Saturday, November 21, 2009

Puff the Magic Dragon.

Ok, maybe not....

More just *puffiness* and being totally OVER it. I have odema! My feet up to my mid shin level are filled with fluid and very uncomfortable. My original thoughts were this horrible heat, and it would go away. Heat went away temporarily, but feet remained swollen. I have called the delivery suite suggesting maybe a blood pressure issue (ummm, no), pre-eclampsia (ummm, no), just keep your feet up and keep on drinking water.

My weekly midwives appointments we have long discussions about the swelling and the fact that my blood pressure is slowly and incrimentally increasing.

My appointment on Friday showed a greater than normal increase in BP, some protein and glucose in my wee! OMG. Needed a blood test (has come back normal)

So on Tuesday, I have to go to the antenatal day stay unit for blood pressure checks over a 3 hour period... kinda hope its up so they might induce me.

I hate not being able to function properly, not being able to walk properly, having almost constant reflux and sleeping really poorly without having a baby to feed or change.

I know I'm a bit morose at the moment but it is how I feel.

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