Wednesday, January 02, 2013


This is what my Facebook status feed would look like today if I wanted to piss everyone off.

- Swimming today.
- Benno tried to fall asleep in the pool, lay on my shoulder looking very cute.
- Awww Ben fell asleep on my shoulder after refusing to go to bed.  First time since he was atiny baby.
- Community Service Announcement for those in TUllamarine. Sky the one-eyed wonder dog is missing. Let us know if you find him.
- Sky walked up the drive way - he's home.
- Procrastination +


I plan to do a photo a day, actually two if I can.  First is a day by day challenge with a word prompt.  The other is my boys - out of respect for the eldest, its of the little two, but hopefully Mark will join them in more than one throughout the year.  So without further ado, here is the first two days.

01 Jan 2013

Prompt: Today - The boys sitting together having lunch.

The two of them, looking through the bottom of the trampoline at the dogs

02 Jan 2013

Prompt: New - new haircuts.

 The two of them, being cool with their cousin Toby.