Sunday, November 05, 2006

Boys are coming home.

Yes that is correct, they only left yesterday, and they are now on their way home.
Supposedly the party was good - Drew & Kelly's son Taylor was not there, he had a weekend with his dad, which was a shame for Mark, but he enjoyed himself anyway.

As for me, my new medication is settling down, sleeping very poorly (could have been taht I was on my own), stomach is a little upset, legs are pretty good. My body still feels like its been hit by a truch, but Dr Clarke insists that I'm not allergic - better damn well not be, and that's all I'll say about that.

I wanted to re-arrange Mark's room when he was gone, but the weight of the bed is a bit much for me. So instead I think I'll go to the scrap room and TIDY UP. Here is a before shot!
Later in the day I'll put up my after shot, just to prove I can do it.

Oh once again, mental note to self - return library books.

Something I'll recommend to the Aussies out there, go and buy a pack of Uncle Toby's Plus Museli Flakes not only are they delicious (especially with yogurt and not milk) but they have a promotion at the moment with the BigPond DVD store. You get 20 free DVDs for hire over a 2 months period, they come with a reply paid envelope so when you have finished just pop it in the post!!!!!!!!!!! At the moment we have CARS, OVER THE HEDGE and CURIOUS GEORGE. We've got on the list Little Brittan, Pimp my Ride and some other movies that I can't remember. Its pretty good value, havent't found the catch other than I will want it to continue (duh Christy that is the catch!!)

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