Thursday, September 07, 2006


Today started off awful........... actually it was last night that started off awful.

When Jamie finally came home from work at about 7.45pm (he'd been at Rocket's working on the money hole - ooops I mean boat) he decided he was sick, sneezing and sneezing and all stuffy. I believe he gets this way from lack of sleep. He hasn't yet changed his habits of going to bed at 11-11.30pm and then the alarm for work goes off at 4.40am!!! Not enough sleep. Gets on a motorbike after rushing a shower (ie hot to cold) and zooms off to work at the legal speed (yeah right!!). This means he has regular colds, its not helped by hayfever and as the weather changed from HOT back to winter in a matter of minutes, well it doesn't help Jamie's health. He doesn't believe me, and he won't see a doctor, he just wants more drugs and more heat.

11pm last night a mighty storm came up. The sky was lit up like a Christmas tree. Beautiful storm, and then the heavens opened and rain just didn't fall it was driven down, still hasn't stopped yet.

11.30pm - Marky wakes up screaming and holding onto his ear!! Oh no not again, not another ear infection. He has been very prone to them his whole life, not a constant thing but a regular thing. The problem is now that he self heals - his ear drum perforates, similar to when a surgeon puts in grommets, but if it happens too often there is a risk of scar tissue forming a thick barrier and hearing loss, not really sure how to prevent this from happening. I believe I keep him in good health? His eustacian tubes just must be narrowed. (I'm also likening this to an episiotomy, either you naturally tear, or the obs cuts.. the same result - one is natural perforation the other is man made grommets.
Luckily Mark can now swallow tablets - makes him feel very grown up - so I have him one Panadol and then after he settled down he fell asleep.

Expected both boys to stay home, called up Jamie's work at 6am to tell them he wasn't coming in - the line was shocking due to our VOIP phone, but I think his boss got the gist of what I was saying. Expected Mark to stay home too, but then all of a sudden he wanted to go to school, his ear felt ok - its usually worse at night - so he went off to school.

Then I went to the library, I have reread the same "MILLS AND BOON" book 3 times now and I don't normally read that style of book so I was in desperate need of some new reading material. Paid the $36 fine from my previous borrowing at the library. New books are due back on the 5th October, please everyone email me to remind me to RETURN MY BOOKS.

Ran through the pouring rain and still 5 hours later the bottom of my pants are still damp!!!

Jamie got his delivery of some computer bits - 2 hard drives and some printer ink.

Where is my delievery????? I am expecting my first Scrapanalia order to arrive.
Then at 10.30am a knock on the door and a very wet, very soggy Australia Post lady presents me with a BIG BOX of goodies. I was so excited. Poor Jamie sat with me as I went through it all saying "Ahhh isn't it lovely?" He was dutifully answering "Yes its just lovely" at the appropriate times. So what started about as a yuck day, turned just great.

Must go and collect the kid from school, then go to Spotlight to buy some material for a WORM costume for Book Week. He wants to go as a purple worm!!!! Any ideas on how to sew a Worm costume????

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