Saturday, February 16, 2008

A tidy house.

Can you believe it?
My house is tidy. Took a long time yesterday. The lawn has been mowed and it looks good (I wish he'd use the catcher though). We don't look like a rental anymore.

Took the boat out for a little spin yesterday which was nice.

Had a Biggest Loser fest with Mark. The weeks worth of TBL that I had taped, watched it all in one hit. I really don't like the Red Team. Rachel... I just don't get. Sheridan giving in to the temptation just does not make sense. Well that my thoughts on TBL, Mark just wished I'd shut up. I'm so glad Michelle doesn't train me... oh that's right, I don't train.

Umm today we are hoping to get the car seals done, but I don't like out chances. I want to get "Singstar" or "Buzz" for the Playstation we got last weekend.

I went on a card making frenzy last weekend, made about 40 cards. If anyone needs any, just let me know. Stuffed if I know what I'll do with 40 cards. Desperately want to make some more. Will attempt to scrapbook. But don't have much inspiration to do that.

Tomorrow is the "Come and Try Day" for the AFL. I really hope it will be good day. Some drills for the kids and a mini-game. I've got to get Jamie organised with some fun activities.

Christy xx

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Rosemary said...

Thanks for the photo. So glad you are happy with your house.
How is 'THE TOE?' Hope you can enjoy the AFL Try Day with your boys.