Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I don't understand humans.

Another series of thoughts by me.

I attended a conference last week.  There was a speaker Dr Marie Etienne from the USA.  She is of Haitian descent.  She was talking about the Haiti Earthquake which occurred in 2010.  Most of the country is still living in tents as the infrastructure has not been built yet.

Her wording was "under the tent".  When people live under the tent there is a lack of electricity a lack of private and "of course" violence and sexual assault occurs.

HUH???  Why is this "of course"

Tangent..... (it will come back together), I watch a lot of Law & Order SVU.  Every episode is about rape or some sort of sexual exploitation.  A recent episode had a young drunk almost passed out woman lying on the ground.  A couple of youngish men walked by and looked at the woman, instead of helping her home or to a hospital, they unzipped their pants and raped her.


What is wrong with men who don't appear to have control over themselves.  I know that if my father or my husband was in either of these situations nothing would happen. Children would be safe.  Women would be safe.  Why are there so many people out there who think that other peoples bodies are their for their enjoyment.

Also, how is rape enjoyable.  Surely a woman or a man who is "liking what you are doing" is so much better.