Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What the????

I have someone from Morocco looking at my blog?


I'm being better about my exercise. The Biggest Loser is rubbing off.
I've lost about 4kg from my heaviest, so I'm pretty happy about that. Speaking of TBL, I'm sick of the advertising. I thought there was going to be a big fight tonight between Shannan and John, but it wasn't that at all... they just beat everything up and its quite annoying.

My ultrasound was "interesting", don't think I'm happy to share the bizarre details here, but those that see me have heard the story. Its pretty funny if you ask me.

Marko conned me - he gets tummy aches in the morning. If I have the day off.. and I've had a bad night, well what the bother. He was a delight at home. Not sure the reason behind the tummy aches. I inquired and he isn't bullied, he doesn't bully, he doesn't get yelled at, he doesn't get in trouble, he has enough friends and other than getting graphic, I can't think of any reasons. Oh and he enjoys the work.

Jamie is catching up on sleep. Three nights in a row he has fallen asleep on the couch. Last night was at 9.30pm. Tonight - get this - he fell asleep on the couch at 5.30, he missed his cricket game, his captain called to ask where he was and he slept through the phone ringing (and he doesn't do that!!) he woke up when he snored at one point (taking after my dad, snorting himself awake), woke up when I poked him in the tummy. He didn't even have dinner. Went from the couch to bed and is still snoring!

Me - well I'm all over the shop. I'm totally scared to go to bed. Had a full on panic attack in the middle of the night Sunday night and it scare the shit out of me. Jamie *again* slept through it, so he wasn't helpful. So in reality I'm in need of sleep but am scared to go to bed. How stupid that that.

I really need to take some photos, or have some photos taken - any takers?

I need to plan something FUN... any suggestions???

AND I think the mouse is back, or I'm so tired I'm hallucinating.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just when you think you've got it figured out.

I thought my legs were good - and they were. Now I'm going down the road of self medicating - doesn't work. Now I'm sleepy and jumpy.

OOSH is complicated. I'll share more later.

The kid is gorgeous. Love him to pieces.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Evening

I'm freaking out watching *Underbelly*
Please stop reading if you live in Victoria, banned due to legal restrictions.
Pretty yucky what happens in the underworld.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A tidy house.

Can you believe it?
My house is tidy. Took a long time yesterday. The lawn has been mowed and it looks good (I wish he'd use the catcher though). We don't look like a rental anymore.

Took the boat out for a little spin yesterday which was nice.

Had a Biggest Loser fest with Mark. The weeks worth of TBL that I had taped, watched it all in one hit. I really don't like the Red Team. Rachel... I just don't get. Sheridan giving in to the temptation just does not make sense. Well that my thoughts on TBL, Mark just wished I'd shut up. I'm so glad Michelle doesn't train me... oh that's right, I don't train.

Umm today we are hoping to get the car seals done, but I don't like out chances. I want to get "Singstar" or "Buzz" for the Playstation we got last weekend.

I went on a card making frenzy last weekend, made about 40 cards. If anyone needs any, just let me know. Stuffed if I know what I'll do with 40 cards. Desperately want to make some more. Will attempt to scrapbook. But don't have much inspiration to do that.

Tomorrow is the "Come and Try Day" for the AFL. I really hope it will be good day. Some drills for the kids and a mini-game. I've got to get Jamie organised with some fun activities.

Christy xx

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today is a pretty big day in Australia's history. Finally the government has said "sorry" for the stolen generation. I think every single school child watched the speech.

Mark said to me yesterday, "What do you think is important about tomorrow?" and it was the Sorry Day speech. He was very excited to get to school to watch it with his friends. More importantly he was interested in what it meant and why Kevin Rudd had to say sorry = he didn't do it.
I think that is why so many Aussies have a problem with the apology, why should be apologize for something we didn't do, or that was done with the best of intentions at the time. Well it still doesn't make it right. I'm happy that we as a nation have apologised, it was necessary. I might not be coherent in what I'm talking about, but I wanted my tiny two cents worth.

The photo came from the ABC website. I tried to find one of some Aboriginal people, but then decided against it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Just a quick note...

Tomorrow I'm seeing my Neurologist again - just to get the results of my sleep study, should be interesting. My RLS is quite good at the moment, I think cos I'm sleeping better due to the wonderful invention of sleeping tablets.

I need to see my GP or a chiro about a new pain in my hip/back. I was in agony tonight with it, felt nauseous and taking panadol every 4 hours (or less) didn't help. How on earth do people live with chronic pain? Do I sound like a nurse? No other theory than the worse case scenario. As flippant as that is... our friend Doug passed away from a secondary in his spine that "just happened one day" My horoscope for this year said I would have problems with my feet. But I remember now, I don't believe in horoscopes.

Thursday I'm off to an ultrasound to see why my "girl bits" aren't giving me a baby! Oops I mean why they are not giving US a baby.

Blood test the following week.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Rain, mozzies, boats and work.

Newcastle (for that matter Australia) is raining. But its a hot, muggy rain and its bloody awful. The puddles that persist mean that mozzie's breed and then they bite ME. I'm sure they bite other... but more importantly... they bite me.
BOAT is finally in the water. A huge engine overhaul - lots of foul language and LOTS of driving to Tanilba and back... our little family took it for a spin on Sunday morning. It was really nice, having the salty air in my hair, coolish outside. Mark as going to attempt fishing, but in true *I don't need you to tell me how to do it fashion* he cracked. So now our boat in safely back in our backyard.
Work has been awful. Patient illnesses are getting worse - thankfully they have looked at hte medical situation. So we now two interns (junior docs), one ward based registrar (next level up) and two overseeing senior registrars as well as the 8 consultants. So my thoughts are the patients SHOULD be cared for. Now we just need to get nursing right.
Mayb'e I'll leave. find a job in another hospital.. but end iwh the same shit, but not know anyone. Ok I'll stay in gastro.


Next bit of news is a bit personal (so stop reading now). As you might be aware Jamie and I are trying to have a baby. SOmewhat unsuccessfully so far. So I'm having an ultrasound of my girlie bits next week, then a blood test, followed by an operation to check for endometriosis.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Doctors, doctors and probably heaps of blood tests.

Tomorrow I am going to a fertility doctor. I'm quite excited and nervous.

I think I'm nervous, got so anxious that I felt nauseas - took a pregnancy test - negative as per usual. But that would have been my luck. Cheaper luck though.