Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lost entry.

Don't know where it went. I'm certain that I made a new post, but oh well. Its gone.
Tonight I'm a bit stuffed, after telling my mum that I think I'm cured with my restless legs - its back with avengence. Very disappointed. I'm certain its stress related, didn't enjoy my role at work today, felt out of my depth and there was too much pressure to please too many sides. Jamie was in a foul mood with me, had his friend Paul & his youngin' over to play "speakers" together, I don't get the need for speakers and an amplifier. To me our telly is just great, we have a large plasma with a digi set top box, the sound is good, always too loud for me, and he seems to need the biggest, greatest and of course the most expensive one. Luckily we cant' afford it at the moment.
Ok to channel an online friend... think of the positives.
Best part of today - playing in the park with Mark, although he's not little anymore and isn't interested in play equipment, it was great to walk around the park with him, he ran, played the hoodlum and tried to climb a tree. IT was so refreshing.
Worst - the feeling at work, I'm not happy not liking someone, but the feeling gets worse everyday. Anyone have any ideas on how to change your thinking about a really annoying person.
Funniest - More of a "what the??" thing than funny, some stores people came up and told me there was no way they could put away my wards stores as there was too much stuff in the storeroom (what exactly is there job?) so I went in, shifted a couple of things and got everything put away. Did it all in 10 minutes! made me laugh.

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