Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I'm being better about my exercise. The Biggest Loser is rubbing off.
I've lost about 4kg from my heaviest, so I'm pretty happy about that. Speaking of TBL, I'm sick of the advertising. I thought there was going to be a big fight tonight between Shannan and John, but it wasn't that at all... they just beat everything up and its quite annoying.

My ultrasound was "interesting", don't think I'm happy to share the bizarre details here, but those that see me have heard the story. Its pretty funny if you ask me.

Marko conned me - he gets tummy aches in the morning. If I have the day off.. and I've had a bad night, well what the bother. He was a delight at home. Not sure the reason behind the tummy aches. I inquired and he isn't bullied, he doesn't bully, he doesn't get yelled at, he doesn't get in trouble, he has enough friends and other than getting graphic, I can't think of any reasons. Oh and he enjoys the work.

Jamie is catching up on sleep. Three nights in a row he has fallen asleep on the couch. Last night was at 9.30pm. Tonight - get this - he fell asleep on the couch at 5.30, he missed his cricket game, his captain called to ask where he was and he slept through the phone ringing (and he doesn't do that!!) he woke up when he snored at one point (taking after my dad, snorting himself awake), woke up when I poked him in the tummy. He didn't even have dinner. Went from the couch to bed and is still snoring!

Me - well I'm all over the shop. I'm totally scared to go to bed. Had a full on panic attack in the middle of the night Sunday night and it scare the shit out of me. Jamie *again* slept through it, so he wasn't helpful. So in reality I'm in need of sleep but am scared to go to bed. How stupid that that.

I really need to take some photos, or have some photos taken - any takers?

I need to plan something FUN... any suggestions???

AND I think the mouse is back, or I'm so tired I'm hallucinating.

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Jim said...

Need photos taken, you say? :p