Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Planning a Holiday.

Jamie and I are planning a trip to HAWAII... how cool is that?

  • We both need to get new passports - very sad - they have been gathering dust.
  • Book time off work.
  • Book flights.
  • Book accommodation.
  • Work out my feelings about leaving Mark behind. We'll go to Queensland once the baby we are going to have is a toddler, ok feelings are fixed.
  • Get Dad up to babysit / get kid to school.
A girl I worked with and a Facebook friend from long long ago have both been to Hawaii and are in the process of giving me some good tips. Tanya stayed at Aqua Wave said it was good there, so will definitely check that one out. Rhys hasn't giving me options of accommodation yet, but he will if I ask him.
Must go to a travel agent to get a good deal. Whatever you do, don't tell Jamie this, but I don't completely trust the internet and tv for that matter. I always thought Jetstar would be the cheapest. Well I just looked up Harvey World Travel and .... Qantas is very cheap - and they give you food!!! OH my goodness. I'm in shock.
I credit the pictures to this site.

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