Thursday, January 24, 2008

Last kid-free day.

Today is Thursday, the last day of my relaxed holiday. I have almost had one month off.

Kind of weird that... early in the year I asked for 3 weeks off in January, from the 6th-30th so I could have time at home with Mark, Jamie would have him for the first week when he has time off and then I'd have him for the next three. Well I was knocked back in about August, there were already two full-timers have time off. Oh well I thought, back to the drawing board, might have to send him down to the grandies again. Well things got a bit weird at work, had half of the ward closed, and heaps of people were allowed time off, me included. So even though I had been knocked back for holidays I have ended up being away for one month. I've loved it, most of the time haven't even thought about work, except for when one of our long-termers died.

Today I went to Garden City (I'm trying to be more Novocastrian and not call it Kotara), bought some labels for Mark, thought I'd get them straight away, but have to wait about 10 working days for them. Got him some "Back to School" goodies which I hope he'll like, its HotWheels contact, hopefully he doesn't consider himself too old for that, I shall find out tomorrow.

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