Monday, May 12, 2008

Maybe I'm nesting.

I feel somewhat organised.

Last night I did all of the dishes and the kitchen looked wonderful.

I asked Jamie to collect Mark from school, its on his way home, and I have to make an arc. I just wanted to come straight home.

Jamie called me and asked for some Chocolate Royale biscuits and some coke. Like the good missus I am, I obliged. What you would like for dinner? I don't care.

So I bought a cooked chook. Arrived home, the boys are watching The Matrix (VERY LOUDLY) on the telly. I assembled a salad, cooked some pototoes (Mark would prefer to have noodles than potato, I cooked some noodles).
Served dinner. Cleared the table. Washed dishes. Fed the dogs. Folded the washing.

The boys are still watching The Matrix (VERY LOUDLY).

I must be coming down with the flu.

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