Saturday, December 09, 2006


I'm copying the Write Girl and showing you my shopping experience. Got Mark a couple of new tshirts, which suit his personality. I think they are very cool, the first one says "DON'T BLAME ME - blame my parents" and the second one is "DON'T GET CAUGHT". He feels quite spiffy in them, it was a good day even thought is was a pain in the a** for a lot of the time. He always wants "just one thing and then I'll be happy" I get the one thing, and then its one more thing and then another. Today I ended up saying to him, ok get absolutely anything you want in the shop, whatever will make you happy. He ended up realising what I was talking about and didn't ask for anything (another big TICK for reverse psychology) .
Jamie played cricket and lost :(
There was then supposed to be a big bash - sausages and beer - for all of the Tech College teams. Only Jamie's team and about 2 others turned up. A big fizzer.

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