Friday, December 01, 2006


We had a big year last year. Very big. Very big indeed. (ok must stop channeling Richard Hargreaves, the man who writes the Mr Men books).
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Jamie went on strike for better conditions at work. 35 blokes, the terrific AWU and a very stubborn Boeing. It took 10 months of life on the picket line, disruption no end, no pay (other than gratefully donated money and food), no time away, didn't even get home for Christmas. Earlier this year - February - we thought we had it won. The Federal Court ruled in our favour, the boys agreed to go back to work.... two days later the elation past and the decision was overturned. WE LOST. It was devestating. Only a month or two ago Boeing had the secret ballot that we were asking from DAY ONE about to ask all of its Australian workforce if they wanted a COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT or INDIVIDUALLY NEGOTIATED CONTRACTS. Surprisingly enough the Collective Agreement won with a 96% majority. So all of those workers who stayed inside, the scabs that came down from Amberley they actually agreed with us.

Anyway this all happened a long time ago, why am I bringing it up now. Yesterday was the National Day of Action. Mark and I joined with about 10,000 Novacastrians at Energy Australia Stadium to listen to the Sky Channel Broadcast from the MCG.
The catchcry of the day was 'YOUR RIGHTS AT WORK, WORTH FIGHTING FOR." Followed closely by 'YOUR RIGHTS AT WORK, WORTH VOTING FOR".

Something to think about people.

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