Saturday, November 04, 2006

Travelling to Wagga Wagga.

Its now 2pm.. just called my men, they have just passed the turn off to Canberra Another hour or two to go. Jamie sounds a bit annoyed - he's never gone so far on the bike before. I can't talk to Mark, but Jamie said he is ok. This is the photo I took of them just before they left. Those reflective panels sure work well. Can't find the red eye tool in my version of photo shop - sorry Marko. Also there is Mark all decked out in his helmet and back pack. Hopefully they will stay at a place with a pool, so that they can stretch out and relax before heading off ot the party. I know they have eaten a KitKat each - probably stopped at Maccas for lunch, party for tea. A real boys weekend for them.

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Rosemary said...

Hi CD,
These photos sure say they were excited about their big trip.
Shame about the sore 'bums' and the short turn around time. Hope they enjoyed it.
Love Mum