Monday, November 23, 2009



I got my own way though.... turned the AC on at about 11am and left it on all day.

Mark and I had a bit of *Psych* fest, Jamie surpisingly enough spent most of the day at his computer and because of the extreme heat we had the dogs inside for most of the day.

My main issue at the moment is Mark. He is wanting to be on the internet 24/7. He is on Facebook all of the time, chatting to his school friends, playing Farmville and other varied games on the internet. I had (in my pathetic current state) let it slide, Jamie has been SO busy with work, MyNetHost and web designing that he has not really been very present for the past month. Last night we (J&I) discussed his internet usage and how to curtail it a bit. We came up with about 1 hour per day. Of course when I told Mark this was the new rule, he balked, he balks at everything. He was online quite a bit today, but when going outside is NOT an option and leaving the cool of the lounge room is NOT an option, I think we went quite well, he stopped and started. Did some minor changes to his farm, but not a huge one. Managed to help tidy up the lounge and kitchen and spent a bit more time engaging with the family. Plus I think he enjoyed having the dogs inside.

My challenge is going to be thru the week. As you may or may not be able to see, it is currently 1.10am on Sunday night/Monday morning, so I tend to sleep in. Mark still wakes up about 7am, and lately has not even come in to say good morning, but goes straight to the computer and logs on! When I get up about 8ish it a challenge to get him dressed, breakfasted, lunches made etc. Everything is a drama. I've tried saying OVER AND OVER to be completely ready for school before touching computer. Doesn't work. I know I'm a softie, a huge push over. But short of yelling all the time and threatening, how do I enforce the rules? To be totally honest, I get no help from Jamie. He'll just ban him from everything and then go to the computer and zone out. Its me that has to cope with the tears, the "OMG I hate him", life is so unfair and what can we do?

Jamie is always saying he'll take him over to the nets to practice cricket... but there is always some drama with the computer that takes his attention away. FRUSTRATING.

So my hope is tomorrow for it to be MUCH cooler, that way after school, Mark and I can walk the dogs and unleash some energy before he goes onto the computer.

Now don't get me started on cleaning his room, showering, cleaning teeth, picking up clothes, putting clothes away, going to be on time, feeding the dogs without being told (despite it being his main chore for the past two years), helping around the house in any way shape or form. But looking at his male role model... well I'm not surprised.

Any suggestions out there on how to instill a sense of self and helpful attitude in an 11 year old boy whose life is about to change completely because of a baby brother arriving some time in the next three weeks????? Please help.

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