Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quick Trip to Hospital

It was very unexciting.

I was the only one in the Antenatal Day Stay Unit.

Toni was the midwife on duty, she took my blood pressure (143/84) a little bit elevated.
Popped me on the fetal heart rate monitor and I got visions of giving birth to Mark... hooked up to a machine, not being able to get off the bed. Junior Mr Storer's heart rate bounced between 120 and 155 beats per minute and there were several times he got quite active, I had to press a button whenever I felt him move.

Another blood pressure, getting better, still a tiny bit elevated, but that appears to be quite normal for me... my wee (despite Toni telling me was fine) I heard her tell the doc had a "trace of protein" in it.

Foetal monitor came off. Headed upstairs to the pathology for a blood test and another wee test.

Back downstairs for another blood pressure, then the doc came to see me. She was quite nice, said I had "spectacularly swollen feet" and they were quite impressive. My reflexes in my ankles suck because of the swelling. But to go home, rest up, and call is there are any changes in movements, headache, contractions (duh), or flashes in front of my eyes.

Dr Sam will call me with my blood results, if they are normal, back to the midwives on Friday, if they are abnormal... she will devise a plan!

Altogether an interesting day.

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