Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What I love...

I'm noticing this a lot on my blog trawl everyday. So I'm joining in.

  • Christmas. Love the idea, the colours, the feeling, the presents, seeing family, and the birthday of Jesus - all pretty cool.
  • "Mark stories" - the rambling ones that make no sense.
  • Jamie when he makes a joke and then laughs.
  • Reading trashy magazines.
  • Looking and touching scrapbook paper... mmmmm.
Oh that reminds me, I went to Jen's house for a Stampin' Up party. Everytime a lovely product was passed around the table there was a collective sigh, like a big chocolate cake had been bought out. Us papercrafters are a strange bunch, lust after paper, talk about products like they are food "a yummy new rubon". Its funny to listen to.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chuffed mum

Am I allowed to say,

I have a terribly attractive child

Don't you think?????

Sunday Catch up.

The most exciting part of today.... bunk bed!!! Not in the traditional sense, but a high bed with a desk underneath it. Mark is a VERY happy camper. We got it from our friends son Kyle, who was getting a "fancy" new bunk bed. We are cool with hand-me-downs that is for sure. Its a tubular white metal bed which goes with all of his other white stuff.


Yes we finally got our couches from Harvey Norman - which I would put a link in to, but suggest to people out there in blog land DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HARVEY NORMAN (or Hardly Normal as we'd like to call them). Who doesn't know this story. My apologies to those in my family and those I work with if you already know this one.

In June - our old green couches were looking old and tired, one day I stretched out and RIPPPPP my foot went through the fabric on the arm rest.... not only were they uncomfortable, but now they were torn.

In July - actually it was the 29th of July - first stop Hardly Normal, we sat on every couch in the place under $3000, and the lovely Da Vini couch in Licorice was the best, goodbye to the rest. We made a cusory visit to "Fantastic Furniture" but it was all very hard and just not us! So deposit was paid and the saleslady said somewhere between 2-6 weeks, but warehouse would be in touch.

August - my parents came to visit, sadly no couches - went to Hardly Normal to sit on them to show mum.

September - I wanted these babies for my birthday, called the warehouse, they are coming from Italy, and they need a full container load before they will be sent, maybe another 2 weeks. Connie and Paul's visit for my birthday came and went, sadly no couches.

October - every two weeks we called the warehouse, it will be another 2 weeks they said each time. Still no phone call from them saying "Our apologies but we are waiting for the delivery and we are sorry you have had to wait" But alas no.

November - Yes they will be here in a week. Jamie went to hospital so I was not home for the call to say they had arrived, no they dont' try again the next day or go to your alternative phone number, but shoot off a letter in the mail. NOVEMBER 19th is the day. And really after all that rant - we've got them now, the old ones are gone - given to a needy friend. But Iwon't shop there anymore and I will advise others not to.

Mark took the one of the three seater - that is his toy "Fluffy" in the middle.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lost entry.

Don't know where it went. I'm certain that I made a new post, but oh well. Its gone.
Tonight I'm a bit stuffed, after telling my mum that I think I'm cured with my restless legs - its back with avengence. Very disappointed. I'm certain its stress related, didn't enjoy my role at work today, felt out of my depth and there was too much pressure to please too many sides. Jamie was in a foul mood with me, had his friend Paul & his youngin' over to play "speakers" together, I don't get the need for speakers and an amplifier. To me our telly is just great, we have a large plasma with a digi set top box, the sound is good, always too loud for me, and he seems to need the biggest, greatest and of course the most expensive one. Luckily we cant' afford it at the moment.
Ok to channel an online friend... think of the positives.
Best part of today - playing in the park with Mark, although he's not little anymore and isn't interested in play equipment, it was great to walk around the park with him, he ran, played the hoodlum and tried to climb a tree. IT was so refreshing.
Worst - the feeling at work, I'm not happy not liking someone, but the feeling gets worse everyday. Anyone have any ideas on how to change your thinking about a really annoying person.
Funniest - More of a "what the??" thing than funny, some stores people came up and told me there was no way they could put away my wards stores as there was too much stuff in the storeroom (what exactly is there job?) so I went in, shifted a couple of things and got everything put away. Did it all in 10 minutes! made me laugh.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I've been spammed.

I thought someone loved me.... there were three replies to my mega long question and answer post.
But it was SPAM. I'm so disappointed.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Big Catch Up

Oops luckily I'm not doing that blog entry a day thing for real.
  • Tuesday night got ourselves all organised for Mark's School Twilight Picnic Dance Concert. Took a picnic dinner, had a chair, due to inclement weather the whole thing is postponed until next Tuesday. So I shall repack the picnic, repack the chairs, Mark is still praciticing away with his dance moves. Jamie should be able to come this time, his cricket match isn't until 8.15 on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday was the start of my therapy. It was really good - Jane was really easy to talk to. She gave me some breathing exercises for when I feel panic coming over me, and so far its worked.
  • I had a lovely walk through Lambton Park. It was gorgeous - huge Jacaranda trees with the flowers all over the ground, beautiful parkland and a cute little playground for when I have #2
  • Work on Wednesday arvo was very nice, I was working with Rebecca (another one I had never met before) and Robynne... so all went smoothly. Everyone was most concerned that I hadn't been at work for a week. Even some of the rellies noticed I had been missing. NOw that one means two things - they've been in hospital FAR too long or I'm very memorable.
  • Thursday am I did some gardening, the front garden bed is now weeded and put some nice top soil on it, I'm going to plant some annuals for a dash of colour. Jamie an Mark are going to mow the lawn today.
  • Late shift again, all is good again. Then there was no one to do overnight - so I stayed and did the night shift as well.
  • All went well, didn't have a "nap" overnight as my dad would say. Got home and J&M were still there, so no nap. Jamie couldn't find a cd he was after so no nap. Next episode of Prison Break to watch - no nap. Attempted a nap and got about one hour. Cleaned up, did some washing, made tea our first BBQ of the season. It was YUMMY
  • Went to bed at 8pm up at 7.15 (thanks Marko) so feel very rested today.
  • Got to pack up some scrapping stuff today - my big SHEENA letters which I shall post a photo of a bit later, a mini album for mum, a mini album for dad and an album to share cos I'm going home to see my parents for the day. Leaving here at 6pm tonight and coming home on the 5.45 flight to Sydney then have to catch the train home!!! :(
Talk to you when I get back - or maybe before.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Grey's Anatomy.

There is something about this show. Makes me cry, makes me laugh, freaks me out.
We *acquired* the next episode the first of series 3.... the one from just after Denny dying... oh its broken my heart. Whoever writes this stuff needs the Emmy - pure gold.

My gripe from LOST. All the way through none of the survivors bothered telling each other stuff. Whenever Jack went for one of his adventures he never told anyone why, when Loc asked someone for help he never explained why. Poor Jamie gets an earful every time we watch it - why don't these people communicate?????

New Laylout to share.

I've completely fallen in love with this layout. ITs a total scraplift of a Melissa Nunn layout from an old Scrapbook Creations magazine. But I did change the title and used my imagination.
Very proud of this one.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I'll try and put something in every day. Missed the 2nd of Nov, but I didn't know about it then.
I'm still super sick - up vomiting all night (again) so back to the doc this arvo. I was even too sick to take little Marky to school, so he's home helping me at home.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Boys are coming home.

Yes that is correct, they only left yesterday, and they are now on their way home.
Supposedly the party was good - Drew & Kelly's son Taylor was not there, he had a weekend with his dad, which was a shame for Mark, but he enjoyed himself anyway.

As for me, my new medication is settling down, sleeping very poorly (could have been taht I was on my own), stomach is a little upset, legs are pretty good. My body still feels like its been hit by a truch, but Dr Clarke insists that I'm not allergic - better damn well not be, and that's all I'll say about that.

I wanted to re-arrange Mark's room when he was gone, but the weight of the bed is a bit much for me. So instead I think I'll go to the scrap room and TIDY UP. Here is a before shot!
Later in the day I'll put up my after shot, just to prove I can do it.

Oh once again, mental note to self - return library books.

Something I'll recommend to the Aussies out there, go and buy a pack of Uncle Toby's Plus Museli Flakes not only are they delicious (especially with yogurt and not milk) but they have a promotion at the moment with the BigPond DVD store. You get 20 free DVDs for hire over a 2 months period, they come with a reply paid envelope so when you have finished just pop it in the post!!!!!!!!!!! At the moment we have CARS, OVER THE HEDGE and CURIOUS GEORGE. We've got on the list Little Brittan, Pimp my Ride and some other movies that I can't remember. Its pretty good value, havent't found the catch other than I will want it to continue (duh Christy that is the catch!!)

Saturday, November 04, 2006


...and I saw it on someone else's blog and decided to steal it.


TV show: Grey's Anatomy or Lost or Prison Break or the CSIs
Flower: yellow rose
Alcohol: Sass pink champage (where can I get some!!)
Movie: Love Actually
Color: pink -all shades
Sport: No thanks I'm allergic
Phrase: Yes of course I'd like some chocolate.
Mall: Shoppingtown Doncaster - I wanna go home
Music: still after all these years - Bon Jovi
Food: Anything sweet


Height: 165 ish
Hair color: brown with some interesting NATURAL highlights
Hair length: chin length - currently not cutting it!!
Hair style: whatever it feels like doing, I have NO control
Eye color: green
Shoe size: 7
Personality: Quiet, lazy, loving and talkative (to those I know)


How's life? We're not quite where we want to be, but we're comfortable.
What's your mood right now? bored and wanting to scrap
What are you doing right now as we speak? wasting time
What are you doing over the weekend? Off work sick, home alone :(
What do you want to do with your life? Be loved and to love. (ie wife and mother)
Where are you right now? Jamie's computer room

Have you ever been in love? Hell YES
Do you believe in love? same answer as above
Have you ever had your heart broken? Yes, but its fixed now
Have you ever broken someone's heart? Unfortunately not.
Have you ever fallen for your best friend? No
Are you planning on getting married? Yes, can you all speak to Jamie!!!
Are you afraid of commitment? Not at all (I think this part is for the singles of the world out there)


One thing sitting next to you: Computer parts, more computer parts and a bottle of vinegar (don't ask me why the vinegar is there)
Do you like the color purple? Its good for scrapping not for wearing unless you are a goth.
How many cds do you own? Not as many as most - we have about 150
What is your most prized possession? I love my digi camera, will have to save up for a bigger megapixel one in the future and do a class
Who's your closest relative? Mum
If you could go anywhere? Italy - its becoming an obsession


Pepsi or coke? Coke Zero
CD or Radio? 1233 ABC Newcastle
Tommy Boy or Black Sheep? I do not understand this question, must be american
Saturday or Sunday? Saturday
Phone or in person? in person

Have you ever been caught sneaking out? Never snuck out. Did get caught the one time I wagged school by my then neighbours then boyfriend - he just laughed.
Have you ever skinny dipped? Northland NZ beach in winter - kind of stupid actually
Have you ever done something you regret? Hindsight means things were pretty stupid but don't regret them - wouldn't have Mark if I wasn't stupid.
Have you ever bungee jumped? Yes twice it was marvellous
Have you ever been on a house boat? I don't know - not recently anyway
Have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker? I don't think I have ever had a jawbreaker
Have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurt? Yes - I wanted Mark OUT.


Are you missing someone right now? Yes - Jamie and Mark are having a boys weekend away
Are you in love with anyone? Yep - Jamie (again, are we seeing a trend here people)
Are you happy? Mostly, wish I lived back in Melbourne, wish I had more kids, wish I didn't have RLS, but mostly happy
Are you talking to anyone right now? just myself
Are you thirsty? yes, anyone got any Coke Zero????
Are you bored? not as much as I was when this whole thing started
Are you German? Born in Germany but not german.
Are you Irish? No, but Uncle Mark is, does that count.
Are your parents still married? Yes they are closing the gap on 35 years soon!!!
Are you crushing on someone? Yes - J still makes my heart race, but he annoys the crap out of me also.

Travelling to Wagga Wagga.

Its now 2pm.. just called my men, they have just passed the turn off to Canberra Another hour or two to go. Jamie sounds a bit annoyed - he's never gone so far on the bike before. I can't talk to Mark, but Jamie said he is ok. This is the photo I took of them just before they left. Those reflective panels sure work well. Can't find the red eye tool in my version of photo shop - sorry Marko. Also there is Mark all decked out in his helmet and back pack. Hopefully they will stay at a place with a pool, so that they can stretch out and relax before heading off ot the party. I know they have eaten a KitKat each - probably stopped at Maccas for lunch, party for tea. A real boys weekend for them.

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Layout to Share

Here is a scrapbook page about my adorable neice Sheena. I'm so enjoying using pink on my pages that it is hard to go back to masculine pages... hint hint Jo, I need more high resolution photos of the girl.
This was a technically difficult LO to do. First of all the title (HOSPITAL) is handcut out of vellum. My first attempt had the letters machine stitched on - but it looked disgusting, so I unpicked it (Mum remember that night when I told you I was unpicking a LO - you thought I was mad). The mounting is on pink cardstock and inked and folded so that I could put some hidden journalling under the photo. The scan of course does not do it justice.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I love...

This is him just after work. Changed into his civvies and snoozing on the couch.

Jamie starts work at 6am and last weekend he did 1 1/2 days of overtime all starting at 6am. Poor little guy is all tuckered out. He seems to be having a snooze most days now, but that is good, its what he needs.

I love you Jamie xxxx


Well I didn't think I was evil... I'm just NICE.
I did a daggy quiz and I'm 38% evil.
Check your evilness here.