Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Big Catch Up

Oops luckily I'm not doing that blog entry a day thing for real.
  • Tuesday night got ourselves all organised for Mark's School Twilight Picnic Dance Concert. Took a picnic dinner, had a chair, due to inclement weather the whole thing is postponed until next Tuesday. So I shall repack the picnic, repack the chairs, Mark is still praciticing away with his dance moves. Jamie should be able to come this time, his cricket match isn't until 8.15 on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday was the start of my therapy. It was really good - Jane was really easy to talk to. She gave me some breathing exercises for when I feel panic coming over me, and so far its worked.
  • I had a lovely walk through Lambton Park. It was gorgeous - huge Jacaranda trees with the flowers all over the ground, beautiful parkland and a cute little playground for when I have #2
  • Work on Wednesday arvo was very nice, I was working with Rebecca (another one I had never met before) and Robynne... so all went smoothly. Everyone was most concerned that I hadn't been at work for a week. Even some of the rellies noticed I had been missing. NOw that one means two things - they've been in hospital FAR too long or I'm very memorable.
  • Thursday am I did some gardening, the front garden bed is now weeded and put some nice top soil on it, I'm going to plant some annuals for a dash of colour. Jamie an Mark are going to mow the lawn today.
  • Late shift again, all is good again. Then there was no one to do overnight - so I stayed and did the night shift as well.
  • All went well, didn't have a "nap" overnight as my dad would say. Got home and J&M were still there, so no nap. Jamie couldn't find a cd he was after so no nap. Next episode of Prison Break to watch - no nap. Attempted a nap and got about one hour. Cleaned up, did some washing, made tea our first BBQ of the season. It was YUMMY
  • Went to bed at 8pm up at 7.15 (thanks Marko) so feel very rested today.
  • Got to pack up some scrapping stuff today - my big SHEENA letters which I shall post a photo of a bit later, a mini album for mum, a mini album for dad and an album to share cos I'm going home to see my parents for the day. Leaving here at 6pm tonight and coming home on the 5.45 flight to Sydney then have to catch the train home!!! :(
Talk to you when I get back - or maybe before.

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