Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What I'd like to be able to do.

This is seriously a just for fun post... whilst waiting for my sunflowers to grow. Not sure what I'll get to, but I'll number them.

1. Wear high heels. I'm a flats girl, but love the look of heels, but I get the wobbles and its thoroughly embarrassing, so I choose not to be taller.

2. Write a book. Not a great literary feat, but just a book of some description. Maybe I'll do it one day, will have to attempt it first.

3. Be tidy. Well this one is a possibility, not a probability.

4. Be able to sing. I hate the sound of my voice, but really enjoy singing to myself. Even Mark tells me to be quiet when I sing. He will have to get used to it again when Junior arrives.

5. Be able to sew. I'd love to patchwork, make clothes, understand the mechanics of curtain making, knit and crochet. I'd love to be artistic.. but alas just not me.

So there you have, just for fun. Some stuff I'd like to do.

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