Are your parents still married? Yes they are closing the gap on 35 years soon!!!
Are you crushing on someone? Yes - J still makes my heart race, but he annoys the crap out of me also.

Travelling to Wagga Wagga.

Its now 2pm.. just called my men, they have just passed the turn off to Canberra Another hour or two to go. Jamie sounds a bit annoyed - he's never gone so far on the bike before. I can't talk to Mark, but Jamie said he is ok. This is the photo I took of them just before they left. Those reflective panels sure work well. Can't find the red eye tool in my version of photo shop - sorry Marko. Also there is Mark all decked out in his helmet and back pack. Hopefully they will stay at a place with a pool, so that they can stretch out and relax before heading off ot the party. I know they have eaten a KitKat each - probably stopped at Maccas for lunch, party for tea. A real boys weekend for them.

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Layout to Share

Here is a scrapbook page about my adorable neice Sheena. I'm so enjoying using pink on my pages that it is hard to go back to masculine pages... hint hint Jo, I need more high resolution photos of the girl.
This was a technically difficult LO to do. First of all the title (HOSPITAL) is handcut out of vellum. My first attempt had the letters machine stitched on - but it looked disgusting, so I unpicked it (Mum remember that night when I told you I was unpicking a LO - you thought I was mad). The mounting is on pink cardstock and inked and folded so that I could put some hidden journalling under the photo. The scan of course does not do it justice.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I love...

This is him just after work. Changed into his civvies and snoozing on the couch.

Jamie starts work at 6am and last weekend he did 1 1/2 days of overtime all starting at 6am. Poor little guy is all tuckered out. He seems to be having a snooze most days now, but that is good, its what he needs.

I love you Jamie xxxx


Well I didn't think I was evil... I'm just NICE.
I did a daggy quiz and I'm 38% evil.
Check your evilness here.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


An email from my mother!

> To my beautiful daughter with love> > Mum> >
Well now that is interesting.When I first saw it, I said to myself, hmmm need to do something about those eyebrows!!! Ooops. Did you watch Enough Rope last night, I think Billy Crystal and Andrew Denton have both had botox - foreheads that don't move - its very freaky? There are two women that I know of at work who have had it. Plucking, dieting, magazines that say a star is too fat, followed the next week that they are too thin. Mixed messages and a story to celebrate the fact that Paulini has gone down three dress sizes and to start off I bet she was thinner than me. Its very frustrating to be a modern person. I want to be thinner only cos its unhealthy not because I want to be a size 0.
Stepping off of my pedestal now.

I've noticed that whenever I tell a man that I'm a nurse, there is a glazed look in their eye about the "uniform". Jamie took this amazing "boob shot" of me in my uniform on Sunday and now I know why men get excited about nurses uniforms.... so to all the men out there - enjoy.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Yesterday was Sunday.
9.30am Mark calls out that there is a boy at the front door and he can't possibly answer it cos he's in his red patterned PJs. Its the 6yo boy for down the street, Nathan. They go off for a bike ride around our street which is a circle and pretty safe. its so hard to get into that cars other than those living here don't come. But I'll save that one for another post.
They played together on and off all morning, riding bikes, playing cars etc.
12.30 I told Nathan it was time for lunch and to go home, we were taking our dogs for a walk.
5 minutes later he returns saying his dad said he had to stay here, as mum was out!!!!!!!!!! I have not met Nathan's parents and they haven't met me (duh). How do they know we are safe? Anyway he came on our walk. The boys stayed inside for a bit played airport, Jamie was working on the car. I went to work.
Spoke to Jamie on the phone about 6.30pm and he said that he told Nathan to go home at 5pm. Again 5 minutes later he returned, but had a jumper on !!!!
His parents arrived at 5.30 and got him. NOT a word to Jamie to say thanks for feeding/watering/ entertaining his kid ALL DAY. Not a single word. Next weekend, especially if he turns up on our doorstep again, I'll be marching down and demanding to be introduced to those people.
Mark assures me nothing weird is going on, no one has hurt/touched (is being touched playing tips ok?) or done anything like that to him. Phew.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday morning.

Had to great sleepins the last two days. Full of dreams - does not equate to restful sleep but its sleep none the less. I think another side effect is dreams, Doc said they should settle down when my body gets used to the drug.
****Last night I was in Alice Springs at a camp. Had to park my car in the hotel room. Everynight at about 4pm four people from the group had to go to another part of the camp about one hour away and make the dinner. There was a big performance about what we were cooking, but no coordination about who was going. So at 4.30 I realised that no one had left yet, so took off down the road at 110km/hr. Can't tell you much about the other camp. ****
Jamie rolled over then! Otherwise known as I woke up. Wasn't that exciting? Not very exciting, but still had all the drama of driving my car, stress of being late. Stupid dream, especially stupid when its in print.
My other side effect is almost constant dizziness. Even when lying down, its bizarre.
Hopefully this morning we might go look at some kitchen designs or take the dogs for a walk. Not sure as yet.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Whoops... almost two weeks.

So what's been happening.

  • Did the Gastro Conference in Adelaide. That was interesting. Learned quite a bit but not nearly as much as I would have liked. Learned lots to do with Hepatitis C and have seriously decided not to get it.
  • Drove in and out of Sydney with the car majorly overheating, but it made it. Our wonderful Commodore is such a "work in progress". Not finished polishing yet, cruise control doesn't yet work, not all of the power windows work, both front seatbelt snaps fall to the ground and the spoiler isnt on yet. But its fully painted, drives, stops, airconditioner works and has two power windows.
  • Went back to work, got caught up in Motility again. It really doesn't pay to close a clinic.
  • Legs have been playing up a treat - looked at a forum called WeMove (Worldwide Education and Awareness of Movement Disorders) and it looks like I may have an augmentation of my RLS - possibly due to my meds. So back to the doctor I shall trot. the lack of sleep is killing me. I was talking to mum the other day and told her its lucky I have Mark and Jamie who need me, cause ending it seems like a good idea (no need to call the mental health team, I won't do anything, but could understand why people do it - when there is no cure for something so debilitating.. what is the point??) But in saying that, the last two nights I have had a good nights sleep and a daytime nap. Time to seriously consider reducing my hours at work, I don't think I am physically able to keep up with full time.
  • Appeared in an ad today for Aaron Beasley, the Labor candidate for Port Stevens. I was there as a token nurse and jamie was a former colleage telling the electorate that Aaron is a "real person" and not just a pollie. It was SO embarassing, trying to get my very short line out in a fresh and serious way "Aaron Beasely is working to get more doctors and nurses into our local hospitals" I don't even live in Port Stevens. Oh well.
  • Marky is home and started back at school. he doesn't particularly like it and he's being very cheeky - in a "you shut up mum" followed by "that wasn't rude, I was being funny" getting a bit sick of it actually. Need to settle him down, will remind him about being rude and then let him know that if he is rude he'll be on a tv or xbox ban!!!

Sorry about the long post. Had a bit to get off my chest.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday Morning.

Been a lazy couple of days.
  • Watched some DVDs including Flying High - Jamie hadn't seen it - he laughed quite a bit.
  • Snoozed between phone calls.... freaky Saturday arvo, Rod, Dave, Connie, Jamie and Jo all called about 15 minutes apart - so much for my beauty sleep.
  • Got a new cable for the intercom on the motorbike, all the way down in sunny, beautiful Swansea.
  • Up the Tanilba Bay to deliver some fishing stuff.
  • Good chat on the radio at 4am about Kath & Kim and Seachange, so had to stay awake listening to that.
  • Jamie has gone fishing this morning out to Broughton Island (maybe).
  • After I finish here, I'm gonna go and scrap. Finish off the layout about Sheena in hospital which has taken about 3 goes so far. I'm happy with it, but want to put on some hidden journalling, and have just got an idea - its not that photo, but one of her crying that I'm using for the page. Even though she's crying she is still adorable - just don't ask the same question of Jocelyn.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Desperately need a class in Photoshop.

This is another pic of me I took when I was playing around. More wrinkles this time (should use moisturiser everyday Christy!!). Then I wanted to play around is photoshop. First pic is using greyscale. Then torn. Pretty cool huh?

Scrappin' good time.

Some new scrap pages for the For Keeps Everyday Moments Competition. The first one is called {@ Home}. Its inspired by Cheryl Radloff uses Sassafrass Lass Papers and has heaps of STUFF on it. The second one is called WIRES and is pretty self explanatory - we have lots of cords is our house, anyone whose been here has seen that BLUE CABLE drives me nuts cos I trip over it all the time.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Me - Today

This is a photo I took of myself today! Took a few goes but I'm pretty happy with the results. No double chin!! Eyes are open. Hair is a bit crazy but what can you do! Christy at 33 years of age.... but I only look 25!


I forgot to give it up. Had some extra Coke Zero at home, so I'm gonna drink all of them first, then I'm giving it up. Promise.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wasting some time.

Howdy family and friends....
Just waiting to go to work.
Tried to nap this morning, but then my dad rang.
Telstra came and fixed our internet - I wasn't aware that we had a problem. But now we don't so that is good.
Watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and now am totally of the opinion that Jamie needs some gay styling.
Got to go to work.

Hugs and kisses to young Sheena the sweet little chicken who does not deserve these horrible health aliments that she has. My amazing sister and amazing mother are doing a fantastic job caring for the delightful little girl. I wish I could give her a huge hug and kiss.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Restless Legs.

Those dumb legs of mine are still playing up so badly that I'm becoming quite unstable.
Didn't get to sleep until 3am last night.
Up at 6am for work... very very very tired.
Extra meds tonight, hopefully it will help me sleep.
On arvo shift tomorrow with the wonderful Kathryn - it certainly makes work much more pleasant.
No more complaining....

Tomorrow I'm giving up caffeine - now that should be interesting as I'm totally addicted to Coke Zero. Hmmmm..... how will I give up caffeine, but should help with the leg issues that I have.

Having some fun.

Jamie and I are having a great time as just a couple!

Jamie is laughing more this week than he has for ages. He is so happy with himself - he made a set of rudder pedals for the flight simulator game on the computer he plays. They are big and clunky but he's so impressed with himself.

Went to indoor cricket tonight - the team LOST big time.
I had a good read of my book - "Three Bedrooms in Chelsea" by Liz Ireland. Strange book, not nearly as much sex as I was expecting. But actually quite funny.
Home in time for CSI and The Closer.

School holidays.

I'm missing my little guy. He flew down to Victoria on Saturday for the school holidays. He is having a marvellous time down at the farm with grandparents. He's helping with the cows, off to Shepparton with Frank to sell some calves. He's a real farm boy. The house is so weird without him. Its a necessary evil in our house, being so far away from family and both working full time. Its the only way the grandies get to see the man.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Catch up.

Hello to those in blog land.

Its been a week since my last post. Holidays are over, not that they were much of a holiday, but it was time away from work. A much needed catch up on sleep.
Friday night was my first foray into scrapbook teaching. I must admit - I suck at it. But I'll learn. My beginners class was choosing complimentary colours, matting the photo, inking edges and putting a monogram letter and a tag with journalling. Tracey - from OOSH - did a great LO about her son David when he was a kid, I should have taken a pic of it to put on here, but I forgot. She was very tired, its the end of a VERY long term, but she did great and listened to all of my advice. Also at the class were my friend Bec and her friend Alanah. Bec did a page along the same lines, but used her own paper - sensible!!! And Alannah just looked at the paper and bought some stuff.
Girls from work will come next time.

On Sunday I went to a crop with the girls from Scrapneeds. It was at a club and very nice, they were very welcoming. I felt like a total amateur though, these are very professional scrappers, but I won't get disheartened. There is a lot of bitchiness going on in the scrap world at the moment, people competing to be the best, the most famous, the best teachers, to make a living out of it... but in reality, it is a creative escape from the everyday and in the words of Kath Day-Knight "we are just tizzying up some photos". So I'm not gonna stress that my pages are basic. I really like them, they suit my purposes, and I'm happy.

Monday and Tuesday were back in "Motility Land" all went really well, still a damned good NG placer!! Some interesting conditions, and no one puked on me!!! That makes for a good day.

Mark resigned from guitar lessons on Monday - he didn't have passion for it. Fair enough, I got sick of asking him to practice, if he had the passion he'd be playing it all the time. He'd be a good player if he tried.

We started "Little Atheletics" on Monday night also!!! It was really good for Marko. Very very disorganised at this stage in the game - Christy - a first time parent with a boy who isn't actually registered yet was helping out with the high jump, keeping 7 little boys in line. These are the under 9 boys! Now for my freak out. There were 7 boys, and three parents. Where were the parents of the other 4 boys? I think they were with their daughters, but little boys need protection in this day and age as well. I couldn't believe it they were left to their own defences. And there was NO tuition on how to perform the events. We had high jump - the boys just had to jump, no one to explain the correct way to do it, what is considered a foul, to go off the back of the mat, jump off one leg. THEN we had discus. Mark had never even seen a discus before, and he had to throw it, he asked "is this a frisbee??" Oh dear, but he did throw it 10.2m and we was VERY impressed.

Legs are playing up a treat at the moment, have another appointment with Dr Ambrogetti next week, and hopefully will get them sorted out.
I ahve to go and scrap now. Get ready for arvo shift at work (working with Amy!!) Tidied the scrap room. Kitchen is still good. Marko is at a picnic today. He wants me to come, but I'm not gonna, I know I'm a bad mother - but I just can't face it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Only 3 more days to go on my holiday.

Yesterday I had a course on Advanced Care Planning, it was really interesting, and could be something I'd be interested in taking up. It was started by the Austin Hospital, to empower people to have discussions with their families about end of life issues. Suggesting to people to look at what is important to them and how would you feel about your life if that was taken away from you.
My favourite things would be:
Family - being near those I love
Reading / watching tv - ie being able to see
Talking to family and friends - ie speech!!!
Looking after myself independently - able to toilet, wash, walk on my own.
Scrapbooking - creative outlet, forcing you to think positively about life (it does - believe me)

Give one up!!! without thinking....
Think a little bit more and then give up another
Pass one onto another person, so that they are responsible for that area in your life.
And it went on, luckily ours were hypotheticals, but it happens everyday in hospital. We force people to give up their independence, their homes, the sense of self, enjoyment, arbitaririly take away the pleasure of eating... it was all serious food for thought (yes there was a pun intended there).

So if anyone out there is actually reading this, take some time to talk to your family about what is important to you. Is there any treatments you don't want - say if you have end stage dementia, do you want them to give you antibiotics to keep you alive if you get pneumonia?? Are you in a coma with brain damage, what do you want done? Do you want palliation (symptom and pain management) or do you want the whole kit and caboodle? (surgery, ICU, intubation, CPR)?? There is no right or wrong answer here, it is a deeply personal decision. Pick a person, let them know that you want them to make surrogate decisions for you if you are unable to talk for yourself! Ok lecture over.

Today I'm meant to be scrapping, but my mojo isn't there. I need to make some samples for my class tomorrow, don't know how many are coming. I want it to be a success, I've never taught before, but they are all friendly and want to learn a new skill. Ok, all is good.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mental note to self.

Must return library books!!!

Holiday and Birthdays

Aren't they wonderful things????

It was my 33rd birthday on Sunday. I can't believe I'm that old. I look pretty good for that, and certainly don't act my age, so its ok to be 33!!! Loving the idea of double numbers too.
To be perfectly honest, had a shit birthday. M&D gave me their pressie when they were up in August - some lovely towels and the most GORGEOUS card. Jamie didn't get me anything (not even a card), Mark make a card. Connie and Paul graced us with their presence -which is FANTASTIC and gave me a beautiful framed photo of Jamie at their wedding - he looks handsome, and a lovely card.
I wanted to go to the Stroud Rodeo, but it was held on the 16th of September and we went on the 17th, how stupid. Went for a drive in the country instead, which was pleasant, but Jamie was in a shit for some reason - he's been MEGA grumpy the last few days, maybe it was bourbon night with Paul and it didn't agree with him.

Monday Connie and I had a Scraptactular day.
  1. We first went to visit our new couches - yes Harvey Norman still have them on sale, but not in stock as yet. We sat on them for about half an hour, 3 sales people asked if we were ok, "Yes I have already bought this one and enjoy sitting on it thankyou!!"
  2. Merewether Beach for a Skinny Latte, very nice! Liked watching the boys on their surfboards (no that wasn't Jamie and Paul, but SURFERS)
  3. Scrapbook MegaStore for my birthday pressie. Got myself a Xyron sticker machine, some paints, some 12x12 flip books to exhibit my papers, a circle punch, a little tin for Mrs Dabboussy's Christmas present (will start that tomorrow) and some GORGEOUS paper with 8 written all over it - might just do a layout about Mark!!!
  4. The Warehouse where we bought some canvasses - 2 each and a paint pallette and some brushes.

Home for lunch and then we attempted the canvas. It took us both over 3 hours. More stressful than a normal layout, cos you know its gonna be on the wall. I used our family photo, did the background in light blue - hated it and changed it to dark blue - put some really bright Chatterbox striped paper and cut out a big monogram of "F" family and then strung a ribbon across with chipboard hanging off it with our initials. NOt my best, but not my worst.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A long day!!!

Howdy blogging folk...

I did a double shift today, not quite a killer, but still a bloody long day!
Now my dear Jamie is snoozing on the couch, Marky snoozing in bed, me wanting to snooze in bed, but I'm writing on my blog

Legs are playing up a treat tonight! F***ing jumpy legs, I want to get my medication under control, nothing seems to work. Barely sleeping these days, my legs screaming out at me all day every day. Almost overdosing each day on very addictive medications. I think I need to go back to Dr Ambrogetti and figure something else out. Its all stuffed. My GP wants me on Parkinson's meds, but latest research does not agree with this. I think I'll go back to the specialist.
ARRRGGGGHHHHH.... I'm over it.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Every Day Moments for September

Wow I'm done for September and its only the 9th. I'm very impressed with myself. Did two pages about Marko and one about Sheena. I dont' really like the banana one, but hey its done so what can I do about that. And tada here they are!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Today started off awful........... actually it was last night that started off awful.

When Jamie finally came home from work at about 7.45pm (he'd been at Rocket's working on the money hole - ooops I mean boat) he decided he was sick, sneezing and sneezing and all stuffy. I believe he gets this way from lack of sleep. He hasn't yet changed his habits of going to bed at 11-11.30pm and then the alarm for work goes off at 4.40am!!! Not enough sleep. Gets on a motorbike after rushing a shower (ie hot to cold) and zooms off to work at the legal speed (yeah right!!). This means he has regular colds, its not helped by hayfever and as the weather changed from HOT back to winter in a matter of minutes, well it doesn't help Jamie's health. He doesn't believe me, and he won't see a doctor, he just wants more drugs and more heat.

11pm last night a mighty storm came up. The sky was lit up like a Christmas tree. Beautiful storm, and then the heavens opened and rain just didn't fall it was driven down, still hasn't stopped yet.

11.30pm - Marky wakes up screaming and holding onto his ear!! Oh no not again, not another ear infection. He has been very prone to them his whole life, not a constant thing but a regular thing. The problem is now that he self heals - his ear drum perforates, similar to when a surgeon puts in grommets, but if it happens too often there is a risk of scar tissue forming a thick barrier and hearing loss, not really sure how to prevent this from happening. I believe I keep him in good health? His eustacian tubes just must be narrowed. (I'm also likening this to an episiotomy, either you naturally tear, or the obs cuts.. the same result - one is natural perforation the other is man made grommets.
Luckily Mark can now swallow tablets - makes him feel very grown up - so I have him one Panadol and then after he settled down he fell asleep.

Expected both boys to stay home, called up Jamie's work at 6am to tell them he wasn't coming in - the line was shocking due to our VOIP phone, but I think his boss got the gist of what I was saying. Expected Mark to stay home too, but then all of a sudden he wanted to go to school, his ear felt ok - its usually worse at night - so he went off to school.

Then I went to the library, I have reread the same "MILLS AND BOON" book 3 times now and I don't normally read that style of book so I was in desperate need of some new reading material. Paid the $36 fine from my previous borrowing at the library. New books are due back on the 5th October, please everyone email me to remind me to RETURN MY BOOKS.

Ran through the pouring rain and still 5 hours later the bottom of my pants are still damp!!!

Jamie got his delivery of some computer bits - 2 hard drives and some printer ink.

Where is my delievery????? I am expecting my first Scrapanalia order to arrive.
Then at 10.30am a knock on the door and a very wet, very soggy Australia Post lady presents me with a BIG BOX of goodies. I was so excited. Poor Jamie sat with me as I went through it all saying "Ahhh isn't it lovely?" He was dutifully answering "Yes its just lovely" at the appropriate times. So what started about as a yuck day, turned just great.

Must go and collect the kid from school, then go to Spotlight to buy some material for a WORM costume for Book Week. He wants to go as a purple worm!!!! Any ideas on how to sew a Worm costume????

Here are closer versions of that layout. The jeans that I talked about before.

Celebrate You

This is the finished product from the class I did with Kim Archer yesterday. Its completely Kim, except there is no pink!!! The sample one from the class was full of pink though. Its really got my mojo happening. Spent about an hour with Mark last night making - of all things - cards (Mum you can tell Liz I can do cardmaking!!!) Then I mojoed along and did an inspired by one of the layouts in a magazine of "Warm Hot Chocolate" when mum was up last the three of us went out for afternoon tea - had some Devonshire Tea and Marko had a warm hot chocolate with LOTS of marshmallows. It was very yummy. Will publish that one next. But this one is the CELEBRATE YOU one, and yes that is a piece of Mark's jeans to stamp the YOU onto... he doesn't know yet, but he doesn't wear those jeans, am I a bad mother???? No I can't be, its for art.


To compete with my sister Jocelyn, I wanted to add this bit of detail about our swimming on Saturday morning. A gorgeous day in Newie, here is my little boy in and coming out of the water. Isn't he lovely? I know he's eight, but by jingo, he's a handsome boy!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Mark is going to the surgeon today. He is quite nervous as you would expect.
He is also missing out on an excursion to Woolworths and the Commonwealth Bank - they are doing a series at school on "Wants and Needs". It somehow fits in.
I wish I knew how to print my photos for the class today. I want to be able to do this without any problems, but the printer is out of ink (and of course we don't have any spare), the camera only works with Windows and this is in the Linux side and I don't know how to change it over. ITS SO ANNOYING.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Motility Land

I had a crappy day at work today. Started off with a message from my boss on the work answering machine at 8.15am saying can you call me when you get back - making a not to subtle hint that I should be at work, I thought I started at 8.30am... I have been told that I now work 8-4.30.. blah blah. She wants a "shake up" with my little clinic, I agree, but don't actually have much power, cos knowledge is power, and I don't have enough knowledge yet. But I was making phone calls all over Australia to find a supplier of the Digitrappers. Very annoying and it made me feel like a naughty kid and not a grown adult!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow is an online class with Kim that I am very excited about. I have 7 photos of Mark to do a page called "Celebrate You" It should be lovely, Kim is the artist I have copied the most. I think she is marvellous

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Today I'm nervous. Feeling a little sick. I bought a scrapbooking franchise last week, and now I have to organise classes, advertising, people to buy stuff. Freaking me out a little bit. I'm a nurse, I'm not a business woman. But I will learn to be a business woman. My stuff is here. So meet me there and buy something from me... if you want to. that is.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday morning musings.

Hi everyone.

Today so far has been pretty uninspiring. Did the grocery shopping, got Mark some more school clothes (8 year old boys destroy their clothes), and had some photos developed.

I'm pretty happy with the photos, just need to scrap now. But before I can scrap, I need to organise the house. We have a 'guest' at the moment, but on Wednesday night Mum & Dad are coming and Dad's mate Bruce. So Mark is moving into the scrap room. Dave should be leaving otherwise he is probably moving to another room. So we will be super full. I'm on arvo shift all week AGAIN. Hopefully Kathryn will be doing overtime today so I can have a friend :(

Man I sound miserable, but i'm not. Gotta get taht scrap room organised, see you later!!!!

Christy xxx

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I was just updating the profile..... what industry do you work in? For the life of me I cannot find health or medical or nursing or caring for people or whatever the hell you want to call it. Go figure. Its one of the biggest employers in the world, every village or group of people need some form of health service or at least want it.... why is it not on the list??????????????
Hello Microsoft people you are just plain weird, no wonder we choose to use Linux!!!!

Actually today.


I'm out here in a new blog land, shifted all my entries from the old one over here. I don't actually post very much, but when I do, gee I'm an interesting person.

All this so I can post comments on my baby sister's blog.

Well I'm about to go to work - for another afternoon shift, I only have 4 this week and one morning shift. This system has got to change.

Dave Palmer is visiting at the moment, working on Telstra stuff (boohiss), its not nearly as bad as I thought it could have been. Marky is pretty happy, he is into running around at the moment. Parents are coming up next week (YIPPPEEEEE)

Got a few family photos today, they are very nice, will upload when I get some time.

The boys have gone out the the "4WD Beach" to normal people it is called "Stockton Beach" its the place where you take all visitors from interstate, so if anyone wants to visit us, keep in mind you will have to go to Stocko at some point.

Scrapping update

I've been scrapping up a storm recently. Not very happy with what I'm doing, but they are nice anyway. I'm entering the Every Day Moments (EDM) contest by For Keeps Magazine. It is making 24 LOs over 8 months.

The first month was Families. I did an old LO with a photo of my family when I was about 9 or 10 years old... horrible photo but a nice LO using Basic Grey stuff.
Thinking about #2 - this was a photoless LO inspired by the "Designing With" Calendar.

A new family - my sister, her husband and their daughter Sheena.

All of these can be seen on

The next month is about SNAPSHOTS....
I finally used the photo I took on this day back last year of Mark riding his bike.
Play All Day is the title using heaps of BG products and HS fuzzy rubons, my new favourite product.

Umm what else.... a Sheena shot, a close up of her looking extremely cute. Lots of pinks which I love to use.

Havent' done #3 for this month yet.

DId a cool page last night of Mark building and a total scraplift from the latest For Keeps Magazine titled "He doesn't send me flowers... but he..." and then you add your own things of what "my darling Jamie" actually does for me, when I'm grumpy with him, it can be hard to think of those things.... but today I'll try and remember.

On the home front.

Doing nothing at home...
Best do some housework, those "edges" really need a vacuum.
We went for a "superlong" walk yesterday, from our house to Jesmond and back... and when you are not used to walking, it was horrible. The dogs enjoyed themselves.
Soccer was cancelled due to rain. And its raining again. Can't hang my washing out.
Jamie and I had another fight this morning, getting a bit sick of that. When will our relationship mojo come back. I blame him, he blames me... this makes me think... its the both of us. Something we will have to work on - yuck.

I'm Excited

I got word today from my work that I have been funded to attend the "AGW" Australian Gastro Week. I know that sounds quite gross actually, but its a big honor, means my ward is putting some faith in me.
The hosptial (John Hunter) has paid for my post graduate course.
Now I'm going to AGW, which is often just a doctor thing, or Endoscopy specific. So to be a ward nurse and be fully paid to go is well really good. I feel just a bit guilty that I rang in sick for tonight, but then I would not have known about it.

Feeling like crap - again.

Hi all,

Once again,I'm feeling like crap, that is what night shift will do to you. Oh well... only two to go and then my little Marky comes home. I'm quite excited about that actually. Supposedly he has been very good, that is not my boy, he's a crazy nut!!! Maybe he's growing up.

Anyway, I love you Mark, miss you heaps and heaps.

Happy Birthday Jocelyn

Its my little sister's birthday today. I can't believe that she is 31 years old. They are having a nice little family holiday in a costal town... with a folk festival.. maybe Airey's Inlet.... I don'[t think that is it. I did finish module 1 of my course today, quite excited about that. The super boring one is out of the way. Now I get to learn about diseases... much more interesting.I remember its APOLLO BAY... I knew it would come to me.

Happy holiday and birthdays to Mark, Jo and Sheena (it is Sheena's 3 and a half month birthday - does that count??)

Doctor went very interesting, I can't have my lobotomy for my restless leg syndome, its in the same part of my brain that controls breathing, I think I still want to breathe at the moment. So a "sleep disorder clinic" is in order for me. How interesting. How do you sleep when you know you are being watched/filmed/electroded and unmedicated????????? As for my lumps, well he didn't really care about that. Got to see him next time I have an outbreak.

A big mad....

As you can see by what is happening below, I have not completely NUTSO with my uploading of scrap pages. That comes from FINALLY being taught how to do it. A bit too much time on my hands and not wanting to do my homework. Should have been finishing off module #1 of my Gastro course, but well, I'll do that tomorrow.

The other thing that will happen tomorrow, is I have to go to the doctor - a specialist - about my damned legs. Should cost us an absolute fortune, but I'm trying not to focus on that, I need to get better, and remain better. Speaking of better, I've got a cold, sore throat and pain in my chest, sort of like my lungs are cold - know what I mean??? Should get our new home gym tomorrow - could be trouble - and we're starting our diet tomorrow, Jamie's not too happy, but hey that's fun, I love torturing him. I asked him tonight if he'd eat cauliflower (no, I'd throw up), broccoli (no, I'd throw up), brussell sprouts (no, I'd throw up).... what vegies can you eat Jamie "potato, peas, corn and carrots" according to most diets (or good eating plans) they are the vegies iwth the most carbs, the worst for weight loss. Oh well, maybe I can get him to try some new things. But tomorrow's breakfast is 1/2 cup yogurt and 1/2 cup strawberries. Jamie usually eats 3-4 pieces of toast with honey! I usually have a bowl of muesli - I think we'll go hungry.Ok, better shut up now, will try to blog again soon!!!


I'm nowhere close to being an artist, but I love this page. Its about my life on the 5th July 2005. Its a total scraplift from someone out there, but I gave it my own personality.

"Tizzying up a tag"

This is one of my first attempts of making a tag a bit more fancy, as Kath would say "tizzed up". I have also used the very fashionable Kraft bazzill in the making of this page.

Great page

Horrible scan.... might have to retry that one at some point.
Well just to let you know, my scanning is not the best in the world, but here is my efforts at some later scrap pages.

For the details....Sheena's Early Smiles
Black Bazzill; Heidi Swapp Mask; White and gold acrylic paint; KI memories (I think) flower sticker; The slide.... umm not sure.

Your Eyes
Purple Bazzill; Urban Lily "Paper Me" patterned paper; A pocket designed by Elizabeth MunroeMM and doodebug rubons.

My favourite scrap page

Cheesy title, but I love this photo. The hidden journalling is all about how people have ALWAYS said that Mark and I look the same, and how in this photo I can see it myself. Poor kid!!! Or is that lucky me - he's such a spunk.

Isn't she lovely????

This is a great photos of young Sheena, I used a Heidi Swapp Mask for this one and am very proud of it.... if only I could find that mask... its in that scrap room somewhere.

Bored and Childless

Today is Easter Saturday!We have sent Mark off to Melbourne for the school hols... Jamie is not feeling well and - we're bored. He doesn't want to go for a walk, haven't got any money to go out for tea (not entirely true, but don't want to "waste it") and not much happening on the telly.

I'm gonna watch Doc Marten later and hopefully scrap a bit, but Jamie will probably try to annoy me.We're on a Prison Break festival... very very exciting show. Need to see that next episode.Nothing else to report. Other than, any ideas for bored people??????

Post Christmas News

Sorry I have been so lax in this here blog of mine.
For Christmas we got a new DVD player (yipee) and I got a digi camera... I am using it heaps and I love it.
Marky got a new guitar and cd player, he's a chuffed little guy. Today is the 23rd January and he is showing some interest in playing the guitar, knows his lessons are approaching and I think it is starting to sink in that it is not a toy, but something that he will have to learn and practice. He was looking through the "guide book" that came with the guitar tonight, and he is very keen on accessories, I do not think that a little kid needs or actually wants these accessories.... I just want him to be able to play at camp when he is in high school. I always wanted to do that, sit around the campfire and play the guitar and have all the other kids sing along... how cool would that be.
Jamie... well he got his fishing box - it is in the boat at Rocket's house so we haven't seen much of it.

The EXTREMELY exciting news is that I'm now an aunty... yes Aunty Christy to my dearest little niece Sheena Tara Geary, she was born on the 6th January 2006. A gorgeous shock of red sticking up hair and she smells so lovely.... I just want to jump back on a plane and give her a big cuddle. Jo is being a great mother, feeding well, cooing well and establishing some routine especially after those nasty child health nurse told her Sheena was loosing weight and got her all stressed out. I love you Jo and you are doing a FANTASTIC job. Here is a just a tiny picture of Sheena, Jo and Mum just minutes after the birth.

Showing off some scrappin'

The page below was done for a challenge on Blue Bazaar ( it was using the "Designing With" calendar that my mother got me for Christmas!!! I think it is pretty good.I used my "blue book" otherwise known a scrap book from long ago, it was all about my ambitions. I went through each year of the book and re-wrote what I had put down for my ambition for that year. I really don't think that being a nurse was on my list, I think it was there as a curtesy for a female job when I was in primary school. And then again in year eleven, when I came to realise that my high school marks would not make a doctor - and FOR THAT I AM GRATEFUL. I could NOT imagine being a doctor one iota.

Almost Christmas

I can't believe that it is the 21st December. Where did this year go? What a strange year it has been.
Presents are all wrapped under the tree. Food is almost thought out. Not really sure what to expect with Christmas this year. Spending it at the picket line. People dropping in, no family (will miss Mum & Dad, Jo & Mark, Margie & Frank and Connie & Paul) and it should be hot!!!
Hopefully it will be fun. I am very nervous actually, never have put on a Christmas dinner before.
Oh well.... I am excited as well. I wonder what Jamie has got me. I can't guess.
Talk to you after Christmas.

I'm quite excited

I am going to a scrap class tomorrow as I won the competition at the Scrapbook MegaStore.
Hmmm its called "Interview Me" and I'm sitting here waiting for an email of what they want me to have collated. Supposedly is questions to ask people what they think about me.
Could get some interesting answers.

I have started on my Blue Bazaar monthly kit - an altered clipboard, I think I used a little bit too much glue and its taking a while to dry, should look lovely, just what do I want to use a clip board for I do not know. Thinking it could be where I store my photos that I want to scrap next, or maybe be a shopping list holder. Not really sure what to do with these altered thingies. But time will tell.

October 5th - its hot

Yes this is what Newcastle is really like, IT IS HOT. I think it is about 30 degrees today, but we do not like the heat.

We all spent the night at the picket line last night (otherwise known as camping) lots of talk about one of the blokes who has been sacked supposedly for "unethical behaviour", but he is just being singled out as an example! Luckily he is not too stressed about it, as there is little basis for the dismissal.

This morning we went to the Baker's and took the kids to a the BMX track in Malaboolah. It was really cool. Mark was a bit cautious at the start, didn't like the starting ramp, but then thought all his Christmasses had come at once. Matt who is 10 did pretty good, but there were some "regular" guys there, all about 10-12 years and they were fantastic, really good jumps that the other boys wanted to copy. Matt could get a little bit of air, but nothing like he was hoping for. His dad Rocket then had a ride - on Matt's bike, did much better than I could do.,...Well after the "other kids" left, Jamie wanted a go, he got on Matt's bike (its a bit bigger than Mark's) and on the first hill over he went, a HUGE stack. skin off of his elbow and dust everywhere. Other than a slightly bruised ego he is ok. Big kids playing!!!

Then we went back to the Bakers, I watched Foxtel's FOOD channel for a while, had a snooze while the kids were playing happily and the blokes were sanding a car!!! Home now to watch the cricket - if only I could get Mark to change the channel, he thinks he is in control of the remote control and ABCKids is on. He bet me $5 that the next show was a cooking show - and it was, now I have to pay up, a cute kids cooking show (I have said I'll buy him a Cold Rock Icecream instead)

Well today was a bit MAD.

  • Spent an hour and a half waiting to see the doctor - and guess what, I'm stressed out!! Surprise surprise... that is what 4 months of a strike will do to you.
  • I have to start losing weight!!! Need to go down 3kg in two week. ARGGHHH keep you posted.
  • Mowed the lawn.
  • Jamie whipper snipped the whole lawn.
  • Jamie made a new table for Rocket's caravan.
  • Had a healthy lunch.
  • Rom spent the day (if you know Rom you know what that means)
  • Going to the pub tonight (maybe)
  • Went to the gym.

An official correction

The fish was a Bream!!!

Gone Fishin'

We went fishing in our boat on the Hunter River last night. Jamie caught a 32cm flattie and an (ewww) eel - sent that one back into the riverWe shall have the flattie for dinner tonight!!!

Mitch, Jeremy and Simon went their own boat and caught two (smaller) fish.When I finally get a new digital camera, I will be able to post a photo of my guys holding fish in the future.

*** This log was written with the help of my darling Mark ***

A personal thankyou.

To my darling sister who also helped out on the week that I was sick. She had to learn how to drive a 4WD and did so like a trouper. She is also a superstar... and the mother of my almost neice/nephew. So Jo the wonder-woman thanks to you!!

That is Jamie's red motorbike (oh sorry Kawasaki NINJA) in the front there, and that is him with his arms crossed standing in front of the caravan.

If you caught 4 Corners on Monday 26th September, you would have seen the exact same stance! Its his "I'm pissed off with life" pose. I'm getting used to it.

The Picket Line

Pretty exciting stuff. I can't even take my scrap stuff. I guess I could start my Christmas cards... but then they might get dirty.

Today - Wednesday 28th September - I think we are going fishing. I do not like fishing. But Mark and Jamie do, Mark just said "I'm not gonna be a wuss this time", and he'll attempt to actually catch a fish.

I started my Christmas notebooks for my workmates - there are 30 without even thinking about it - and I'm not including Endoscopy people!! Should I????

Last night Jamie played two games of indoor cricket, the second game he filled in for another team and they SUCKED. But they were in a much lower grade, strange to see the differences between his normal team and that one.

Went shopping at Coles in Lake Macquarie. What a beautiful layout of a store, it was really nice, onc that had been done up. Lake Macquarie or Warners Bay is such a posh suburb, and hmmm I'd like to live there, but it is quite far from Williamtown. Not thinking of moving (much) at the moment.

School holidays

Cold and raining.
Mark is bored. He and Jamie have gone off to help a friend with a boat. I stayed home to get some housework done. Really only tidied up a bit. Waiting for the car to come home so I can do my grocery shopping.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day, have seen on my map there is a BMX track in Wallsend. So I shall go book in hand to this track and let the little fella ride his guts out.

School holidays

Cold and raining.
Mark is bored. He and Jamie have gone off to help a friend with a boat. I stayed home to get some housework done. Really only tidied up a bit. Waiting for the car to come home so I can do my grocery shopping.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day, have seen on my map there is a BMX track in Wallsend. So I shall go book in hand to this track and let the little fella ride his guts out.

Winter again

We've gone back to winter, although it is spring now. Cold and rainy.
I entered the LO competition at the LSS... hope that I win!! Oh and I tried to fudge my membership card, it expired on 15/7 and I said, oh yes that is in date.... but hey today is 5/9. An accidental oversight.
Went just a little bit mad at the local scrap shop today, I'm a huge fan of rubon and I bought just a couple, will go to my scrap room now and play with them, as I have the day off.


Jamie went to Brisbane today to protest outside of Boeing Headquarters... he left his phone on the bed side table.... can't call him. Hope all has gone well.

The Lantz Style Cough

I have discovered that my little son has inherited what I have termed "The Lantz Cough" a really loud barking painful cough. And the poor little tike has it. He has been coughing and sniffing all day. He does not like me to help him blow his nose anymore, but he doesn't do it correctly.

I'm totally in love with this show


I cannot believe it!

I am going to play netball tonight, I'm in the dunce position of Wing Defence (WD) but its netball just the same. I shall report to you my score later tonight!!!

I got my prize from Blue Bazaar today - a For Keeps Annual magazine - very nice and my new kit a little thong box (as in flip flops). Will have to see how that goes later on. Might have a mini scrap fest after NETBALL this evening.

End of August

I'm not very good at this blog thingie. Will try harder this week.
As this is a scrap blog, I should firstly mention my fabulous weekend of inspiration and actually producing something. It was my soon to be bother-in-law's birthday on the weekend, and its his party next weekend (YIPEE Melbourne here we come) and I made a mini-album/card for him. I'm quite impressed. Hope that he likes it.
Marky thought it was so good he needed one also, so his assignment at school was to make a passport with DOB, height, weight, circumference, nationality etc on it. So he got a little concertina booklet too. He thinks its wonderful (and his teacher will think I'm very creative once again).
I need to get stuck into some Father's Day cards, maybe one night this week. Can't tonight....
#1 and most important - can't be bothered.
#2 its CSI night - double episodes!!!

What else is happening.
Strike, strike and more strike..... Had a family picnic day that was pretty good.
I'm not liking endoscopy at the moment... not really sure what to do about that, have I talked myself into it? Not really sure. But I still really like my ward work. Very confusing, do I not like Endoscopy cos its new and I'm not sure what to do???? Any help would be most appreciated


Beginning of August 2005

Man its taken a long time to create a new page. Lots of stuff has been happening.The Boeing strike is still on. In its 11th week. I've had enough. Boeing take this as a personal challenge, sit down the the AWU and negiotiate, it can't do you any harm, may even get a very capable work force back at work and help my relationship at the same time (no need to worry anyone who is reading, but its not pleasant to live in a "stressed out" household.)Started working in the endoscopy department this week. Don't like it yet, but it will grow on me. Luckily I can go have lunch at my "read ward" to regain some sanity and face the afternoon. The clickiness of that group of women is quite phenomenal... and do they welcome new people - oh no that would be too hard.... make them feel like helpless pathetic people who don't know a damned thing, that will make them feel like better people (my apologies to anyone from H2 who may be reading this at some time in the future, just remember that new staff are your friends, not the enemy).Stop the rant now. Anyone who has taken the time to read this, please also go to and voice your protest as this may get my darling Jamie back to work, sooner rather than later.Thanks for reading.

Finally back at work - 21 June 2005

After two, almost three weeks of feeling like total shit. I am actually going back to work tomorrow.
I have had two trips to the emergency room.. and multiple trips to the doctor.
Thankfully Mum has been up here to look after me, she is a superstar.

Feeling ill

I have the beginnings of the flu, and I don't like it. My throat hurts and one minute I'm hot the next I'm freezing. But hopefully will be all better next week.
I actually did a bit of scrapping today also. Did the cover for Mark's circle journal... a gorgeous little tin that I have titled "Mark's What I Like to do Tin" I have used some striped paper (scrunched up and then sanded, then ironed) and some coloured rubons... the size of the tin fits 4.5" x 5" paper, cut them off and rounded the corners... should be lovely once its done its trip around Australia and all the kids have done their pages. Its through Blue Bazaar (

I also did a scraplift (read copy) of an Elizabeth Munro page, its from the first Friedrich's Ataxis Ball Jamie and I went to in 2000. There is a lot of ribbon and will put up a piccie of it when I can figure out how to do that.h

Over Achieving for my son

I wanted Mark to have a good "speech" today so I made a mini album about our Christmas for him to take to school. It was his first formal presentation about celebrations had to be one minute long.... it was a very lovely mini album. The other kids bought in jelly beans for everyone, some bought in stickers to make the presentation more interesting. I saw the teacher tonight who has said to me that I have set the bar very high and suggests that I don't go to so much effort - but thought it was lovely just the same.

Night Duty

Well who wants to know, I'm in the middle of my two night shifts and I feel like CRAP. Didn't get enough sleep due to Jamie ringing at 1.30pm to see if his computer stuff had arrived. Can't he wait until 4pm??? I wanted to chat to him in the middle of work last night, but decided that calling him at 3am would not be a nice thing to do. Luckily all went well last night, no crazy people, no bleeding or shitting people!

Mark the super-soccer star is doing good. His team "The Shortland Egrets" its some water bird - go figure lost last week, but they played well just the same. Its the cutest thing in the world, a little boy with no front teeth in his little uniform, black and white, like Collingwood... very stylish.
Anyway I had better go and get dressed, do my dishes and all that boring stuff... then MAYBE I can scrap.

Starting on Friday I have 5 days off, we have a work get-together on Saturday night so other than that, I am scrapping like a superwoman, feel the need to express myself.

4 May- Jew Fish

Jamie and his friend Bruce caught a 87cm Jew Fish last night. We shall have it for tea, will let you know how it tastes! That damned beginners luck, starting to get a bit annoying.

23 April, a very productive day

  1. Sanded the walls in the spare room. Very dusty work, but satisfying.
  2. Called the President of the Soccer Association. No idea where Mark was playing today, do you know where Walker Field is behind the Sharky Hotel!!!! Well we found it.
  3. Washed walls with sugar soap Disgusting feeling stuff, but walls are now clean.
  4. Mark won at his first junior soccer match. Very exciting stuff, we have the whole game on video/DVD let me know if you want a copy. He played goalie for the second half and learned that he is supposed to catch the ball, not watch it go through. Learned that I can be a very vocal soccer mom (as the yanks put it!!)
  5. Put undercoat in spare room. Only 6 months after we initially started this room, the undercoat is now on - it takes 16 hours until we are able to put another coat on, and I'm covered in paint drops that require turps to get out.
  6. Baked a cake - a nice lime flavoured cake, my not so new favourite flavour,
  7. Now I'm off to scrap. I'm in the middle of scraplifting a beautiful design by Chris Millar. It is about my sister Jo. I'm quite impressed by it.

A new day

Wondering what will become of today.
It is almost 8am and Mark is not yet awake!
Jamie is asleep on the couch with a fever (he thinks its Ross River Virus) He has a low grade temperature and is freezing, so there could be some sense in that diagnosis - as it is currently in Newcastle and is a mozzie borne virus and we have HEAPS of bites at the moment.

And I made $150 in sales at my party, there were only 4 people present at the Crafty Kids Party, and I must admit, the demonstrator was not to my liking, but someone finally showed me embossing... yes I know you have mum, but she did it with my toaster!!! So that is what I bought and embossing pad, embossing powder and two stamps, one of a basic flower and one of a clock that I have wanted for some time.

Can't Sleep

Well now everyone that is a lie. I am recovering from night duty still, so I was in bed at 8pm as Jamie was playing xbox (and I really just wanted to go to bed). I wanted to watch my programs but I missed all of Desperate Housewives (should have taped it as well), Cold Case and Law & Order... unconscious sleep until just 2am. Still very tired though.I went to the library this afternoon, got myself a couple of new novels - crime ones, just to be a bit different. Some books from the Premier's Reading Challenge for Mark, so now we only have 32 to go!!! The library was very nice and put stickers on the outside of the books if they were from the list. I also got Mark a book called "What Dad's can't do" it is very cute, lines such as:Dad's cannot cross the road without holding handsDad's can only push they can't swing.Dad's are very bad at playing hide and seek - kids can always find them and they take age to find you.Dad's always loose at checkers, cards and every other game.It had Mark in hysterics... and Jamie said that isn't true (well it is for "normal" dads not super competitive ones such as Jamie)The library was doing a purge of old magazines, so I got one about boats, fishing, motorbike and a Mad magazine for the boys. I got a couple of Who Weeklys to remind me of old times, a Cosmo and the Oprah magazine. Good when you don't have to pay for it.Back to bed I go and I shall attempt to stop scratching my 20 mozzie bites on my legs

An Update

There is no update as yet...Still needing to do some housework.


Welcome - I'm moving over from my other blog - so here are the posts from there (in reverse order)
This is my first attempt at publishing a blog. I am not very sure what I am supposed to write on here, but I shall let you know what my purpose is.I want my family to know where I am up to in my life, what I'm doing, what Jamie and Mark are doing.So let me let you know, today I am off to the school for some canteen training, meeting some of the mothers from the school, then I'll go to the gym and then do my vacuuming. Yes that is correct, I have a very exciting life.So welcome and I hope that it becomes more inspired as time goes along.