Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday morning.

Had to great sleepins the last two days. Full of dreams - does not equate to restful sleep but its sleep none the less. I think another side effect is dreams, Doc said they should settle down when my body gets used to the drug.
****Last night I was in Alice Springs at a camp. Had to park my car in the hotel room. Everynight at about 4pm four people from the group had to go to another part of the camp about one hour away and make the dinner. There was a big performance about what we were cooking, but no coordination about who was going. So at 4.30 I realised that no one had left yet, so took off down the road at 110km/hr. Can't tell you much about the other camp. ****
Jamie rolled over then! Otherwise known as I woke up. Wasn't that exciting? Not very exciting, but still had all the drama of driving my car, stress of being late. Stupid dream, especially stupid when its in print.
My other side effect is almost constant dizziness. Even when lying down, its bizarre.
Hopefully this morning we might go look at some kitchen designs or take the dogs for a walk. Not sure as yet.

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