Sunday, May 04, 2008

Football Family

We spend so long at football each week. This morning we set the alarm at 6.30am went to collect 3 other kids whose parents do not drive. Then drove off to Medowie for a 9am start.

The under 10 team (Mark plays on this team) played ok. They were completely thrashed, but that is ok. Only one kid cracked a 'nana about it. It was one of his first games. Not entirely sure of the score, but I think we only got about 7 points.

Next was the Under 12's and there was a parent barney. The coach, Ricky, is only 17 and he drives me NUTS. He is so over the top, loud and opinionated.... but the kids seem to love him and are desperate to please him. Well, it is a rule that all the kids wear mouth guards - that makes sense - well kids being kids - forget their mouthguards. Mark was one and another boy forgot his. The dad of the other kid (from now on referred to as Dad A) said its ok Kid A can just play without his mouthguard, and he wouldn't sue the club if anything happened to Kid A. Ricky said "I'm the coach, and am here for the kids, and no kid is playing without a mouthguard". Red rag to a bull, Dad A cracked the sads, and blew up at Ricky. Not entirely without reason. But made it EXTREMELY uncomfortable for all involved. Jason (Club President) and Jamie (Coach of U10s) were trying to smooth out the problems.... OH DEAR. Not sure if that was understandable, but trying not to be libelous. I'm on Dad A's side!!

DAMN our tv is not working, its completely scrambled. Our oven broke yesterday. Petrol is very very expensive.

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