Friday, November 13, 2009

Anyone up for some pregnancy news.

Well I'm almost 37 weeks preggers now. Although this is what I have wanted for ages, its bloody uncomfortable. My issues are: reflux, dizziness, heat, swelling of ankles, and huge RLS. Quite tired as I'm not sleeping.

The good parts are: feeling him move, the shape although huge is quite beautiful (my fellas don't think so though, "put that away Mum")

I have all the baby stuff I could possibly need, the most gorgeous outfits that I can't wait to put on my new son. He's got 5 towels especially for him. My lovely nappies from that I just love (my goodness I hope we use them well, they are quite exxy but heaps cheaper than disposable).

The room is all set up - just need to move the trundle bed out, and the cupboard.... hmm maybe not quite set up.

My bags for the hospital are all packed.

Our list of phone numbers have been made, so Jamie knows who to call.

Babysitting for Mark is organised.

Health is supposedly good (except for the crap mentioned above)

So there we have it, I really want to meet this baby, and would like to give birth quite soon. Need to come up with a plan to bring it on sooner rather than later. All good though.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going well - not long now!!

Oh and I left a response about the cupcake papers pulling away from the cake on the same post. Hope it helps!