Friday, October 20, 2006

Whoops... almost two weeks.

So what's been happening.

  • Did the Gastro Conference in Adelaide. That was interesting. Learned quite a bit but not nearly as much as I would have liked. Learned lots to do with Hepatitis C and have seriously decided not to get it.
  • Drove in and out of Sydney with the car majorly overheating, but it made it. Our wonderful Commodore is such a "work in progress". Not finished polishing yet, cruise control doesn't yet work, not all of the power windows work, both front seatbelt snaps fall to the ground and the spoiler isnt on yet. But its fully painted, drives, stops, airconditioner works and has two power windows.
  • Went back to work, got caught up in Motility again. It really doesn't pay to close a clinic.
  • Legs have been playing up a treat - looked at a forum called WeMove (Worldwide Education and Awareness of Movement Disorders) and it looks like I may have an augmentation of my RLS - possibly due to my meds. So back to the doctor I shall trot. the lack of sleep is killing me. I was talking to mum the other day and told her its lucky I have Mark and Jamie who need me, cause ending it seems like a good idea (no need to call the mental health team, I won't do anything, but could understand why people do it - when there is no cure for something so debilitating.. what is the point??) But in saying that, the last two nights I have had a good nights sleep and a daytime nap. Time to seriously consider reducing my hours at work, I don't think I am physically able to keep up with full time.
  • Appeared in an ad today for Aaron Beasley, the Labor candidate for Port Stevens. I was there as a token nurse and jamie was a former colleage telling the electorate that Aaron is a "real person" and not just a pollie. It was SO embarassing, trying to get my very short line out in a fresh and serious way "Aaron Beasely is working to get more doctors and nurses into our local hospitals" I don't even live in Port Stevens. Oh well.
  • Marky is home and started back at school. he doesn't particularly like it and he's being very cheeky - in a "you shut up mum" followed by "that wasn't rude, I was being funny" getting a bit sick of it actually. Need to settle him down, will remind him about being rude and then let him know that if he is rude he'll be on a tv or xbox ban!!!

Sorry about the long post. Had a bit to get off my chest.

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