Friday, April 28, 2017

Almost done

And now its almost completed.

Concreting done.
Shed is up.
New facia board (still need guttering)

On the still to do list:
Electricity and lights
Pergola/verandah/roof for the "just outside our backdoor" bit
Leveling of the back yard and grass planted.
New tap or maybe a sink in the bathroom.

I'm reasonably happy, heaps of errors with the garage, things we will see forever, but everyone else just says "wow, that's that you call a shed"
All men have envy and most women are surprised I let it happen.

This garage is HUGE, its beyond huge.

Concreting day.  Quite exciting

Finished shed

Laying out the verandah bit

putting up the mammoth wall.  You can see here the size of the freaking thing.  Its massive.