Monday, December 05, 2016

A bit of a time line.

My  mother thinks it would be a good idea to put up a year in review.  My facebook year in review looks beautiful - all sunshine and light.  Happy outings.  What it doesn't show is the myriad of phone calls, sleepless nights, stress, STRESS and (well I'm not going up a font size) stress.

Having a part of your property burn is challenging.
No one was hurt, this is fantastic.  But losing ones possessions is hard.  Losing photos and some books that I won't replace is hard.  Jamie losing most of his stuff... hard.

Saturday April 2nd - night of the fire, this was documented below.

Sunday April 3rd - Ben's fifth birthday, we had a party at a park planned.  This went ahead.  Two of his school friends, and family.  Jamie's parents came down from the country, but my parents had started their long holiday.  This was a welcome spot of happiness.  We were able to digest what had happened the night before.  Then most came back to our house and we surveyed the MESS.  At this stage everything stank.  He stench was horrendous.

Monday April 4th - I took the day off to consult with the insurance and the saga of the insurance commenced.  In all we had three claims.  The motorbike (which was unceremoniously dragged down our driveway and hoisted onto a towtruck)    I got a phone call from the vehicle insurance surveyor to ask what was the licence plate of the motorbike, as the one he was looking at was burned and you couldn't read it... well then knowing the licence plate isn't going to help you buddy.... it was char cooked.  I think out of everything Jamie was the saddest about his bike.  It was still quite new and still in perfect condition.
That day I got some stabilising supports for the doorway of the garage and a temporary fence put in by two building companies - to this day I have no idea who the fence came from.

The building assessor came that week.  She was young, disinterested and well not very helpful.  She barely answered my calls - and I didn't make many.

Our claims assessor was South African - and in South Africa.  This was the most tedious part.  We took about two weeks to formulate our list of what was in the garage and the approximate purchase price of it.
Our home has very little in the way of storage, so almost everything was in the garage.  Photo albums - 10 scrapbooked albums of Mark's childhood.  Irreplaceable. Computers, camping gear and tools - Jamie is pretty much a tool hoarder.  All his aircraft tools, gardening, renovation, car maintenance tools.  Then there was the Commodore, and the full extra body kit for it and full second interior for it and some extra stuff as well.  None of that was covered by insurance as we didn't have the car insured as it wasn't drive-able.  Mark and Jamie were starting to do it up for Mark to have for his 18th birthday :(

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Time for an update!

Not much has happened since the fire.

Life kind of stalled.

Hopefully will have a super update soon.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Garage fire 2nd April 2016

I'll start with the photos of during.  I felt very wrong taking pictures so I didn't, other than these three.  Fire started about 6.30pm Saturday night.  Mark and Jamie tried to put it out, but it was too intense. I called the fire brigade (as did many others I would imagine) in total there were 5 appliances and 2 ambulances - they checked Jamie and Mark out for signs of smoke inhalation - both of their faces were black.... neither allowed a photo.

About 45 mins after the fire started.  Still a lot of smoke.
Fire truck arriving
Fire truck
This is where it touched the house itself.  Eaves gone and red bricks are now black

Aluminium melts at 660 degrees Celsius.  WTF!!!  Aluminium window frames and bowed tiles
Another shot of the melted verandah roof
Our old VN Commodore.  We were giving it to Mark for his 18th


Ryan's bike and melted verandah roof.

Motorbike being towed away :( 

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Kiddy Hawk Challenge 6th March 2016

Before the race.  Nice clean boys.

Commando crawling under barbed wire - yes real barbed wire.

End of the race, are you really that muddy?

Ben going through the first of the muddy trenches.
Ryan... do I really want to go in there?

Head to toe - mud
Even worse!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dubbo to Moree

Tents all packed up and off we headed, this was a shorter 4 hour drive to the central NSW town of Moree.

Bringing the city luxuries to camping.  We had a coffee machine.
Something funny is going on with these two.
My gorgeous Mark
Ben and Zahli with lollypops.  They both got bitten by wasps at this caravan park.
Moree is famous for its thermal pools.  This one was at the caravan park and VERY popular with the grey nomads
Four different pools of varying temperatures
Gwydir Caravan Park  (how do you pronounce that?)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Road trip and visit to Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo

and boom, it is the 22nd of January.  I mean really??

We went on a holiday.  A 2 week driving holiday and it was pretty good.  Here is our holiday in pictures.
Jamie made us "Glamping" t-shirts and the whole family wore them.  Then for some strange reason, we did not take a family picture.

The kids in their Glamping tops.  That is the Parkes Radio Telescope in the background.  Strangely it was worth the detour.

Our tent.  Again strangely we didn't get a "good" picture of our tent.  Jamie and I are not the best photographers.

Something at Dubbo Zoo has caught Ben and Zahli's attention.

Gorgeous Ryan

My bigger two boys on an elephant (not a real one)

Ryan patting a wallaby (yes a real one)

Mark having a nap.
 Toby feeding the Galapagos Tortoise.

Ben patting the wallaby.