Tuesday, November 03, 2009

16th October 2009 - Jamie and Christy got married..

Life has sure changed (but remained the same) for me around here.

16th October, Jamie and I got married. I should record the details for prosperity. To be totally honest, it was very anti-climatic. We eloped, booked into the registry office about 6 weeks prior.

I was working heaps leading up to the 16th, did 5 late shifts in a row, including the night before!

Jamie's family had been visiting, they helped tweak my dress, Margie made the wedding cake, we got some flowers from Jo for the kitchen table to make the room look festive. It was actually very nice. On the Thursday, I realised I had no shoes, just assumed I'd wear the shoes from being Connie's bridemaid, but as I was actually 7 months pregnant on my wedding day, my feet have swelled up a bit, so those shoes didn't fit. So an emergency trip to the 24hr KMart on my way home from work, saw me pick up some very cute gold ballet flats.

Woke up on my wedding morning with all the usual jitters, it was such a strange feeling. On a side bar, I think the main cause of the jitters has to do with my previous almost wedding which was 12 years prior and in very similar circumstances. All was planned, just needed some witnesses, then I rang my sister to tell her what was happening and she talked me out of it. Vincent couldn't find anyone to be our witnesses and we called it off just minutes before hand. I think in the back of my mind, maybe I was expecting Jamie to do that same thing... all I can say is sorry Jamie, you two are not carved from the same stone.

Got myself all made up - and I'm not good at make up at all. We then realised that maybe we'd like some photos of the day (brain power is not our strong point). My digi camera is a pissy little 3 megapixel which takes dodgy photos and kills batteries by looking at them. So we decided that Jamie's canon SLR would be a better option.... FILM, who sells film these days??? The wedding was booked in for 10am, so we left just after 9 to find a shop that sells film (not in the service stations, but found a camera shop on Beaumont Street). THEN we were over half an hour early. The registry office said not to bother showing up to just a couple minutes prior, otherwise we'd just have to sit in the waiting room with the people registering their kids births etc... often ferals.

So the three of us - Jamie, Mark and I - went to Gloria Jeans on Beaumont for a coffee. Well Jamie had a coffee, and I just felt sick. Thought I was going to throw up and time just stood still for half an hour.

Our witnesses - Jason and Terese and their two boys from our football club - were running a little late, because very surprisingly there was traffic in Newcastle!!!

We crossed the road, bumped into our friend Rebecca. Then went into the registry office. Then we went into the tiny office and Kerrie the marriage celebrant calmed us all down. We had to check some documents to make sure the spelling was all correct (it was), then we had to stand and face each other and to the "repeat after me" portion. Mark got the giggles during Jamie's part, but I must agree it did sound weird. It was very nice, shame I can't remember the vows we made to each other, but it was in the spirit of partnership and loyalty. Jamie was asked to kiss the bride in front of other people, something we just don't do! Then we signed (as Jamie would put it) our life away. I finally became Mrs Christy Storer.

15 minutes later, we were out of there! Went back to Gloria Jeans had another coffee, I had one this time. Had a huge chat and laugh about how quick it all was and much more cost effective than a huge shindig. Then we headed for the foreshore for a little walk, followed by lunch. Being the school holidays there was a fair on at Nobby's beach, so the boys had a ride on the Dodgem Cars and we had a little walk around.

The Wedding Breakfast (as mum would like it to be called) was held at the Paymasters Cottage which was very nice, but maybe just a little bit "restauranty" for us. Jamie had fish, I had a super yummy salad of chicken and Marko had the "best meal of his life" garlic prawns. The waiter was lovely, and made it a nice occasion.

And then.... it was over!

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Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Congratulations - you both look so happy in the photos :)