Monday, February 04, 2008

Rain, mozzies, boats and work.

Newcastle (for that matter Australia) is raining. But its a hot, muggy rain and its bloody awful. The puddles that persist mean that mozzie's breed and then they bite ME. I'm sure they bite other... but more importantly... they bite me.
BOAT is finally in the water. A huge engine overhaul - lots of foul language and LOTS of driving to Tanilba and back... our little family took it for a spin on Sunday morning. It was really nice, having the salty air in my hair, coolish outside. Mark as going to attempt fishing, but in true *I don't need you to tell me how to do it fashion* he cracked. So now our boat in safely back in our backyard.
Work has been awful. Patient illnesses are getting worse - thankfully they have looked at hte medical situation. So we now two interns (junior docs), one ward based registrar (next level up) and two overseeing senior registrars as well as the 8 consultants. So my thoughts are the patients SHOULD be cared for. Now we just need to get nursing right.
Mayb'e I'll leave. find a job in another hospital.. but end iwh the same shit, but not know anyone. Ok I'll stay in gastro.


Next bit of news is a bit personal (so stop reading now). As you might be aware Jamie and I are trying to have a baby. SOmewhat unsuccessfully so far. So I'm having an ultrasound of my girlie bits next week, then a blood test, followed by an operation to check for endometriosis.

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