Tuesday, October 24, 2006


An email from my mother!

> To my beautiful daughter with love> > Mum> > http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com/home_films_evolution_v2.swf
Well now that is interesting.When I first saw it, I said to myself, hmmm need to do something about those eyebrows!!! Ooops. Did you watch Enough Rope last night, I think Billy Crystal and Andrew Denton have both had botox - foreheads that don't move - its very freaky? There are two women that I know of at work who have had it. Plucking, dieting, magazines that say a star is too fat, followed the next week that they are too thin. Mixed messages and a story to celebrate the fact that Paulini has gone down three dress sizes and to start off I bet she was thinner than me. Its very frustrating to be a modern person. I want to be thinner only cos its unhealthy not because I want to be a size 0.
Stepping off of my pedestal now.

I've noticed that whenever I tell a man that I'm a nurse, there is a glazed look in their eye about the "uniform". Jamie took this amazing "boob shot" of me in my uniform on Sunday and now I know why men get excited about nurses uniforms.... so to all the men out there - enjoy.


Rosemary said...

Oh!!!!!!!!!!! that uniform!!, however I know that you are truely beautiful and I love you.


jotcr2 said...

Looking Hot Christy.

Christy said...

You had better believe it baby!!!
Go to the booby shot!