Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Catch up.

The most exciting part of today.... bunk bed!!! Not in the traditional sense, but a high bed with a desk underneath it. Mark is a VERY happy camper. We got it from our friends son Kyle, who was getting a "fancy" new bunk bed. We are cool with hand-me-downs that is for sure. Its a tubular white metal bed which goes with all of his other white stuff.


Yes we finally got our couches from Harvey Norman - which I would put a link in to, but suggest to people out there in blog land DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HARVEY NORMAN (or Hardly Normal as we'd like to call them). Who doesn't know this story. My apologies to those in my family and those I work with if you already know this one.

In June - our old green couches were looking old and tired, one day I stretched out and RIPPPPP my foot went through the fabric on the arm rest.... not only were they uncomfortable, but now they were torn.

In July - actually it was the 29th of July - first stop Hardly Normal, we sat on every couch in the place under $3000, and the lovely Da Vini couch in Licorice was the best, goodbye to the rest. We made a cusory visit to "Fantastic Furniture" but it was all very hard and just not us! So deposit was paid and the saleslady said somewhere between 2-6 weeks, but warehouse would be in touch.

August - my parents came to visit, sadly no couches - went to Hardly Normal to sit on them to show mum.

September - I wanted these babies for my birthday, called the warehouse, they are coming from Italy, and they need a full container load before they will be sent, maybe another 2 weeks. Connie and Paul's visit for my birthday came and went, sadly no couches.

October - every two weeks we called the warehouse, it will be another 2 weeks they said each time. Still no phone call from them saying "Our apologies but we are waiting for the delivery and we are sorry you have had to wait" But alas no.

November - Yes they will be here in a week. Jamie went to hospital so I was not home for the call to say they had arrived, no they dont' try again the next day or go to your alternative phone number, but shoot off a letter in the mail. NOVEMBER 19th is the day. And really after all that rant - we've got them now, the old ones are gone - given to a needy friend. But Iwon't shop there anymore and I will advise others not to.

Mark took the one of the three seater - that is his toy "Fluffy" in the middle.


jotcr2 said...

I love your hardly normal couches. They look very comfy. Sheena and I will have to come and lie on them soon!!!

I love Hardly Normal, I will have to spread that around Melboring (unless it is already in our lingo and I am not in the groove).
I would just like to mention that the old green couches, were actually MY old green couches. Thank you for reading.

Cowseyes said...

As if a couch would have come in two weeks from Italy!
1.Anything that comes from overseas is going to take 2-4 months.
2.Harvey Norman doesn't make the couch, maybe you should direct your anger to the supplier of the couch!
3.What do you think Harvey wants you to wait? They want to get it in and out asap so they can move onto the next sale.
4.I understand your frustration with the communication from Harvey Norman and maybe a letter to the store outlining that frustration will help them improve for the next customer.
Harvey Norman is a fantastic Australian Company & when someone has a crack at it I just have to defend them..
So Chisty give them a break, Cheers

Rosemary said...

Love the new furniture and especially the boy that goes with it. I can just picture you all asleep on grey. Mark may be inspire to keep his room tidy just like the couches have inspired you all. keep enjoying


Christy said...

Well now that is strange.
Anyone feel like owning up to being cowseyes???

Jess said...

Christy - you have every right to be p***ed with them. That's crap customer service and the very least they owe you is an apology. Cowseyes is the one that needs to chill.