Friday, April 18, 2008

I was going to upload a whole bunch of photos.. but our computer is a piece of crap.
Who could imagine being practically married to a computer nerd and our computers are rubbish.
I guess its the way it goes. Mechanics cars are crap. Builders have broken houses.
Very annoying actually.
I want to paint the doors in the computer room. The rest of the room is a light aqua (nicer than it sounds) not sure what I want to paint the doors though. I would like chalkboard paint, but Jamie is against that (boohoo). Maybe just stick with white. Can't go wrong with white. It'd be nice to surprise Mark and mum with the doors painted.
Mark is having a fabulous time with his grandparents.
Mum & Dad have spent up big in the last couple of weeks. They got a caravan and a 4wd. Not at all sure if this is what the car and the van look like, but hey its a picture. Mark adores them both.
Feeling a bit sleepy now, so I won't tell the very cool story that goes with the Suzuki Grand Vitara. By the way its the car I wanted, not a totally square Nissan Patrol - a very unsexy car.

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