Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What I love...

I'm noticing this a lot on my blog trawl everyday. So I'm joining in.

  • Christmas. Love the idea, the colours, the feeling, the presents, seeing family, and the birthday of Jesus - all pretty cool.
  • "Mark stories" - the rambling ones that make no sense.
  • Jamie when he makes a joke and then laughs.
  • Reading trashy magazines.
  • Looking and touching scrapbook paper... mmmmm.
Oh that reminds me, I went to Jen's house for a Stampin' Up party. Everytime a lovely product was passed around the table there was a collective sigh, like a big chocolate cake had been bought out. Us papercrafters are a strange bunch, lust after paper, talk about products like they are food "a yummy new rubon". Its funny to listen to.

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