Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Planning a Holiday.

Jamie and I are planning a trip to HAWAII... how cool is that?

  • We both need to get new passports - very sad - they have been gathering dust.
  • Book time off work.
  • Book flights.
  • Book accommodation.
  • Work out my feelings about leaving Mark behind. We'll go to Queensland once the baby we are going to have is a toddler, ok feelings are fixed.
  • Get Dad up to babysit / get kid to school.
A girl I worked with and a Facebook friend from long long ago have both been to Hawaii and are in the process of giving me some good tips. Tanya stayed at Aqua Wave said it was good there, so will definitely check that one out. Rhys hasn't giving me options of accommodation yet, but he will if I ask him.
Must go to a travel agent to get a good deal. Whatever you do, don't tell Jamie this, but I don't completely trust the internet and tv for that matter. I always thought Jetstar would be the cheapest. Well I just looked up Harvey World Travel and .... Qantas is very cheap - and they give you food!!! OH my goodness. I'm in shock.
I credit the pictures to this site.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I have just done a little bit of blog surfing. Here, here and here.
How do people keep up their enthusiasm?

Scrapbookers for example, there are names in the industry that have been around for AGES. They are prolific scrapbookers. Chefs such as Gordon Ramsay *yum* how can he keep up his enthusiasm, I can't cook for three people without losing interest.

Well I'm thinkin' deep tonight.


I was going to upload a whole bunch of photos.. but our computer is a piece of crap.
Who could imagine being practically married to a computer nerd and our computers are rubbish.
I guess its the way it goes. Mechanics cars are crap. Builders have broken houses.
Very annoying actually.
I want to paint the doors in the computer room. The rest of the room is a light aqua (nicer than it sounds) not sure what I want to paint the doors though. I would like chalkboard paint, but Jamie is against that (boohoo). Maybe just stick with white. Can't go wrong with white. It'd be nice to surprise Mark and mum with the doors painted.
Mark is having a fabulous time with his grandparents.
Mum & Dad have spent up big in the last couple of weeks. They got a caravan and a 4wd. Not at all sure if this is what the car and the van look like, but hey its a picture. Mark adores them both.
Feeling a bit sleepy now, so I won't tell the very cool story that goes with the Suzuki Grand Vitara. By the way its the car I wanted, not a totally square Nissan Patrol - a very unsexy car.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I feel icky. As I said to Ella last night, "I feel like shit, a nondescript shit, but shit all the same"
Snoozed most of the afternoon. Did my grocery shop - thank goodness for a really good pay (yipee)
The rent for Feb has finally been paid, found it in our bank as I was writing out the "Notice to Vacate" form. Oh well. I can start again on the 18th, as if he'll pay this month without force.

The boys are off to footy practice, its been a very wet week.

I'm watching Le Journal on SBS and its talking about rising cost of food and petrol world wide. In some asian countries RICE is becoming a luxury as it has doubled in price in the past two months.

I'm getting rid of Mark on Saturday, I'm gonna miss that kid. he's such a delight. He;s off to Nan and Pop's place, he is so excited about his holiday.

* * * ******************** * * * ****************** * * *

Its our 8th anniversary this weekend. How amazing is that? So much has happened in those 8 years.
Jamie has changed jobs about 5 times (Ansett, bizarre little jobs, Forstaff, Boeing, BAE)
I have changed career.
We moved interstate.
Mark started school.
We bought two houses
We now own two cars, a motorbike and a boat.
Jamie is the Football Coach
I'm the treasurer at OOSH
We have two dogs and two fish (after the big fish kill off 3 weeks ago when we had 6)

Ok that is enough. The plan for this year is a holiday (YIPEE) and a pregnancy. Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone and then we can have Brooklyn like Posh and Becks, and hopefully we can call our baby "Puket", "Bali" or "Gold Coast"
And then hopefully we will get married too, 8 years of thinking is surely enough.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Finally I decided to help out my guys. I cooked tea. Well I put the ingredients in the crock pot and it cooked itself.

I got home from work at 10.30 and there it was still in the crockpot, still cooking.

They didn't realise that it was there.

So what did they eat? A chocolate bar and coke from the servo on the way to cricket.