Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finally scrapbooking again.

This is a pic of me from 2000 (ages ago) I was lying on the floor, some very groovy paper - can't remember the brand but I got it from ScrapNeeds. This one is titled "I need Sleep" How cute is that little owl??

This one is obviously Sheena Geary. Had a lot of fun with rubons in this one.
"All is good when you are nearly 2"

This is the canvas that Mark and I painted when he was home sick. Its really bad, but we are not into Halloween in Australia and its the first time I have every done anything like that before. I'm quite happy with the little ghost saying BOO.

This is the first page I have done for Lauren's sister - its a total scraplift of Charmane Otto.

This one is using Urban Lily paper, very easy but VERY nice.

This was me messing around last night, don't think I like it, but hey its a page.

School Dance "A Night at the Movies"
This is Mark's class dancing to "Walk like an Egyptian", his is the only face you can see in that picture. Also in the other photos, wow that was an accident, I did a point and click at the group he was dancing with - imagine only getting him to keep in line with the child protection laws. It was a good night, weather was very kind, picnic was good (although it was ham and not a roast chicken as requested). Mark is not destined to be a dancer - I know that now!

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