Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I feel icky. As I said to Ella last night, "I feel like shit, a nondescript shit, but shit all the same"
Snoozed most of the afternoon. Did my grocery shop - thank goodness for a really good pay (yipee)
The rent for Feb has finally been paid, found it in our bank as I was writing out the "Notice to Vacate" form. Oh well. I can start again on the 18th, as if he'll pay this month without force.

The boys are off to footy practice, its been a very wet week.

I'm watching Le Journal on SBS and its talking about rising cost of food and petrol world wide. In some asian countries RICE is becoming a luxury as it has doubled in price in the past two months.

I'm getting rid of Mark on Saturday, I'm gonna miss that kid. he's such a delight. He;s off to Nan and Pop's place, he is so excited about his holiday.

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Its our 8th anniversary this weekend. How amazing is that? So much has happened in those 8 years.
Jamie has changed jobs about 5 times (Ansett, bizarre little jobs, Forstaff, Boeing, BAE)
I have changed career.
We moved interstate.
Mark started school.
We bought two houses
We now own two cars, a motorbike and a boat.
Jamie is the Football Coach
I'm the treasurer at OOSH
We have two dogs and two fish (after the big fish kill off 3 weeks ago when we had 6)

Ok that is enough. The plan for this year is a holiday (YIPEE) and a pregnancy. Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone and then we can have Brooklyn like Posh and Becks, and hopefully we can call our baby "Puket", "Bali" or "Gold Coast"
And then hopefully we will get married too, 8 years of thinking is surely enough.

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