Monday, November 23, 2009

Hard to see ultrasound pictures

These are actually from the 30th October almost a month ago now. For some unknown reason we didn't have a "morphology scan" and didn't actually know where the placenta was lying.. now we do.

These are bubby's little arms...

I'm interpreting this to be the "thumbs up" sign.

Ummm... legs I guess, I hope they are not as problematic at his mothers. No RLS for this little chicken.

As it says - heart reate - I'm going with heart rate.

Coloured in picture of the chambers of the heart. I mentioned Roy's heart defect, and the ultrasonographer spent a lot of time looking at my baby's heart. If only it made sense, but I'm guessing its ok.

Other news from today:
Went out to lunch with Toni and Gai from work. Very nice, but Toni and getting home for kids pick up are not quite on the same wave length. The place we went to was ok, service actually sucked. Had to ask twice for coffee, really SLOW and the portion was much too big. I had a pumpkin and pancetta pasta which was lovely, it also had some feta cheese in it, which truth me known I have NEVER tried... well now I have, its bland and not something I'm very interested in. But I can now say I have actually tried it. Its one of those foods like olives or fresh beetroot that I'm just too scared to try! Weird eh?

Collected Mark from school, set out some new rules, had a huge help from a blog reader *Jo* and we have almost agreed to the rules. He managed to go for a bike ride and do it all (except for homework, which is a constant battle) without too much of a fuss.

Nicest sound from today - Mark laughing whilst watching Hamish and Andy today Those two guys have a similar sense of humour to Mark.

Jamie played cricket - they lost - more people from his outdoor team are unhappy with the way the team is being led. I wish they'd just oust the guy and then they can go back to having fun. I'm sick of every part of Jamie's life being difficult... makes all of our lives difficult.

Now for my baking part. I had lots of not so nice apples, so I carmelised them, had some puff pastry in the freezer so made an apple tart. It was very yummy, I just wish I'd made a bit more caramel sauce as the apples ended up a little dry, but a big scoop of ice cream did the trick.

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