Monday, April 04, 2016

Garage fire 2nd April 2016

I'll start with the photos of during.  I felt very wrong taking pictures so I didn't, other than these three.  Fire started about 6.30pm Saturday night.  Mark and Jamie tried to put it out, but it was too intense. I called the fire brigade (as did many others I would imagine) in total there were 5 appliances and 2 ambulances - they checked Jamie and Mark out for signs of smoke inhalation - both of their faces were black.... neither allowed a photo.

About 45 mins after the fire started.  Still a lot of smoke.
Fire truck arriving
Fire truck
This is where it touched the house itself.  Eaves gone and red bricks are now black

Aluminium melts at 660 degrees Celsius.  WTF!!!  Aluminium window frames and bowed tiles
Another shot of the melted verandah roof
Our old VN Commodore.  We were giving it to Mark for his 18th


Ryan's bike and melted verandah roof.

Motorbike being towed away :( 

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