Sunday, November 29, 2009


Wikipedia says:

Sleep is a naturally recurring state of relatively suspended sensory and motor activity, characterized by total or partial unconsciousness and the inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles.[1] It is distinguished from quiet wakefulness by a decreased ability to react to stimuli, and it is more easily reversible than hibernation or coma. It is observed in all mammals, all birds, and many reptiles, amphibians, and fish. In humans, other mammals, and a substantial majority of other animals that have been studied (such as some species of fish, birds, ants, and fruit flies), regular sleep is essential for survival.

The purposes and mechanisms of sleep are only partially clear and are the subject of intense research.

I say:
I need more of it. Every single night for a couple of months now, I go to bed just a little bit nervous. Will it happen tonight, or am I desitined to walk the passage saying 'just go to sleep.'

Once again, I'm extremely tired, I can relax in bed by myself, but when my dearest husband arrives to go to sleep that is when I start "playing up", it is not deliberate, but can't get comfy, legs start to twitch, become EXTREMELY restless and then just give up and get up. I think I'll go to the spare room soon. Just finish this post first. I just adore 4am... from then to 8am I tend to sleep the best, unfortunately 5ish is when Jamie;s alarm goes off, he usually has some drama at that time (can't find his wallet/shoes/keys/laptop), so I'm disturbed.

On a lighter note, got a whole heaps done in the reno today, Jamie cut out the surrounds to the island bench, made the tops for the cupboards, fixed a few issues that have been bothering him. A bit issue is the scratches on the bench top, its essentially brand new, well taken care of, but alas there are some pretty obvious scratches.

Shit.. the dogs just howled, its 11:44pm and usually there is no one walking past at this time. Might send Jamie out to investigate. But they have stopped should someone be breaking into our car.

Marko is a happy kid, we informed him of our new plan. He can catch the bus to school next year and then does not have to go to a new school. It will be so much better for him to remain at Mayfield West for year 6. Hopefully he will become house sport captain(makes sense, he is into all sorts of sports, goes to every zone event). He has made a list of promises - what he will do to remain at MWDS.

  • Not being so bossy!
  • Not arguing when asked to do chores (room/feeding dogs/having showers etc)
  • Reading more (plan to read Treasure Island before Christmas)
  • Doing all of his homework WELL.
  • Trying out for the Aim High program next year
  • Doing the selection school academic tests
  • Joining clubs and extracurricular activities at school (Star Stuck/Tournament of Minds/choir)
  • there were a couple of others, but the list is in his cricket pants and its late and I can't remember.
It made for a nice weekend having him so happy. He keeps coming up to me, saying thank you and giving me a kiss. The kiss part isn't unusual, but thank you is!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quick Trip to Hospital

It was very unexciting.

I was the only one in the Antenatal Day Stay Unit.

Toni was the midwife on duty, she took my blood pressure (143/84) a little bit elevated.
Popped me on the fetal heart rate monitor and I got visions of giving birth to Mark... hooked up to a machine, not being able to get off the bed. Junior Mr Storer's heart rate bounced between 120 and 155 beats per minute and there were several times he got quite active, I had to press a button whenever I felt him move.

Another blood pressure, getting better, still a tiny bit elevated, but that appears to be quite normal for me... my wee (despite Toni telling me was fine) I heard her tell the doc had a "trace of protein" in it.

Foetal monitor came off. Headed upstairs to the pathology for a blood test and another wee test.

Back downstairs for another blood pressure, then the doc came to see me. She was quite nice, said I had "spectacularly swollen feet" and they were quite impressive. My reflexes in my ankles suck because of the swelling. But to go home, rest up, and call is there are any changes in movements, headache, contractions (duh), or flashes in front of my eyes.

Dr Sam will call me with my blood results, if they are normal, back to the midwives on Friday, if they are abnormal... she will devise a plan!

Altogether an interesting day.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hard to see ultrasound pictures

These are actually from the 30th October almost a month ago now. For some unknown reason we didn't have a "morphology scan" and didn't actually know where the placenta was lying.. now we do.

These are bubby's little arms...

I'm interpreting this to be the "thumbs up" sign.

Ummm... legs I guess, I hope they are not as problematic at his mothers. No RLS for this little chicken.

As it says - heart reate - I'm going with heart rate.

Coloured in picture of the chambers of the heart. I mentioned Roy's heart defect, and the ultrasonographer spent a lot of time looking at my baby's heart. If only it made sense, but I'm guessing its ok.

Other news from today:
Went out to lunch with Toni and Gai from work. Very nice, but Toni and getting home for kids pick up are not quite on the same wave length. The place we went to was ok, service actually sucked. Had to ask twice for coffee, really SLOW and the portion was much too big. I had a pumpkin and pancetta pasta which was lovely, it also had some feta cheese in it, which truth me known I have NEVER tried... well now I have, its bland and not something I'm very interested in. But I can now say I have actually tried it. Its one of those foods like olives or fresh beetroot that I'm just too scared to try! Weird eh?

Collected Mark from school, set out some new rules, had a huge help from a blog reader *Jo* and we have almost agreed to the rules. He managed to go for a bike ride and do it all (except for homework, which is a constant battle) without too much of a fuss.

Nicest sound from today - Mark laughing whilst watching Hamish and Andy today Those two guys have a similar sense of humour to Mark.

Jamie played cricket - they lost - more people from his outdoor team are unhappy with the way the team is being led. I wish they'd just oust the guy and then they can go back to having fun. I'm sick of every part of Jamie's life being difficult... makes all of our lives difficult.

Now for my baking part. I had lots of not so nice apples, so I carmelised them, had some puff pastry in the freezer so made an apple tart. It was very yummy, I just wish I'd made a bit more caramel sauce as the apples ended up a little dry, but a big scoop of ice cream did the trick.



I got my own way though.... turned the AC on at about 11am and left it on all day.

Mark and I had a bit of *Psych* fest, Jamie surpisingly enough spent most of the day at his computer and because of the extreme heat we had the dogs inside for most of the day.

My main issue at the moment is Mark. He is wanting to be on the internet 24/7. He is on Facebook all of the time, chatting to his school friends, playing Farmville and other varied games on the internet. I had (in my pathetic current state) let it slide, Jamie has been SO busy with work, MyNetHost and web designing that he has not really been very present for the past month. Last night we (J&I) discussed his internet usage and how to curtail it a bit. We came up with about 1 hour per day. Of course when I told Mark this was the new rule, he balked, he balks at everything. He was online quite a bit today, but when going outside is NOT an option and leaving the cool of the lounge room is NOT an option, I think we went quite well, he stopped and started. Did some minor changes to his farm, but not a huge one. Managed to help tidy up the lounge and kitchen and spent a bit more time engaging with the family. Plus I think he enjoyed having the dogs inside.

My challenge is going to be thru the week. As you may or may not be able to see, it is currently 1.10am on Sunday night/Monday morning, so I tend to sleep in. Mark still wakes up about 7am, and lately has not even come in to say good morning, but goes straight to the computer and logs on! When I get up about 8ish it a challenge to get him dressed, breakfasted, lunches made etc. Everything is a drama. I've tried saying OVER AND OVER to be completely ready for school before touching computer. Doesn't work. I know I'm a softie, a huge push over. But short of yelling all the time and threatening, how do I enforce the rules? To be totally honest, I get no help from Jamie. He'll just ban him from everything and then go to the computer and zone out. Its me that has to cope with the tears, the "OMG I hate him", life is so unfair and what can we do?

Jamie is always saying he'll take him over to the nets to practice cricket... but there is always some drama with the computer that takes his attention away. FRUSTRATING.

So my hope is tomorrow for it to be MUCH cooler, that way after school, Mark and I can walk the dogs and unleash some energy before he goes onto the computer.

Now don't get me started on cleaning his room, showering, cleaning teeth, picking up clothes, putting clothes away, going to be on time, feeding the dogs without being told (despite it being his main chore for the past two years), helping around the house in any way shape or form. But looking at his male role model... well I'm not surprised.

Any suggestions out there on how to instill a sense of self and helpful attitude in an 11 year old boy whose life is about to change completely because of a baby brother arriving some time in the next three weeks????? Please help.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Puff the Magic Dragon.

Ok, maybe not....

More just *puffiness* and being totally OVER it. I have odema! My feet up to my mid shin level are filled with fluid and very uncomfortable. My original thoughts were this horrible heat, and it would go away. Heat went away temporarily, but feet remained swollen. I have called the delivery suite suggesting maybe a blood pressure issue (ummm, no), pre-eclampsia (ummm, no), just keep your feet up and keep on drinking water.

My weekly midwives appointments we have long discussions about the swelling and the fact that my blood pressure is slowly and incrimentally increasing.

My appointment on Friday showed a greater than normal increase in BP, some protein and glucose in my wee! OMG. Needed a blood test (has come back normal)

So on Tuesday, I have to go to the antenatal day stay unit for blood pressure checks over a 3 hour period... kinda hope its up so they might induce me.

I hate not being able to function properly, not being able to walk properly, having almost constant reflux and sleeping really poorly without having a baby to feed or change.

I know I'm a bit morose at the moment but it is how I feel.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm all for a bandwagon. I'm usually pretty late to jump on. If I think its cool, it probably was about 6 months ago.

But this time, my timing is right. I got the Twilight books about the middle of last year. I read the first one in about 2 days. Couldn't put it down, dreamed about Edward, wished for a vampire to bite me to have a romantic story. To be truthful, couldn't stop thinking about it. It took over my day and night for a period of time. Luckily all four books had been released, so on finishing one book, I could rush out to my trusty BigW and get the next one. Loved the first three, HATED the last one. I felt it was TOO long, the characters got so boring and the relationship between Jake and Renesmee was just too creepy. Its quite funny, my sister is currently reading them, and she's on book 4 and finds it very tedious.

Anyway, when the first movie came out late last year, Jamie and I dutifully went along to it. Found it pretty good, embarrassing in places but a good romantic, melodramatic story. Got it on DVD and have watched it a few more times. To be honest I would prefer to re-read them, rather than watch it.

Now the world is in the midst of New Moon fever, it was released at midnight last night. Quite a few I know went to see it at the midnight screening. I think I won't bother until next week. My self esteem issues won't allow me to see a movie on its opening week. Don't ask...

I'm not expecting much from it, but don't think I could see it with true blue Twi-hards.

Just Waiting.

Well I've been home on maternity leave for two almost three weeks now and I'm bored.

Baby is moving beautifully, room is all prepared.

Enthusiasm for life is at an all time low. Not sleeping well enough and that makes Christy a very cranky, uninteresting person.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Anyone up for some pregnancy news.

Well I'm almost 37 weeks preggers now. Although this is what I have wanted for ages, its bloody uncomfortable. My issues are: reflux, dizziness, heat, swelling of ankles, and huge RLS. Quite tired as I'm not sleeping.

The good parts are: feeling him move, the shape although huge is quite beautiful (my fellas don't think so though, "put that away Mum")

I have all the baby stuff I could possibly need, the most gorgeous outfits that I can't wait to put on my new son. He's got 5 towels especially for him. My lovely nappies from that I just love (my goodness I hope we use them well, they are quite exxy but heaps cheaper than disposable).

The room is all set up - just need to move the trundle bed out, and the cupboard.... hmm maybe not quite set up.

My bags for the hospital are all packed.

Our list of phone numbers have been made, so Jamie knows who to call.

Babysitting for Mark is organised.

Health is supposedly good (except for the crap mentioned above)

So there we have it, I really want to meet this baby, and would like to give birth quite soon. Need to come up with a plan to bring it on sooner rather than later. All good though.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What I'd like to be able to do.

This is seriously a just for fun post... whilst waiting for my sunflowers to grow. Not sure what I'll get to, but I'll number them.

1. Wear high heels. I'm a flats girl, but love the look of heels, but I get the wobbles and its thoroughly embarrassing, so I choose not to be taller.

2. Write a book. Not a great literary feat, but just a book of some description. Maybe I'll do it one day, will have to attempt it first.

3. Be tidy. Well this one is a possibility, not a probability.

4. Be able to sing. I hate the sound of my voice, but really enjoy singing to myself. Even Mark tells me to be quiet when I sing. He will have to get used to it again when Junior arrives.

5. Be able to sew. I'd love to patchwork, make clothes, understand the mechanics of curtain making, knit and crochet. I'd love to be artistic.. but alas just not me.

So there you have, just for fun. Some stuff I'd like to do.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Trust me, I'm not doing very well.

  1. Baby's room is almost done (just need to get trundle bed out of the room), but the cot is set up, change table set up.
  2. Clothes washing is almost under control.
  3. Dinner for tonight is planned.
  4. My bed is made.

  1. Need to make curtains for the kitchen and baby's room, no enthusiasm to do it.
  2. Need to pack "going to hospital bag"
  3. Need to organise baby's clothes and give him a chest of drawers (ie finish kitchen)
  4. Need to vacuum / mow / clean bathroom
  5. Need to move telly out of bedroom so baby can have chest of drawers

Actually that doesn't sound too bad.

Today involves going to the physio... two weeks ago I fell over at Jesmond Shops and twisted my left ankle and most likely landed on my right knee as well. I remember the pain in my ankle, but residual pain in knee is worse. Well I was hoping it would recover on its own, but alas no. Two weeks later it still hurts to kneel, doing everything else is ok, but kneeling is a problem. This has potential to be a huge problem as I am due to give birth soon and really like the look of kneeling whilst birthing.

I want to finish up my curtains - the kitchen ones only need hemming, but my cutting technique is pretty wonky. Baby's room curtains need to be cut out and made from scratch.

I want to tidy up this office, its a total OH&S disaster. I'll allocate myself to be the OH&S officer for MyNetHost and fix it up.

I'm attempting to learn the family business, so that all of it is not on Jamie's shoulders. If I can answer the easy questions it will take the pressure off of him.

Hopefully our new camera will come today and then my blog will be more interesting with lovely photos. Yesterday we got our buffet for the kitchen. These two items are wedding presents :)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I tagged myself. How sad.

What to do to get our emptying the dishwasher!!

1. Where is your cell phone: On the kitchen bench being a cake timer.

2. Your hair: Its in a really daggy pigtail today.

3. Your mother: Love her dearly. Talk to her several times a day. Is my confidante and most probably my best friend.

4. Your father: Is a strange man, has improved so much with age. He's an avid walker, reader and sport watcher! He is just the most amazing grandfather, so much patience.

5. Your favorite food: As I said in my antenatal classes, my favourite food is sweet, I don't care for savoury.

6. Your dream from last night: That would mean I slept.. which I didn't. I dozed.

7. Your favorite drink: Coke Zero. Of an alcoholic variety, I'm dreaming about Cointreau next month.

8. Your dream/goal: to be a stay at home mum and lead an interesting life.

9. What room are you in: the horendous computer room. Otherwise known at dumping paradise.

10. What is your hobby: Currently baking. I have a pink buttercake in the oven at the moment. Its by far the easiest cake in the world to make. Want the recipe??

2cups sr flour

2cups sugar

250g softened butter/margarine

4tablespoons custard powder

4 eggs

1 cup milk

dash of vanilla

Mix with beaters for 5-10 minutes. Put in a big rectangle cake tin and bake at 180C for one hour.

I added some pink food colouring, just to keep me entertained.

11. What is your fear: Night time, my insomnia is pretty horrendous at the moment, that I'm starting to dread going to bed. Oh and the usual of being assaulted.

12. Where were you last night: On the couch, watching telly and playing farmville.

13. Something you are not: Extroverted.

14. Muffins: yes I have a muffintop. Oh I guess I like muffins.

15. Wish list items: To have baby asap. Not be pregnant anymore. Have two healthy, handsome and nice boys.

16. Where did you grow up: Downtown Templestowe... oh I miss it.

17. Last thing you did: Made cake as mentioned previously. Played Farmville.

18. What are you wearing: Really???? Dorky maternity top, 3/4 pants, no shoes and an apron (I wash my hands too much and need to dry them)

19. Your TV: I love my big screen plasma. Wish our set top box was in the lounge, I really don't like watching telly in bed, I can't get comfortable.

20. Your pets: I have two great dogs, Charlie the lab and Skye the half blind kelpie. We have fish, but I'm doing my best to kill them (oops I mean not to kill them, we had an alkalinity issue in the past week)

21. Your friends: Mainly my family and I have some fab work friends. Must do my best to keep in touch, I have a big issue of not trying.

22. Your life: Quiet. I'm a homebody. Loving being Jamie's wife, Mark's mum and carrying #2 (but want him to come SOON)

23. Your mood: A bit fragile at the moment.

24. Missing someone: My mum. Miss the fellas when they are not around as well.

25. Vehicle: piece of shit Commodore which got egged on Halloween (despite giving lollies to everyone know knocked even if they weren't in costume and it being a North American holiday, not Australian), keyed and screwdrivered in the last week. 4WD which has run out of AC gas and today is 38C according to my computer temperature gauge.

26. Something you’re not wearing: Shoes

27. Your favorite store: Target!

28. Your favorite color:


29. When’s the last time you laughed:

Mark makes me laugh daily.

30. When’s the last time you cried:

Yesterday... actually this morning about 5am, see I'm fragile at the moment.

31. Your best friend:


32. One place you go over and over: School???

33. One person who emails me regularly:

My dad, but his emails are too big and block up my inbox, so I told him to stop.

34. Favorite place to eat:


35. Where do you want to be in 6 years: At home with my then 17year old son (holy shit), my 6 year old son and our other random child that has come along. Jamie is working in our business full time and we're rolling in money! yearly holidays would be lovely.

16th October 2009 - Jamie and Christy got married..

Life has sure changed (but remained the same) for me around here.

16th October, Jamie and I got married. I should record the details for prosperity. To be totally honest, it was very anti-climatic. We eloped, booked into the registry office about 6 weeks prior.

I was working heaps leading up to the 16th, did 5 late shifts in a row, including the night before!

Jamie's family had been visiting, they helped tweak my dress, Margie made the wedding cake, we got some flowers from Jo for the kitchen table to make the room look festive. It was actually very nice. On the Thursday, I realised I had no shoes, just assumed I'd wear the shoes from being Connie's bridemaid, but as I was actually 7 months pregnant on my wedding day, my feet have swelled up a bit, so those shoes didn't fit. So an emergency trip to the 24hr KMart on my way home from work, saw me pick up some very cute gold ballet flats.

Woke up on my wedding morning with all the usual jitters, it was such a strange feeling. On a side bar, I think the main cause of the jitters has to do with my previous almost wedding which was 12 years prior and in very similar circumstances. All was planned, just needed some witnesses, then I rang my sister to tell her what was happening and she talked me out of it. Vincent couldn't find anyone to be our witnesses and we called it off just minutes before hand. I think in the back of my mind, maybe I was expecting Jamie to do that same thing... all I can say is sorry Jamie, you two are not carved from the same stone.

Got myself all made up - and I'm not good at make up at all. We then realised that maybe we'd like some photos of the day (brain power is not our strong point). My digi camera is a pissy little 3 megapixel which takes dodgy photos and kills batteries by looking at them. So we decided that Jamie's canon SLR would be a better option.... FILM, who sells film these days??? The wedding was booked in for 10am, so we left just after 9 to find a shop that sells film (not in the service stations, but found a camera shop on Beaumont Street). THEN we were over half an hour early. The registry office said not to bother showing up to just a couple minutes prior, otherwise we'd just have to sit in the waiting room with the people registering their kids births etc... often ferals.

So the three of us - Jamie, Mark and I - went to Gloria Jeans on Beaumont for a coffee. Well Jamie had a coffee, and I just felt sick. Thought I was going to throw up and time just stood still for half an hour.

Our witnesses - Jason and Terese and their two boys from our football club - were running a little late, because very surprisingly there was traffic in Newcastle!!!

We crossed the road, bumped into our friend Rebecca. Then went into the registry office. Then we went into the tiny office and Kerrie the marriage celebrant calmed us all down. We had to check some documents to make sure the spelling was all correct (it was), then we had to stand and face each other and to the "repeat after me" portion. Mark got the giggles during Jamie's part, but I must agree it did sound weird. It was very nice, shame I can't remember the vows we made to each other, but it was in the spirit of partnership and loyalty. Jamie was asked to kiss the bride in front of other people, something we just don't do! Then we signed (as Jamie would put it) our life away. I finally became Mrs Christy Storer.

15 minutes later, we were out of there! Went back to Gloria Jeans had another coffee, I had one this time. Had a huge chat and laugh about how quick it all was and much more cost effective than a huge shindig. Then we headed for the foreshore for a little walk, followed by lunch. Being the school holidays there was a fair on at Nobby's beach, so the boys had a ride on the Dodgem Cars and we had a little walk around.

The Wedding Breakfast (as mum would like it to be called) was held at the Paymasters Cottage which was very nice, but maybe just a little bit "restauranty" for us. Jamie had fish, I had a super yummy salad of chicken and Marko had the "best meal of his life" garlic prawns. The waiter was lovely, and made it a nice occasion.

And then.... it was over!