Saturday, December 16, 2006

Weekend Catchup

No photos.
  • Finished all of the Christmas shopping (except for Uncle Mark) therefore not all of it.

  • We got a new watering system to replace our "we don't water our garden" system. Groovy pop up sprinklers with a timer and a rain guage so that it won't water when its been raining. Jamie is very chuffed with himself about the whole thing.

  • Cooked a really healthy dinner last night, roast chicken, roast taties and some FRESH vegies, my tastebuds didn't quite understand what was going on as I have only cooked frozen veg for so long.

  • Scrubbed (on my hands and knees) the bathroom floor and am attempting to tidy the scrap room.

  • I have been commissioned to do a scrap book for a friend. Its a first for me. I've been given a stack of polaroids and need to CREATE something with it. She does not want journalling, just nice patterned paper and good structure (Hmmm I think I can do that)

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